Co-Own Unselfish Marketer Review And Bonus

What Is Co-Own Unselfish Marketer? is a +9 years proven and battletested industry leading membership site when it comes to supplying it’s members with resellable PLR/MRR/RR information products. Read more details about Co-Own Unselfish Marketer below!

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Co-Own Unselfish Marketer In Depth Review

The Unselfish Marketer is a membership website created and run by an internet marketer named JayKay Bak. What got the people raving about the site is the unselfish marketer’s vault – extensive supply of various internet marketing products. For a membership fee, you can have access to all the digital goodies and take advantage of other helpful website features.

Co-Own Unselfish Marketer Review

Most products have resell rights so you can guarantee a 100% profit – all to yourself. The basic premise is that for a membership, you can download hundreds, if not thousands, of products, sell them on your own website, and generate a nice income.

You can have access to all af the products you want to sell – this is where the “Gurus” find their own goldmines and now you will get 1 year coaching too. JayKay Bak added 101 new products in Aug. 2015 alone! Co-Own Unselfish Marketer include :

  • 7000 Products Today
  • Products Every 2nd Day
  • 20 EXTRA Memberships
  • 100 Autoresponders
  • Delavo Automation
  • PRO Web Hosting

As Vault Co-Owner, you have a chance to build a RECURRING LIFE CHANGING income stream. But, you will need to communicate all of the great benefits a Vault Membership has to offer your prospects. JayKay and the Vault Team would like you to have these GREAT PROVEN Traffic and Sales Boosting Tools in your arsenal. No junk PLR products here either. Your Bonus Tools are LIVE, WORKING, SOLID tools that are sold and used every day.

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Co-Own Unselfish Marketer Bonus

Bonus #1: 8 Internet Marketing Scripts – This download includes 8 Awesome Internet Marketing Scripts with Private Label Rights. You will get “Auto countdown”, “Auto Launcher”, “Auto RSS”, “Auto Squeeze”, “Easy Cloaker”, “Easy Split Test”, “Email Router” and “Mass URL” scripts in this collection.

Bonus #2: Internet Marketing Expert – Affiliate Marketing Articles w/Private Label Rights. Web Traffic Articles w/Private Label Rights. Blogging Articles w/Private Label Rights. EBay Articles w/Private Label Rights. SEO Articles w/Private Label Rights

Bonus #3: Fire Your Boss and Join the Internet Marketing Revolution – Interested in growing your income online? This 36 page E-book enables you to discover proven tactics to monetize your capabilities and learn how to choose the right marketing model. Ultimately, your business will be up and running very soon.

Bonus #4: In Your Face Internet Marketing Words of Wisdom – Reveals the secrets about how to become a great internet marketer. With its assistance, you will be able to peak at the right time, and get known for your efforts.

Bonus #5: Instant Internet Marketing Articles – An awesome collection of articles that are designed to help you. Want to earn cash with Google AdSense? Instant Internet Marketing Articles includes 50 articles about Google AdSense, Article Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Website traffic and Opt-in lists with PLR rights.

Bonus #6: Internet Marketing Articles – Internet marketing is the catch word of today. Lift up your website with these Internet Marketing Articles that have 35 articles which you can use in order to get success.

Bonus #7: Internet Marketing Auto responder Series – This auto-responder series has 25 email lessons to engage visitors with your business. Use them to hold visitors longer and earn the profits you desire.

Bonus #8: Internet Marketing Auto responder Series V2 – This package includes 10 mailing modules and an additional bonus “Cash King Affiliate Report”. You will be able to create great emails to explode your list with. Get them now and reap great results.

Bonus #9: Internet Marketing Basics – In this eBook, you will learn about WordPress, SEO, Making Money with Blogging, building a list, traffic generation and much more to drive traffic towards your website. It`s a great help for you to learn the nuances of internet marketing.

Bonus #10: Internet Marketing Niche Blog – This blog comes with a premium plugin that will allow you to easily install the whole blog package in practically less than five minutes. No more trouble installing WordPress, messing with SQL files, myPhPAdmin or messing with codes.

Bonus #11: Internet Marketing FAQ – This package gives you the answers to frequently asked questions. You will get to know why businesses fail to make money, how to avoid failures, how to build a network of 6 figure entrepreneurs, building success strategies, and much, much more.

Bonus #12: Internet Marketing For Stay At Home Moms – How to easily decide what business is right for you and your family. The easy way to get a website up at lightning speed without programming. Free advertising techniques that are easy to implement. How to run your business in only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, and much more.

Bonus #13: Internet Marketing Reports – 3 Internet Marketing Reports to help you get more clients online and make more money – harness the power of the Web to cut costs and drive in new business.

Bonus #14: Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed – The gurus have been using them to attain success. Now, it`s your chance to discover all the insider secrets to master internet marketing and attain your overall growth targets.

Bonus #15: Internet Marketing Speed Series – This package will help create your own hot selling product and includes how to set up your first business website, online traffic generation methods, how to use words for selling and much more.

Bonus #16: Learn All About Internet Marketing – Learn the most important info about internet marketing. Get 24 ready to publish newsletters for your email list with Private Label Rights. All you need to do is plug in your promo ads, copy, paste and send!

Bonus #17: Online Goldmine – In this complete and comprehensive IM guide, we will reveal how to create a successful business on the web. You`ll learn different strategies such as online business ventures, simple ways to generate sales, etc.

