100% Profit Bot Review And Discussion

Are you searching for information about 100% Profit Bot?This is my honest 100% Profit Bot Review by SportsMavin.Is it worth your time and money!?

Who Is SportsMavin?

SportsMavin is a Canadian-based sports handicapper and binary options trader. His well-documented trading signals have actually earned his fans over $75,000 in 10 months in 2013 on manual binary signals, and over $80,000 on consolidated handbook and automated binary signals in just 6 months in 2014. All well-documented and verified. He is a developer of an algorithmic trading system that helped him and his many followers to identify trading opportunities with high accuracy and capitalize on them effectively. His well-documented teachings on the subjects of sports handicapping and binary options trading at Covers.com and Hotstockmarket.com has turned his threads into some of the most popular threads online (biggest thread in sports with 1.5 million views and over 12.5 k posts.

What Is 100% Profit Bot?

Is a web-based binary option trading software.So how the 100% Profit Bot works?The bot examines all available options and determines the volatility of the 30 minute trades.60 second trades are gambling,they are the worst innovation … they have been developed by the brokers to get individuals to gamble and it works.With 60 seconds it is difficult to make any predictions, so even if you trade manually,keep away from them! 30 minute trades are a completely different story! Within a timeframe of 30 minutes, the bot can understand heavy fluctuations and plan accordingly.The bot chooses the most volatile 30 minute trades and then chooses the commodity,currency,or stock.

100% Profit Bot Review

It’s important to remember that this occurs immediately!You can not do anything wrong or manually interfere with the system and that`s because of internal mechanical filters, the bot will determine highly volatile positions, from gold and oil to stocks and currencies , and identify those that have high up and downswings … and after that the magic starts.A trade is then taken and it WILL win with a possibility of 61.34 %.

The robot will set your trading size to 2.5% for the very first trade.Now what is important is that the bot`s interior parameters allow it to win this first trade with a probability of over 60%. If the trade is lost,the bot sizes up the market again and jumps in, this time with 7.5% of your bankroll!Now the probability that this trade will win is over 72%!

The chances of winning are higher now because losing a 2nd time in a row with these settings is very rare.With this trade, you not only absorbed the loss of the previous one, but you also profited! In case of a loss, the bot makes a 3rd trade with 22.5% of your bankroll…now the probability of this one winning is nearly 87%!But the chance to lose is still there.

The 4th trade increase of a loss is about to commence. This time the bot uses 67.5% of your bankroll. Now the win rate with this one is an incredible 98.21% – in fact these trades happen rarely and we actually still yet to lose one!After winning the trade the bot now goes back and starts anew with 2.5% of your bankroll!

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100% Profit Bot – User Reviews

Generally the products that get the most posts are obviously the most popular but keep in mind there are many products that don`t have the hype but certainly have the profit.If you have any information about 100% Profit Bot that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your 100% Profit Bot Review below.

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