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AdSight Pro Review : Bonus

AdSight Pro

Easy To Use - 96%
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AdSight Pro software helps you to run much more profitable ads for both you and your clients.

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The best way to drive fast traffic to your products or affiliate offers is without a doubt Facebook Ads… it’s fast, extremely profitable and can help you to generate a lot of money fast. So why are so many people failing with Facebook ads?

Well the main reason people fail with Facebook ads is bad targeting … in fact if you’ve failed with Facebook ads in the past it was most likely because you used Facebook’s own targeting system.

Facebook’s system only shows a small slice of the possible audiences you could target… what this means is that everyone targets the same keywords. The result is more expensive ads, worse targeting and less profitable campaigns … and that’s why AdSight Pro was created.

What Is AdSight Pro?

Would you like to remove the guesswork from your Facebook ad campaigns and find profitable audiences without hours of testing or large testing budgets? Well that’s where AdSight Pro comes in!!

This software uses special data that’s not available to the public within Facebook’s regular targeting system. In fact in order to get this data you would need to go through a lengthy approval process or already be pending a ton of money with Facebook.

What AdSight PRO does is it allows you to tap into this data to :

  • Save money on ad costs
  • Find better audiences to target
  • Get a higher clickthrough rate from your ads
  • Save time on testing your ads
  • Become profitable much faster with your Facebook ad campaigns

In fact if you do any kind of Facebook advertising for your business or your clients businesses then this software is a ‘must have’.

AdSight Pro Review

With AdSight PRO, you will be able to login to the software and find thousands of Highly targeted audiences you could never find within Facebook’s System. This will help you to better reach your audiences, spend less on ads and make more money from your and your clients advertising campaigns.

This also includes a commercial license for a one time fee. Users can use the data they find within AdSight PRO with Their clients or sell the data to businesses for profit.

In fact if you do ANY kind of Facebook advertising for your business or your clients businesses then this software is a ‘must have’. Take a closer look at the software in the next parts of this AdSight PRO Review!

AdSight Pro Features

Easy To Use Intuitive Interface : Once you login you’ll see how easy this software is. Within a couple of clicks you have Facebook’s very best data at your fingertips. Navigate through the data using our clean and intuitive interface.

AdSight Pro Demo

Unlock Interests Data : Access the largest group of interests data on earth. Navigate through different keywords and acquire lists of Facebook users who have expressed interests in a range of different topics. Select from a wide range of suggestions and dig deep into peoples interests to find the very best and most accurate targeting data.

Unlock Behavioural Data : At your fingertips you can now have the best behavioural data available. Search based on what peoples behaviours are on the platform.

What ads they click on, what websites they visit and how they behave within Facebook. You can target people with ads based on the topics they’ve shown interest in based on their behaviour.

Dig Deeper Into Each Audience : You can conduct further research and dig deeper into the interests data you find. Search through Facebook & Google to find more opportunities and to get more familiar with the data that you locate.

Select & Copy The Exact Audiences You Want To Target : Tick which audiences you want to target, compile a list then copy the entire list within 1 click. Save audiences for the future and keep track of which audiences you’ve already saved and advertised to.

Find Highly Targeted Audiences In Any Language : Tap into Facebook’s very best data to uncover the very best audiences in ANY language. Find the top interests and behavioral data for whatever language you’re targeting.

Finely Tune Your Results & Find Valuable Audiences Fast : Instantly find the most precise audiences you can target. Search results can now be finely tuned to present the most relevant and useful data possible. Easily filter search results by popularity or name.

Research Audiences Deeper : AdSight PRO opens audiences up allowing you to effortlessly Clickthrough and conduct additional research through both Facebook & Google.

Within one click you can be taken to Facebook & Googles interests data within the Facebook graph. This can help you to find additional ideas for audience searches and develop a better understanding of who you’re targeting within your ads.

Export to CSV and store the data : Within 1 click export your data to CSV ready for importing into Facebook’s ad manager or sending off to a business who’s paying you for the data.

