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Crazy Little Funnels – what is it? Crazy Little Funnels is a video-training series that simplifies building simple 2-step funnels that convert visitors into leads, and leads into sales!! This is a step-by-step funnel building course that helps you build funnels FASTER than ever before, with clear insights into how to MAXIMIZE lead and profit generation!

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Crazy Little Funnels is a 4+ hour video course and contains these modules :

  • Funnel Mapping
  • 5-Minute Lead Magnets
  • Irresistible Offer
  • Building Your Funnel
  • Email Automation
  • Bringing It All Together
  • Bonus: FB Retargeting

Unlike other courses, we don’t “fluff” around. Each module and each training comes with actionable content that you can get up and running with immediately .. and the best part – it works for any niche, any time, and any where. There are NO restrictions on where, how much and when you can use your Crazy Little Funnels!

Crazy Little Funnels Review

How quickly can I setup my next funnel with Crazy Little Funnels? Very quickly – you already get 2 ready-made funnels to get started. And if you want to build your own, you get all the information so you can be up and running by tomorrow. Crazy Little Funnels also has a module on traffic generation – so you are completely covered to help you make your first money making funnel.

How many Crazy Little Funnels can you make? Just follow the simple steps inside to create a new Crazy Little Funnel Machine that makes you $100-$300+ per day. You can scale this as big as you want, and because the income is passive, you’re not trading more of your precious time to make more money. Once you’ve created one, you would want to create a new one every day – it’s actually addictive!!

Crazy Little Funnels Bonus

Bonus #1 : Eye Catching Stock Images You Can Use for Your Facebook Ads : This is a collection of professional, high quality stock images that you can customize and use for your facebook ads or any of your online projects. These images will make your ads stand out, command attention, and get more clicks.

Bonus #2 : The Proven 6-Figure Video Sales Letter Script (And Training Video) : Here’s a proven formula we use for creating a high converting video sales letter (VSL). We used this script to get $3.43 earnings per click on our Info Product Mastery program. Now you can use it for your own sales pages and presentations without having to hire a copywriter.

Bonus #3 : Niche Research Questionaire : You can use this questionnaire for your niche research and Facebook ad intelligence gathering. It makes it easy to understand your market in order to better target your advertising by knowing the kind of content and offers that will resonate with them.

Bonus #4 : Advanced Autoresponder Follow-up Sequence : As you’ve probably heard over and over, most people won’t buy anything on the first visit, so you make most of your money on the followup. This 7-part email followup series has been proven to convert an additional 42% of subscriber to sales. Now you can model it for your own follow-up emails.

Bonus #5 : Killer Sales Page Headlines Swipe File : The headline is one of the most important parts of your sales page. People are only on your site for a few seconds before they’re clicking away. You have to give them an immediate reason to be interested and continue to read. You headline is what captures their attention and sparks their interest.

Bonus #6 : High Converting ‘Cold Traffic’ Webinar Outline : Having a high converting webinar is one of the best ways to rapidly build your list and have a profitable Facebook Ads campaign. Your webinar needs to follow a strict set of proven guidelines in order to have all of the desired outcomes necessary to walk away with a satisfied audience as well as a bunch of new happy customers. This is especially true when you’re getting cold traffic from Facebook ads.

This webinar outline will give you most important sections of a successful webinar campaign in sequential order. Just follow the guidlines and you will have a powerful presentation that’s proven to generate a positive ROI with Facebook ads.

Bonus #7 : FB Viral Content Digger : This awesome WordPress Plugin will allow you to :

  1. Search Facebook pages and groups — including content you will never see without a powerful search function.
  2. Find only the most popular, viral content (because popularity breeds popularity).
  3. Find and share content from within your WordPress dashboard — without ever logging into Facebook.
  4. Create posts and pages in WordPress from the content that’s being shared on Facebook right now.
  5. Search posts, albums and even video!
  6. Instantly share your finds to your Facebook page, in a group, or on your personal timeline — all without leaving your WordPress dashboard.
  7. Search in any niche, for any keyword — find the content your audience wants and needs, no matter what your market is.
  8. Share the most relevant content to your pages and groups — and never again face the question, “What will I post today?”
  9. Add a quick Facebook search to your blogging workflow and connect related content in a new, innovative way.
  10. Grow your list of followers and fans, simply by sharing more hot content!

Get Crazy Little Funnels And My Bonuses

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