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CovertIn Review And Bonus

Are you looking for information about CovertIn?This is my honest CovertIn Review by Brandon Bell.Is it worth your time and money!?Also check my killer CovertIn Bonus Pack!

So What Is CovertIn?

CovertIn is a software that allows you to easily set up and run a fully functional professional social network, which looks very similar to LinkedIn. The software is able to build and visualize connection chains (Six Degrees of Separation algorithm). Users can see how they`re connected to each other and pass messages along the chains.

CovertIn Review

CovertIn Features :

  • Public Profiles – Each user has their own public profile page which looks pretty much like on LinkedIn.
  • Profile Customization – Users can update their personal and professional information: experience, education, skills, interests, contact information and more.
  • See How Connected – While visiting a public profile, one can immediately see how they’re connected to a particular user and send a message along the connection chain.
  • Jobs – Users can post job openings or search for jobs. Employers can list jobs and search for potential candidates.
  • Recommendations – One can easily request recommendation letters from their connections.
  • Resumes – Job seekers can post resumes to a built-in labor exchange system.
  • Applications Platform – The platform allows users to embed other online services within their profile pages by installing an app. You can also create your own apps for your users.
  • Contacts Manager – The AJAX-based LinedIn-like contact management system allows to add custom information about any connection, or add new connections on behalf of people who’re not yet registered in the system.
  • Invitations – Users can invite their friends to join the website or become their connection. Invitations are managed with a nice AJAX-based interface.
  • Search – CovertIn comes with the search functionality which allows to discover new connections, search for jobs, filter correspondence recipients, etc.
  • User Groups – Users can create public and private interest groups and invite other people to join. Group members can open discussions, add events, upload media and publish news.
  • Mail – We’ve got an amazing AJAX-based system of private messages. Users can add multiple recipients, attach files, move the messages they no longer need to trash.
  • Events – Users can add public and private events and invite others to participate.
  • Photos – Users can create photo galleries, tag their CovertIn contacts on photos.
  • Videos – CovertIn allows your site’s users to upload videos from 10+ video services.
  • Who Viewed Profile – Users can always check to see who has recently viewed their profile or how many times their profile appeared in search results.
  • Import Contacts – Users can import their Facebook contacts and email address books.
  • Tagging – Users can tag or untag anyone who’s listed in their Contacts.
  • Reserved – Users can tag or untag anyone who’s listed in their Contacts.
  • Reserved – Users can import their Facebook contacts and email address books.
  • Share – Most of pages can be easily shared via social networking sites or via email.

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If you have any information about CovertIn that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your CovertIn Review below.

How Yo Get Your CovertIn Bonus?

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