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Domainer Elite Pro Review : Bonus And Demo

Domainer Elite Pro Review : Bonus And Demo
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Domainer Elite Pro by Jamie Lewis includes the software, instruction, training and resources to buy and sell domains for huge profits.

Domainer Elite Pro is much more than a course on “how to sell domain names” as it solves one of the hardest problems, a problem that had previously made domaining undesirable.

It actually finds good Domains that will SELL. Buying a domain for $9 and selling it for 20 times more than you bought it for at a high frequency again & again is very desirable, and therefore this is why this program was such a big hit.

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Here is what`s ne in the Domainer Elite Pro software :

  1. Added 3 new criteria to the search capability: Instead of just using keywords, trends, starting and ending words, we have added three new “surprise criteria.” Just wait.
  2. You can find premium domains, as well as godaddy auctions without having to search individually on godaddy using the search function
  3. Improved overall flexibility when using the software
  4. Number #4: We have introduced a marketplace inside of Domainer Elite Pro where you can list your domains for sale and actually sell them
  5. Multi-tier Affiliate program
  6. Expired Domain s: We now will have an automatically updated, heavily filtered and sorted expired domain name database. Now, we have three very ideal algorithms that enable us to import an excel file and if the domain fits this criteria, it will be added to the list. This will result in literally thousands of amazing, no BS quality expired domain names available for purchase.
  7. The ability for you to advertise not only your domain names but their affiliate link as well.

Domainer Elite Pro Review

Domainer Elite Pro Review : Bonus

Bonus #1 – Instant Syndication Sniper – Instant Syndication Sniper lets you automatically post all your content to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Delicious, FriendFeed, BufferApp.The whole thing is automated so it can help you bring those expired domain’s back to life with the minimum of effort. Buy the domain and set it running.You can instantly breathe new life into those expired and dropped domains with just a few pieces of content that can be syndicated automatically across multiple social accounts.

Bonus #2 – Instant Domain Optimizer – Instant Domain Optimizer with this plugin you can easily optimize your posts and pages in wordpress for search engines.It checks everything is correct with your SEO criteria to give you a head start with your expired domains that you have just purchased. This plugin help’s you get your new domain off in the right direction (up the rankings) with it’s full onsite check.

Bonus #3 – Instant Domain Profits – Instant Domain Profits covers everything you need to know about dropping and expiring domains. What to look out for and how to find gold nuggets in the thousands that drop each month.What to stay away from not all dropped and expired domains are created equal make sure you get the ones that will benefit you most. Full 30+ page report giving you the full insider secrets on what makes drop and expiring domain buying so successful.

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