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EverZippy Review : Bonus

EverZippy – what is it? Everzippy is a powerful webinar automation tool that aims to help you build email marketing lists with a purpose. With Everzippy, you can schedule and automate your webinar footage to play at set intervals and the software aims to recreate the live experience for users.

This tool allows you to turn any video into a stunning, professional and fully automated presentation. In other words, you can turn any video into a sales and profit machine – the Marketing is 100% automated from registration process, email follow up, landing page – it’s all automated!

With the Commercial License included – for a LIMITED period only – you can become the Go-To Agency for Video Marketing needs of all the local businesses. Here are just some of the incredible features Everzippy comes with : 

  • Automated, Evergreen & Just In Time Webinars
  • Customizable Registration Pages For Branding etc.
  • Live Interactive Polls and Surveys
  • Automated & Simulated Live Chat
  • Analytics & Attendee Reporting
  • Live Sales Alerts & Call-To-Action Buttons
  • Slick Waiting Room & Replay Lounge
  • Fully – Featured Host Controls

EverZippy Review

EverZippy Review – Features

Before going to the details of what Everzippy does, let’s take a look at what it is equipped with:

  • INBUILT EMAIL FUNNEL : E-mail invitations are built-in and are customizable and designed to maximize conversion rates. Now you don’t have to manually create a pre-webinar reminder email, Everzippy will do it for you.
  • AUTORESPONDER AND EMAIL INTEGRATIONS : Everzippy is directly integrated with Infusionsoft, MailChimp, AWeber, and ActiveCampaign. You can also integrate with any other app via Zapier integration.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION : This allows you to stream across sites be it Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.
  • MEETZIPPY INTEGRATION : A couple of months ago, MeetZippy was a featured product on the market and sold out at more than a thousand sales. It help create Video Meetings, Presentations, Video Course, WhiteBoard Demo,… and this time MeetZippy together with Everzippy – Such a great combination promising to get things done easier and faster!

Now I am going to summarize key features of Everzippy – establishing your webinars on evergreen autopilot mode today.

  1. CUSTOM BRANDING : Add your logo and customize the page with your theme color so that your pages are consistent with your own website and brand, making your targeted audience recognize you in seconds and building trust in your brand
  2. TRACKING AND REMARKETING SYSTEM : You can track your audience’s behavior on all your Everzippy software to improve your webinar performance and create tailored ads for particular groups of users.
  3. CUSTOMIZED SCHEDULING : You can offer your webinar as frequently as you wish. You can setup your webinar to reoccur on multiple days of the week, multiple times per day or you may even want to set it up to continuously begin in the next 15 minutes with the “just-in-time” feature.
  4. READY TO USE TEMPLATE : Dozens of gorgeous designs for you to choose to make your webinar look amazing. Everzippy has over 50 DFY beautiful templates that give a map of what we had to do
  5. AUTOMATED LIVE CHAT : You can anticipate the needs of your customers in advance by pre-scheduling the questions and answers that will appear in the live chatbox. If attendees have additional questions during the webinar, they can submit them in the question box which will send you an email so you can follow up directly.
  6. COMBINE “AUTOMATED” AND “LIVE” : Come on during a recorded presentation to answer questions live.
  7. DYNAMIC ATTENDEE NUMBERS : This feature is awesome as it lets you to set up how many attendees in advance to appear in the webinar room at the same time (even up to 400-450 attendees).
  8. EMAIL REMINDERS : Automated email notification reminders get send to all registrants after registration, the morning of the webinar, 15 minutes before the webinar starts, and even follows up with a recorded replay of the webinar
  9. PRODUCT OFFERS : Pick the perfect time to pop-up a special offer for your attendees so they can click to make a purchase on the spot. You can even create urgency around the offer by adding a countdown clock.
  10. LIVE SALES ALERTS : Take peer-pressure and urgency to the next level by showing attendees that other people in the webinar room are making purchases. Pop-up alerts to let them know others are buying to encourage them to do the same
  11. WAITING ROOM VIDEO : You can pre-record a custom video to play for attendees while they’re sitting in the “waiting room” waiting for the webinar to begin.
  12. REPLAY COMMENTS : Webinar engagement and traffic can be improved by replaying the comments received in the comment box.
  13. RECORD & REPLAY : Record your webinars with the click of a button. After the webinar, they will automatically post to your channel. You can build a repository of recorded webinars that can be replayed time and again.
  14. FULL-FEATURED HOST CONTROLS : Mute/unmute panelists, and promote an attendee to panelist, giving them audio and video capabilities for enhanced engagement. You as a host has the highest level of control in a webinar.
  15. REGISTRATION : This feature of Everzippy allows attendees to register for webinar attendance within the application.
  16. POLLS AND SURVEYS : Polls & Surveys are launched, answered, and reviewed during a session while surveys are sent after the webinar ends. It allows attendees to engage with the host better, by the way helps the host figures out what to improve or fix for next time.
  17. ANALYTICS AND REPORT SYSTEM : Once your webinar is over, you can learn how effective it was using detailed analytical reports on registrations, attendee engagement, polls, and Q&A.

