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Easy VSL 3.0 Review : Bonus And Demo

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EasyVSL 3.0 allows you to create video sales letter (VSLs) easier and faster without having to waste alot of your time or paying alot of money for someone to create video sales letters for you.

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Easy VSL 3.0 – what is it? The #1 video sales letter creator, Easy VSL has just released the new and improved version 3.0. With over 40,000+ marketers using EasyVSL to create high-converting videos – it’s become the standard for creating videos FAST, that flat-out turn to profit.

The Easy VSL 3.0 software helps you instantly transform a video script into a powerpoint – style presentation in seconds, sync your voice-over with your slides, correctly the 1st time (without using 2 or 3 other apps) and have a high-converting, video sales letter ready in literally minutes.

Easy VSL 3.0 is the easiest video sales letter software you`ll ever find online that will help you create an engaging high-converting VSL in minutes! With variety of templates, effects and graphics, this new VSL is forecasted to be unreplaceable peace of software that will help product owners and marketers in their business.

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In version 3.0, Mark Thompson added a number of killer features like :

  1. Kinetic Animation : Create “kinetic-style” or animation typography videos using one of the 10 pre-designed kinetic themes.
  2. Import Keynote/Powerpoint : Their biggest feature request is now available.  Import any existing keynote or powerpoint presentation into EasyVSL.
  3. Image Library/YouZign Integration : Now you can search over 1,000,000 royalty free images/graphics to add directly into your EasyVSL videos.
  4. Sound Effect Transitions : Now you can add sounds effects to your slide and text transitions to help grab the viewers attention.
  5. Speech Recognition : Now you don’t even have to manually sync your slides with your voice.  Just push the button and watch EasyVSL sync your voice with your slides.

Easy VSL 3.0 Review

EasyVSL has become the most recognized software for creating  high-converting, video sales letters in less than 60 seconds.  In v3.0, now enjoyed enhanced flagship features plus newly released functionality to make VSL creation even easier than every before.

Easy VSL 3.0 Review : Bonus

Bonus #1 : Perfect Video Sales Letter : Huper engage yout website visitors – turn prospects into subscribers and customers boost conversions and sales

Bonus #2 : VSL Profit Blueprint Fill-in-the-Blank Examples : Just fill in the blanks to these killer examples to help you produce caredully crafted copy for youe VSLs

Bonus #3 : VSL Profit Blueprint Worksheet : Follow this worksheet, that will walk you through creating a high converting video sales letter

Bonus #4 : VSL Profit Blueprint Mindmap : How to maximize your sales and profit using video sales letters

Bonus #5 : WP Viral Email Optin : Build stunning video landing pages for your Easvy VSL 3.0 videos

Bonus #6 : Video Ads in a Box : Discover how to dominate facebook video ads using Easy VSL 3.0

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