All App Press Review And Bonus

So What Is All App Press?

All App Press is a new 1 click app builder that can get your mobile app business up an running in just 1 click! This fantastic application will open for you the easiest doorway to $143 billion apps revolution that millions of business needed for long time.

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All App Press In Depth Review

What if i told you that Mobile is the Future? I`m pretty sure you will agree with me. Mobile Apps Market is by growing leaps and bounds every year and it is expect to be close to $25 Billion in 2015 and $80 Billion by 2017. What if i told you that you can get a slice of this humongous App Market.

With All App Press, Cindy Battye giving the Power to Create Android Apps in the hands of Millions of People who want to get their Businesses on Mobile. You can create your Android App instantly & upload it in Play store by tonight.

All App Press Review

All App Press is a WebApp which will help you convert your existing website into a Android App in 1 Click. Here is what you can do with this web application :

  • Add Custom Splash Screen & App Icon to you Apps
  • Send Unlimited Push Notifications & stay connected with the users of your app
  • Don’t need to mess with any drag & drop builder or other complicated method. Create Android App in 1 Click
  • Upload this App to Google Play Store and other Android Stores & markets to get wider reach
  • Easiest option for Online Business, Offlines Business, Ecommerce Stores to get a Instant Android App without doing huge investment
  • Auto Updating Apps
  • Don’t need to add any plugin or Code in your website to make this work

All App Press Features

Push Notification : You will be able to send notification to all of your customers and engage more closely than mails or ads, which is only going to increase your bottom line. People might forget to check mails but they always check notifications on mobile apps. This gives you the chance to :

  • Stand Out From the 99.9% Competition
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Gain More Visibility
  • Create a Direct Marketing Channel
  • Build Brand Recognition

Auto Updating : Changes or updates that are implemented on your site will automatically be reflected in the app too! You don’t need to worry about updating code, functionality breakage or anything. If your site is working fine, your app will be rocking as well.

3rd Party Script/Coding Works : Most drag & drop platforms cannot provide complex functionality inside app. They are not flexible enough to provide addition of new code. If your site has some unique functionality, you can develop in into the app. Without AllApppress you are likely going to need to invest 18 weeks (or more) in development.

Custom Functionality Possible : Even more exciting, together with the use of 3rd party script addition, you can replicate exact functionality or feature of your site inside the app. This will save you months in coding!

Monetization : eCommerce : Sell your products from app. App store for offline, online, ecommerce businesses.

All App Press Bonus

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