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eCom Experts Academy Review And Bonus

What Is eCom Experts Academy?

eCom Experts Academy is a simple, newbie friendly yet extremely powerful eCommerce masterplan for creating a 7-figure per year Shopify store – yeah that’s why it’s powerful – anybody regardless if they are totally new to Shopify or eCommerce as a whole can put this course into action and start generating passive income using Shopify today.

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eCom Experts Academy In Depth Review

Inside the eCom Experts Academy, Robert and Justin will reveal their very own 7-Figure Shopify Masterplan and then lead through each part of the process in over the shoulder videos so you will never left scratching your head out of confusion. Once you will have the plan in your hands Justin will focus on generating the largest ROI through proper webpage branding and with his personal Facebook ads strategy responsible for a whooping 7 figure profits.

eCom Experts Academy Review

Here is the brief sneak peak inside the 7 figure eCom Experts Academy  – Table Of Contents

Understanding Shopify

  1. As a selling platform
  2. The benefits
  3. Understanding the Dashboard
  4. Selling Channels

Shopify setup and essentials

  1. Account
  2. Payments
  3. Shipping
  4. Checkout
  5. Theme settings

Sourcing Products and Fulfilling Products

  1. What to look for
  2. Tools to use
  3. Sourcing to scale
  4. Drop shipping made easy
  5. Shipping basics
  6. Tips and warnings

Product Offers

  1. Upsell offers
  2. Downsell Offers
  3. Recurring offers
  4. Email offers
  5. Free offers
  6. Bundle offers
  7. Bonus offers
  8. Referral offers

How to build out and establish a brand

  1. Trust
  2. Consistency
  3. Relatability
  4. Passion
  5. Customer Support
  6. Social Proof

How to optimize your web page for high conversions

  1. Landing Page Resonation
  2. Product Presentation
  3. Social Proof
  4. Reviews
  5. Like Count
  7. Images

High converting sales process

  1. Cross Sell Compliments
  2. Upsells that are comfortable
    1. Don’t hinder
    2. Use the Supermarket Approach

High ROI Facebook Ads Strategy

  1. Competition – How to measure and scale
    1. Bid Reach
    2. OCPM
  2. Interest – 3 types of interest for viral selling ads
    1. Targets
      1. Buying Targets
      2. Community Targets
      3. Authority Targets
    2. Budget – how to bid and adjust budget for low costing conversions
    3. Set Theory – FB relativity explained and how it affects your ads
      1. Frequency
      2. Reach

Optimization Clicks

  1. Unique
  2. Results
  3. Thousand

Creating Viral Ads

  1. Viral high ROI case studies – 1k ROI and up consistently

As you can see this is a complete… and you don`t need the OTOs to succeed. You will get a ridiculous amount of information and if you take action you will succeed just by using eCom Experts Academy and apply it.

eCom Experts Academy Bonus

Bonus #1 : The “EASY IN” Method : This is a perfect bonus that compliments your purchase of eCom Experts Academy. In this method you learn a very simple way to start making money on Shopify right away, even before you could start implementing eCom Experts Academy. It’s like an appetizer before the main course and by using this method you should be able to generate some revenue pretty quickly.

eCom Experts Academy Bonus #1

Imagine being able to start making money before you fully immerse yourself in Shopify and imagine how this quick start initial income could help you minimize your expenses to run a Shopify store and to invest in your business later on.

Moreover you will also learn how to start getting customers in your doors right away and build a buyers list quickly to later monetize without spending a lot of capital.

Bonus #2 : Jumpstart T-Shirt BIZ Method : Setting up a T Shirt Shopify store is one of the few ecommerce models that have exponential benefits including high profit margins, faster turnaround and a lot of branding which is actually the key to a long term mega successful business.

eCom Experts Academy Bonus #2

In Jumpstart T Shirt method, you will learn how to run a T shirt Shopify store on a professionally profitable level. PLUS this includes access to OUR ONLY printer that will let you have heaps of praise from your customers, making your stores go viral and, multiplying your future sales by at least ten folds, guaranteed.

You will also discover how to make it a complete hands off process so all you do is just collect orders while customers get their items at their doorsteps without any intervention from your side.

Bonus #3 : Supercharge Your FB Marketing : Facebook Pixel Insert WordPress Plugin: Supercharge Your Facebook Marketing By Leveraging The Power Of Retargeting. With FB Pixel Insert You Can Easily Add Retargeting Code To Any WordPress Site.

eCom Experts Academy Bonus #3

Bonus #4 : Get Free Social Traffic : Share-To-Download WordPress Plugin: Give your Site Visitors An Incentive To Share Your Page By Rewarding Them With A FREE Downloadable Gift When They Share On Facebook. This Is A Great Way To Get FREE Social Traffic And Go Viral.

eCom Experts Academy Bonus #4

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How To Get Your eCom Experts Academy Bonus

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Your bonuses will be available for you on the ECOM EXPERTS ACADEMY member’s area immediately after purchase!!

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