Bonus #18: Twitter for Internet Marketing Professionals – A 5 day crash course of Twitter for internet marketing professionals that will disclose the secrets on how to build your brand and benefit from Twitter in your marketing campaign.

Bonus #19: 1000 Internet Marketing Tips – This “10-eBook Package” is chock full of creative suggestions that would take you years to discover on your own. Check out these titles: 100 Advertisement Writing Methods, 100 Advertising Design Methods, 100 Advertising Tips, 100 Article Writing Ideas, and many more.

Bonus #20: WP Easy Marketer – WP Easy Marketer combines the ease of a WordPress plugin with the selling power of ClickBank. It`s designed to allow anyone to start an internet marketing blog with content and monetize it in around five minutes flat.

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Bonus #21: The 30 Day Formula – Some of the best marketers and speakers in the Internet Marketing industry will teach you how they make money in a pinch. Each speaker will talk about their own unique ways of driving traffic and making money using squeeze pages, giving you several angles at which to start your business!

Bonus #22: Blogging Crash Course – In this eBook, you`ll learn all about: Blogging in the 21st century, introduction to online journaling, how can online blogging be profitable to ordinary individuals, how to start your own blog in less than 15 minutes, writing content, getting constant traffic to your blog and much more!

Bonus #23: Easy Info Launch Course – Inside this 5 day crash course you will learn an easy to follow process that will help you launch your own successful & profitable information product!

Bonus #24: EBook Publishing Profits – Inside “EBook Publishing Profits”, you will learn: How to use e-books for marketing and promotion, how to write an e-book, how to make your eBook “user friendly”, why sell eBooks, how to price your eBook, marketing strategies, steps to publishing success, how to turn your eBook into profits and much more!

Bonus #25: How to Get Started In Niche Marketing – The easiest way to monetize your twitter account even if you don`t have a product of your own. How to get your profile ranked for your target keywords, guaranteed. Automate your twitter marketing so you can grow a list on complete auto pilot!

Bonus #26: Monthly PLR Income Stream – In this e-book, we will take a closer look at PLR content that is available for the majority of membership sites out there. We will explore how to make use of: E-books, Sales letters, Landing Pages (or Squeeze pages), Articles, Thank you pages, E-courses, Blog Posts, Blog Themes, Videos and Audios!

Bonus #27: Newbie Marketers Starters Series – Newbie Marketers Starters Series includes 1 eBook and 2 reports.

  1. EBook – List Building for New Marketers (37 pages)
  2. Report – “Niche Marketing Resources Guide (20 pages)
  3. Report – “Paid Traffic Bargain Hunter” (14 pages)

Bonus #28: Outsource Your Business – Inside this eBook, you will learn all about: Why outsource? What kinds of jobs must be outsourced? Finding professionals to outsource your work to getting professionals from online jobsites. Outsourcing and the money equation – Deciding how much to pay and how, and much more.

Bonus #29: Product Pricing Wizard – Inside this eBook you`ll discover: Pricing strategies: Getting Started, Pricing with regard to competition, Premium products sell at premium prices, Increase sales by presenting choices, Trials and lead generation, The ultimate testimonial, Value added, plus much more!

Bonus #30: Responsive List Building Secrets – What is included in this package? High quality reports over 25 pages, Professional ecover graphics, Photoshop layer source graphics, Source files for the report in 4 formats, Squeeze page, confirm page & thank you page, Reseller sales page & download page!

Bonus #31: SEO for Dummies – The Importance of Search Engines, What Are Meta Tags? Which Meta Tags Should You Use? Meta Tag Examples and Optimization, How to Build Backlinks, Tips to Get Repeat Web Traffic, and Recommended SEO Tools!

Bonus #32: SEO Video Warrior – I`m going to show you why video marketing is the only skill you`ll ever need, if you want to make money online in the fastest, easiest and most efficient way!

Bonus #33: Understanding Backlinks – It is simple, straight forward information that will help them even if they`ve never heard of backlinks. It will teach them how to get started and quickly harness the power of building backlinks for themselves!

Bonus #34: Video Marketing for Newbies – This video series will show you how to take any video and show you how to setup a good marketing plan for your videos. You can watch and follow the video series step by step, or pause it whenever you want. Yeah, I could add this all to an eBook, but with a video, you`ll have the opportunity to follow everything as you see it.

Bonus #35: Create Mobile Sites Quick – PLR Set of Videos on how to create mobile friendly websites using Google Sites!

Bonus #36: Display Mobile Websites on PC – PLR Video On How To Display Mobile Websites Properly On Your Computer!

Bonus #37: Mobango – Mobango is the first Universal Mobile Community that allows cell phone users to publish, convert, and share with friends all kinds of user generated content. Dominate Mobango with this Exclusive Video Training!

Bonus #38: Offline Eclipse – In this report, discover a powerful method of making money from local business owners. By far, this is the best method of making money from business owners because it is not only lucrative, but there are so many different avenues you can take with this method.

Bonus #39: Offline Super Cash – Local business owners are always looking for help and most don`t know the first thing about internet marketing! This Reveled Secret will show you how to make Super Income from Local Businesses.

Bonus #40: LinkedIn for Business – With this series you will receive 5 preformatted email lessons that have quick and easy to understand information that you and your subscribers can start using to immediately impact your business!

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