AdSight Pro Review – Demo

Get AdSightPro And My Bonus Package

AdSight Pro Bonuses

BONUS #1 : SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT – ALL IN ONE’ TOOLKIT FOR GETTING SOCIAL MEDIA CLIENTS : One of the most important resources that helps you to sell Social Media Services are contracts, documents, strategy documents and scripts that are proven to convert.

In this documents package you’re going to get everything you need to acquire and convert leads into customers in your Social Media Agency.

This is a critical bonus that is available to the first 50 who join. This is new and updated for 2019. It will be part of a course we launch in the near future.

BONUS #2 : WHITE LABEL RIGHTS SOCIAL POP : This Scarcity Software Can 10X Your Profits, Leads & Get You 300% More Traffic Using The Exact Strategy BIG COMPANIES use :

  • Fully Hosted Software, One Click Add To Your Site.
  • Increase Scarcity and Social Proof With Real Time Updates
  • Works On Your Website, External Websites, Blogs And Ecommerce
  • Bonus Pages, Product Sales Sites, Shopify Sites And More
  • ​Integrates with all popular email marketing platforms.

BONUS #3 WHITE LABEL RIGHTS CONSULTING IN MINUTES : Instant Local Consultant Professional Tools & Resources Package Attention: 6 Figure Offline Consultant Releases His New Instant Offline Consulting System For Demolishing Your Competition Overnight And Making Upwards Of 6 Figures Per Local Contract!

BONUS #4 : WHITE LABEL – 50 HIGH QUALITY VIDEO BACKGROUNDS : Creative, High Quality Background Motion Videos You Can Use In Your Marketing Videos :

  • Creative, High Quality Background Motion Videos You Can Use In Your Marketing Videos
  • Full Rights To Use Each Of These Videos For Your Own Purposes – Use Them With Your Clients Or In Your Own Business
  • Scenes From Parks, Nature and In-House Scenes… Something For Every Occasion

BONUS #5 : RESELL RIGHTS TO WP COOL LIVE CHAT PLUGIN : WP Cool Live Chat is a WP plugin that will allow you to add an enticing, attractive live chat to your websites and blogs. Brand New, Sizzling Hot WP Plugin Enables You To Add Conversion-Increasing Live Chats That Will Send Your Profits Through The Roof!

The cool thing about this slick plugin is that you can customize it the way YOU want making the chat visually enticing and COOL in front of your visitor’s eyes.

BONUS #6 : GRAPHICS BLACKBOX : 267 Brand New And Original Graphics For Your Websites :

  • No more months of learning software and doing trial and error designs
  • No more weeks or months of delay to your projects
  • No more waiting time from busy in-demand graphic designers
  • All graphics are web-ready and fully customizable
  • You’ll be getting all the source files (PSD, PNG, JPG) for your convenience
  • No more expensive cost with your graphics outsourcing

BONUS #7 : RESELL RIGHTS WP SLIDESHOW MASTER PLUGIN : WP Slideshow Master Plugin is a fantastic and VERY powerful plugin that allows you to instantly create eye-catching, conversion-increasing slideshows.

This plugin allows you to create eye-catching, high impact flexible slideshows that will impress your visitors. Slideshows are a very nice way to present lots of visual content to site visitors. But making them interactive allows visitors to participate with your content…

Get AdSightPro And My Bonus Package

If you have any information about AdSight Pro that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your AdSight Pro Review below.

How to Get Your AdSight Pro Bonuses?

If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your AdSight Pro Bonus, then I suggest you empty your browser cache (Click Here To Learn How), close all your web browser windows, then click on the link above! Then make the purchase!

I’ve arranged with the AdSight Pro team to make all these bonuses available to you in the members area. After making your purchase, the bonuses will be instantly available inside it. It is that simple! Just be doubly sure that you purchase through my recommendation link to qualify for this bonus bundle.

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