Auto T-Shirt Design 2.0 Review – Bonus

What Is Auto T-Shirt Design 2.0?

Auto T-Shirt Design 2.0 is a new software developed by Thomas Lee that will help you create over 100.000 t-shirt design in just a few clicks. This software can help you scale bulk t-shirt design when you reach potential sale design .

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Here are a few of the Auto T-Shirt Design 2.0 premium features :

  1. ADD ART DESIGN AT .PNG FORMAT WITH FREE SPACE NEED TO FILL OUT : This thing can help you have tshirt design leaving free space available to fill out.
  2. ADD MULTI TEXT ON DESIGN : This feature allow users to customize the text position, fonts, bold, italic, font size, alignment 2 pm and 4 pm, centered, text color, border, height, width of the word, etc …
  3. ADD MULTI IMAGE ON DESIGN : You can add multi images to be changed according to the text you import to help you save time.
  4. DRAG AND DROP TO CREATE COORDINATES : Help you solve problems quickly with coordinates.
  5. EXPORT TEMPLATE ULTRAFAST : The software will help you to export the lightning speed with .png format of file size art.

Auto T-Shirt Design 2.0 Review

Auto T-Shirt Design 2.0 Review – Bonus

Bonus #1 : Teespring Mastery : This bonus enhances the value of “Auto T-Shirt Design 2.0” and can be used to sell as individual product also.With this package, you will be able to boost your profits by selling T-shirts to hungry buyers who always keep looking to buy more and more T-shirts. The videos inside will provide essential information that you need to march on the path of progress and become a success story.

Bonus #2 : Teespring 3 Day Cash Machine : T-shirt selling is a proven and productive way to become successful without investing thousands of dollars seeking advice from self-proclaimed marketing gurus.This package will surely prove to be a BOON for your T-shirt selling business and will enhance the value of your purchase from my affiliate link. Take its benefit in order to get best results for your business.

Bonus #3 : Teespring Know How : When it comes down to get additional income sources with less efforts, custom designed T-shirt selling business has no comparison. Being in this Business You can give a dream life to your family and can fulfill all their desires.With this exclusive package, you will be able to learn powerful tips and techniques to get best returns for your investment. The E-book is packed with gold content and the articles will also prove to be immensely beneficial for you.

Bonus #4 : Teespring Profits : Teespring is a great way to get more sales and make more money selling your own custom designed t-shirts and enhance your profit margins with no upfront cost, and no hidden fees. This package includes E-book, graphics, sales page etc. that will help you to get your business way above your competitors.It can also be used for your own assistance or can be added as a bonus to increase the value of this monster “Auto T-Shirt Design 2.0”, and increase the chances of becoming successful.

Bonus #5 : WP Tee Contest : In today’s world, all business owners are looking to get additional income sources and get higher profits. And, with Teespring, their search surely comes to an end.WP Tee Contest is a WordPress plugin developed to create a dedicated tee contest page and allow you to turn your next Teespring campaign into a viral social contest and increase profits for your business.

Bonus #6 : WP Social Widget : WP Social Widget is a fantastic WordPress Plugin that will help you to massively increase your social traffic for your social media profiles. As it enables you to add effective social widgets to Your WordPress blogs. And when combined with “Auto T-Shirt Design 2.0”, this package becomes a WIN-WIN situation for business owners.

Bonus #7 : Exit Profiter Software : Visitor engagement is one of the topmost priority for every online business owner today. They want to capture every possible detail of visitors in the best manner in order to get maximum conversions.This Software helps you to get your exit pop on any web page. And ultimately, you can lead your website visitor to your Teespring store and generate higher profits with less efforts.

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