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Decinema Anamorphic – what is it? Anamorphic is one of the cinematography techniques to shoot widescreen footage using 35mm film or shoot using other digital devices (DSLR with anamorphic Lenses), with post processing that can produce the same ratio.

Decinema Anamorphic comes with over 40 powerpoint videos using anamorphic ratio. This is brand-new powerpoint video templates and never released before. Decinema Anamorphic will make your video marketing different from your competitors.

At a glance, you will not believe that the video beside is from PowerPoint. You would think it is all made up by video editors like adobe premiere & final cut pro. What’s make this one different over all other powerpoint video template?

  1. Quick and easy m​​​​​​ake stunning professional videos in just a few clicks. You could quickly and easily make anamorphic-look videos using only PowerPoint
  2. Real Anamorphic Template : You do not need to create a new size or resize to look super-wide (anamorphic look). All the templates that we have made are ready to use, including animation and its transition have adjusted by us.
  3. Never Released Before : The video template format (anamorphic look) has never existed before. This is a template package with hard work and research for several months.
  4. 20% Audio is Made by Us In some main templates, the audio used is original, we make from scratch. And you also have the right to use this audio for your sales videos.
  5. Bonus Dimensions 16:9 – If you are unfamiliar with the anamorphic format, we have provided an old format with 16: 9 dimensions that you can use without needing to resize manually.

Decinema Anamorphic Review

Decinema Anamorphic Bonus

Bonus #1 : 6 Commerce Video Templates

Bonus #2 : 6 Hot Sale Video Templates

Bonus #3 : 6 Best Deal Video Templates

Bonus #4 : 6 Viral Video Templates

Bonus #5 : 6 Done For You Intro Templates

Decinema Anamorphic OTO 1 Bonuses

When you upgrade your DECINEMA ANAMORPHIC purchase today at a heavily discounted price! Check out the features that you will be getting on our OTO1 Offer!

OTO Bonus #1 : Animal and Wildlife Stock Images : As you already knew, graphics are very important in doing any types of marketing on the internet. It maybe for social media marketing purposes or attracting your audience to buy your offers, graphics or images are the best choice to convince and attract people to buy your products.

The challenge now is that, what if you are not a good graphics designer or you don’t know how create your own graphics at all? Well, your next option is to hire someone to do it for you and the fact is this cost a lot of money. The good news is that, inside this product is a bundle of images which you can use to your own project or to your clients and make profits from it.

OTO Bonus #2 : Instagram Stories : In this book, it will be taking an in-depth look at Instagram. And at how you can use it, along with all of its most modern features, in order to build massive trust and influence and have a huge impact on your audience.

At the same time, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look specifically at Instagram stories. You’ll see why this is an incredibly important addition from a marketing perspective and how you can start using it right away to make the biggest impact possible.

OTO Bonus #3 : Instant Infographics Creator Pack : If you are looking to increase targeted traffic to your website, I have come across a ninja way of doing so. And since there are not many marketers who are currently using this method, I am getting awesome results so far with this method.

Sharing Infographics is my current under the radar strategy. You see….infographics are some of the most shared content online and are the easiest way to send your viral content. The reason for this is that it combines the benefits of both Images and Information in one and people just love sharing cool infographics around the web, especially on Facebook and Pinterest.

OTO Bonus #4 : The Various Graphics & Stock Photos :You can’t deny the fact that graphics are very important in various reasons. But doing online marketing, using image is a huge help in attracting people to visit or Like your Facebook page.

The thing is that you just can’t use images that you found from the internet for granted or else your reputation might be compromised. The good news is that inside this amazing product is a graphic bundle that you can use for your own marketing campaign or resell it to your current customers.

OTO Bonus #5 : More Various Stock Photos : Graphics are one of the most useful media in doing both offline and online marketing. This is because human brain can easily store information through image. Because of this human attribute, marketers alike took the advantage of utilizing this behaviour into their side of attracting more leads and customers.

That’s why if you are a serious online marketer, investing to professional graphics is necessary if you want to make more profit to your business. But if you just got started, investing huge amount of money might not be a practical option. The good news is that inside this product is a package of various stock photos that you can use to your own project or to your clients. You can even resell this to your customers or friends.

OTO Bonus #6 : Great Outdoors Stock Images : Images is so very important in our digital age. This is because that according to the statistics, graphics can attract more internet users compared to text marketing approach. The challenge now is that if you are not a photographer or a graphics designer your next option is to hire someone to do it for you and this cost money. The good news is that inside this product is a bundle of images that you can use today for social media marketing of your own business or to your clients.

Exclusive OTO Bonus #7 : Things and Stuff Stock Images : If you are an internet marketer or an online business owner, expanding the reach of your business is necessary. And doing this might be also a challenge – before. Now, with the power of social networking sites marketing your business online is as easy as ABC and 123.

Social Media Marketing is seem to be one of the most effective ways to attract customers to your business. And doing this is by using graphics that are relevant to your audience in the market.

OTO Bonus #8 : Latest Humans Stock Images : If you have your own online business or you are a freelancer that is hired by an online entrepreneur to expand his business, doing social media marketing is the best step to get started.

The fact is that many have said that this new marketing innovation is so powerful that would be a huge help to boost your sales to the roof. So how are you going to do social media marketing? The secret ingredient? Images! Human minds can immediately store information or data using the power of your vision. And because of this nature, internet marketers like you can take advantage on it.

OTO Bonus #9 : WP Image Plus : Images are very important when it comes to marketing any businesses. Whether you are doing offline or your marketing on the internet, visual graphics is one of the main media that grabs people’s attention. The challenging thing is that, you just can’t grab images over the internet and use it for your own project or else someone will sue you for copyright issues.

And the fact is that premium stock images, digital graphics or photos are very expensive. But the good news is that inside this amazing product, this plugin will give you the solution so that you’ll never have to worry about paying for images again.

OTO Bonus #10 : Animated GIFs : Graphics is very important in creating a webpage or to attract and engage to your prospective leads. That’s why picking the right image is the key to build relationship and influence other people online.

The is that, if you are not that good at graphic design, you might want to hire someone to do it for you and it costs a log of money. Gif images is one of the best image formats that really can capture your prospect’s attention because it is animated. And that is what this package is all about.

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