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Affiliate Raid Review : Bonus

Affiliate Raid – what is it? The money is in the list and here is how you get that list. See, we all need to be building our lists, in order to profit online. If we aren’t getting optins into our list, we can’t grow our profits. It’s simple math.

So, we sat back recently and discussed how traditional “free” optins usually offer a PDF report or something that most people skim at best, and at worst, never open up (including your email newsletters). Sure, they were “hot” when they grabbed it, but the value dropped away and the subscriber jumped onto something new. No perceived high-value was given.

Get Affiliate Raid App And My Bonuses

Affiliate Raid allows you give away of solution-based highly-converting high-value lite versions of software (using the affiliate raid backend cloud-based software) for FREE… with a stealthy-and-legal tactic to get their email address.

Statistics show that most people that download software, ones looks valuable to their online business or life, install it within 1 hour of less of downloading it. This shows a perceived higher value over sometimes boring reports, pdfs and manuals.

Affiliate Raid Review

The is brand new list-building method that works … this is not “Old Out-dated” stuff that just doesn’t work anymore. In fact, with this system and method, you will be able provide higher value and with the click of 1 button,your new subscribers will thank you for it!

Included in your Affiliate Raid Package, we have high value software, ready to go, which can be re-branded by you very easily, so you can give away software that is perceived at a higher value, at no charge, and get glorious optins! In a just a few short hours from now, you can be building your list, which as it grows, will result into commissions as you promote affiliate offers and finally make a living online!

With Affiliate Raid you will get 10 ‘lite’ softwares with giveaway rights. Once the software is given away an email is required to unlock the software and hooked up to most Autoresponder services to collect these leads.

It has a viral effect as each person who gets the ‘lite’ version also gets the giveaway licence. Each FREE app is also set up with full GDPR compliance so they can be given away anywhere in the world and each time the software is unlocked the customer builds a lead.

Affiliate Raid Bonus

Bonus #1 : Software Biz In A Box : Complete business in a box SAAS app. Profit from the video craze right now and start your own video SAAS (software as a service) Video software sells 10,000’s of copies on platforms on JVZOO and now you have your very own app.

The software runs on your hosting, you control and you charge whatever you wish. One time fee or monthly it’s up to you. You decide and you charge for it. This is a powerful video tool which cost over $4500 to develop.

Bonus #2 : Online Success Model Training : Over 100 Training Videos + 50 PDF’S – Worried about driving traffic to your new app, don’t be we have over 100 training videos and 50 PDF’s in our Online Success Model training section.

We have ever type of niche covered from Youtube to Twitter, Retargeting to JV recruiting, Mobile Marketing to Product creation. Not only do you get 100 videos but you also get 50 PDF’s everything you need to create traffic to your software video app or any other product.

Get Affiliate Raid App And My Bonuses

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How To Get Your Affiliate Raid Bonus

If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your Affiliate Raid Bonus, then I suggest you empty your browser cache (Click Here To Learn How), close all your web browser windows, then click on the link above! Then make a purchase using the link above. You bonuses will be available on the on the Affiliate Raid Members Area!!

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