How Does EverZippy Works?

When you login to Everzippy, you see 4 tools at the left corner of your page reading. What they are for is mentioned following the screenshot

EverZippy login

  • Webinars : Create and manage your webinars (this is the main section I will describe later)
  • Replays : recorded webinars that can be replayed
  • MeetZippy Replays : recorded videos from MeetZippy that can be replayed
  • Analytics : where you attendees come from, how often they attend your webinars

  • Tutorials : guides you from A to Z to work with the system effectively

EverZippy Review Tutorials

Now let`s see how we can create an automated webinar : 

Step #1 : Click the “+” icon reading ‘create new webinars’ 

EverZippy Review - Create Webinar

Step #2 : Fill in the information about your webinars webinar title, description, timezone, icture (optional), tags and browse video, upload video or select video from from your library : 

EverZippy Create Webinar

Step #3 : Choose the type of session you want to create. There are 4 types : Recurring, Multiple Times, One Time, On-Demand Only.

EverZippy Review - Webinar Type

  • Type 1 : Recurring – make your sessions run periodically on specific dates and times

  • Type 2 : Multiple Times – host your webinar sessions multiple times

  • Type 3 : One Time – schedule a single session to occur once then select start date and time. After then, press ‘Save Now‘

  • Type 4 : On-Demand Only – If you want your webinar to be shown only on demand

Step #4 : Fill your Webinar Details : If you want to redirect attendees after the webinar to some other site then, turn ON the switch and provide the URL of the page where you want to redirect them. 

EverZippy Review - Webinar Details

If you want your sessions to be paid for your attendees turn on the indicated switch in below image and after then choose list and amount to paid for attending your webinar (remember to connect your Paypal account in this case).

Step #5 : Click ‘Save Now’ and with this your webinar will be created.

EverZippy Review - Webinar Created

Also i want to mention the Email Funnel . This is the section for you to manage the emails which automatically notify your registrants to join your webinars. You have the total control on every email. Set it to be sent or not and Change the content.

Basically with EverZippy you can set-up an webinar with 5 simple steps. You can watch ths video demo below for an indepth view of the software :

Get Ever Zippy Software And My Bonuses

EverZippy Review – Bonus

Bonus #1 : Xfunnels Commercial : Create high quality converting funnels using simple funnels builder.

Bonus #2 : xMarketer Commercial : Secret Recipe That Literally Talks to Your Visitors and Converts Them Into 300% More Sales and Leads.

Bonus #3 : Trafficdrill : Smart way to manage your social media.

Bonus #4 : Course Maker Pro : Learn how to create courses in Udemy & Coursera in 2 hours.

Bonus #5 : Coaching Profits : This bonus will help you setup your own high ticket coaching program.

Bonus #6 : Product Maker Pro : Learn powerful methods to create your coaching-product within one hour.

Bonus #7 : Audacity Pro : You can do audio editing using this tool.

Get EverZippy Software And My Bonuses

If you have any information about create by EverZippy that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your EverZippy Review below.

How to Get Your EverZippy Bonus?

If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your EverZippy Bonus, then I suggest you empty your browser cache (Click Here To Learn How), close all your web browser windows, then click on the link above! Then make the purchase!

I’ve arranged with the EverZippy team to make all these bonuses available to you in the members area. After making your purchase, the bonuses will be instantly available inside it. It is that simple! Just be doubly sure that you purchase through my recommendation link to qualify for this bonus bundle.

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