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Consulting Mastery Review And Bonus

So What Is Consulting Mastery?

Consulting Mastery is a course by Mario Brown that has developed, fine tuned and put togehter a real world system that will allow you to get started making money online quickly. And that is without : needing a massive amount of traffic, needing a fancy sales page and spending all your cash on paid advertising.

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Consulting Mastery In Depth Review

With Consulting Mastery you can literally start creating revenue today and Mario will show you everything step by step, including how to become an expert in any niche within 48 hours. Here is why I think this is a great investment :

  • Consulting Mastery focuses specifically on keeping things simple & on getting you FAST results
  • There just is no faster way to go from zero to revenue online. Pick up the phone or open skype and you are in business. (or do it via email, webinar etc., endless possibilities)
  • It’s a Blueprint and System. Mario takes you by the hand and walks you through his exact Formula step by step so that you can get started right away.
  • Insane Savings. We all love a great deal but this is special – to get a full blown Online Home Study Course for virtually next to nothing & saving 90%+, total no-brainer.

Consulting Mastery Review

Here is everything that you’ll get inside Consulting Mastery :

  • Module 1 – The System Overview : Mario will get straight to the point by delivering you the PORVEN, revenue generating formula right here in the first module step by step.
  • Module 2 – The Most Powerful Business Models – 100% Scalable : You’ll discover the absolutely best model to deliver this system and formula fast and with power. More importantly, Mario share with you how to create your structure so that your business is 100% Scalable AND Sustainable
  • Module 3 – Lead Flow And Automation : Well this is where the magic happens. Not only is this formula easy and fast to set up, you can also automate the full process right away.
  • Module 4 – Premium Pricing Matrix : You can use this formula to build recurring revenue with low ticket pricing but Mario Brown will show you how to charge premium prices like never before.
  • Module 5 – The Secret – Qualifying : What if you had a influx of prospects ready to give you money and ready to work with you immediately. Even better, what if they’re all qualified for any price you want to demand and what if they’re 100% your ideal customer and prospect? Well, you achieve that by qualifying and Mario have 5 proven and tested absolute best ways to qualify prospects right from the start so that only the best customers and prospects show up to work with you or your company.
  • Module 6 – The Application Form : The best way to qualify is via a powerful Application Form and after 2 years of testing different version I’ve found the best one. Even better, Mario Brown will give you the EXACT questions he ask, and he will show you why they work so well and then he gives his actual Application Form for you to swipe and use immediately.
  • Module 7 – The Strategy Session : There are multiple mechanism that I teach you inside Consulting Mastery to convert prospects into customers and clients. You can use email, a webinar, Google Hangout, Skype chat or you can be on the phone, it’s totally up to you and they all work.
  • Module 8 – Customer Care : In this module Mario will show you in detail what to do in order to have customers absolutely love you. They’ll be happy, they’ll recommend you to their peers and friends and most importantly they’ll buy from you again and again no matter what.
  • Module 9 – Quick Lead Generation : The more leads you got, the more money you will make. Mario is going to provide you with the Lead Formula that he use in his business.

Consulting Mastery Bonus

Bonus #1: SEO Stone : SEO Stone is a WordPress plugin that will evaluate Your Web Blog, Pages, Posts and other Websites, including metrics like Backlinks, Social Signals, Pages Indexed, Alexa & Google Rankings and much more.

Bonus #2: 50+ Niche Packs : Over 50 done for you pre-researched niche packs, that are complete untapped and can generate rankings in the search engines FAST for profitable, buyer-intent keywords.

Bonus #3: Social Signals for SEO : To be at the top of search results, you need to generate buzz around your content. Learn how to generate social shares/signals that the search engines will eat up and sky-rocket your site.

Bonus #4: Local Lander : This WordPress plugin is the perfect Local Biz landing page! Create fully optimized business page that has Yelp, Facebook, Photos, Tabbed Content, Collect Leads/Quotes, Slideshows and edit SEO settings.

Bonus #5: Quick Guide to WordPress SEO : This 11-page quick guide is your handbook to tweaking any WordPress site so it is maximized for Search Engines. Print this blueprint out and keep it as a quick reference

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How Yo Get Your Consulting Mastery Bonus?

Your bonus will be available on the JVZOO bonus download section right here :


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