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Fan Automater Review : Bonus

Fan Automater Review : Bonus
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Fan Automater – what is it? Fan Automater is a new wordpress plugin that will help you 100% automate your Facebook marketing and help you grow real, targeted fans to any facebook fanpage in any niche on autopilot.

Fan Automater takes 2 minutes to setup and then, its completely set and forget : 

  • You can run fully automated unlimited Fanpages in any niche
  • Get 100s of new real fans every week
  • Huge viral organic reach for all your posts
  • Auto Content Curation – Links, Images, Videos
  • Send traffci back to your WordPress Site direct from Facebook
  • No need to create a facebook app

Get Fan Automater And My Bonus Package

Dan Green` new software posts super relevant content to any fan pages you have every single day on complete auto-pilot. It helps you grow real followers, it drives traffic back to your website and it does it all without you having to create a Facebook app or do any complicated setup.

This makes Fan Automater the only software that can do all of this in the market today so no more wasting hours posting content to your fan pages, no more struggling trying to get people to like and follow you and no more spending money on any Facebook ads.

Fan Automater Review

Does Fan Automater Really Works?

A recent case study and grew a brand new fan page to 800+ fans in just 6 days. If you’re a marketer, you need to get in and download it today – Facebook marketing has never been this easy. Here’s the proof :

Dan Green started a brand new fanpage (in the ultra hot health niche) and started Fan Automater running.

Within 24 hours of using Fan Automater running our page… 216 NEW FANS!!

After 6 DAYS of letting Fan Automater run our page… over 800 FANS!!!

And not just any old fans… they are all highly engaged and interacting with their posts.

Within just a few days of running Fan Automater on a brand new fanpage Dan have built a social audience for our site with insane reach and engagements for the fully automated posts!

Dan run Fan Automater on a brand new wordpress site too…. check out the traffic they got back to their site all 100% from the automated fanpage.

The best part is : all this these fanpages are run automatically with Fan Automater! Dan never had to do anything manually, its a fully autopilot solution!

Fan Automator posts the most viral possible content to your fan page…content so hot that your fans won`t be able to stop sharing and promoting your fan page for you.

Dan has also included special advanced ninja training so with just a few minutes work, you`ll be able to get hundreds of real fans for even a brand new fan page.

How Does Fan Automater Works?

After you install and activate it like a normal wordpress plugin, you can get it going in just 3 simple steps :

Fan Automater Step #1 : Add a Campaign : Simple create a new campaign and select your Fanpage that you want to automate

Fan Automater Step #2 : Enter some content sources for your fanpage posts – you need content for your fanpage, so choose any combination of blogs, feeds, youtube channels you want so your fans will get interesting new content every day.

Fan Automater Step #3 : Setup some viral enagement messages for your page – Fan Automater ramps up your ORGANIC REACH and VIRAL ENGAGEMENTS with this feature.

With the Fan Automater wordpress plugin you can completely customize the viral enagement messages that the plugin uses with “on the fly” editing. Keyword placeholders lets you make them ultra relevent to each campaign. Spintax and our “spintax test” feature lets you randomize them and make sure they work!

This plugin you can control how fast or slow you want to post your automated content to your Fan Pages, you have 3 settings to select and you can control the speed using a slider.

Plus with the training that is included with this software is very step by step and easy to follow so that you aren’t scratching your head wondering what to do next.

Fan Automater Review – Bonus

Bonus #1: Utilizing Facebook For Your Online Business : Facebook has become the undisputed king in social marketing arena and top brands are using it to increase brand visibility and get authentic customer feedback.

Keeping this in mind, here’s an exciting guide that helps to know what exactly Facebook is and how it helps any small business become bigger than imagined through social networking. Stop thinking and get this one before it gets too late.

Bonus #2 : Facebook Ads Authority : More than 5 Million businesses are advertising on Facebook each month. So, just imagine the countless growth opportunities that are in store for you.

To avail these benefits, I am providing this exciting package that includes essential E-book Checklist, Resource cheat sheet, Mind map, Website, Lead Magnet, Opt-in page, Swipes and 10 info-filled articles that enables you to setup your Facebook ad campaign easily and make the most out of this business centric social network.

Bonus #3 : FB Authority Secrets : Today, there are over 2.20 Billion monthly active Facebook users, and this number will increase in due course of time. So, to grab your share from the vast pool of Facebook users, this package will help you to build your Facebook authority, page, profile, followers, scheduling, and important tips to build your online presence and skyrocket your income.

Bonus #4 : Build Huge Lists Using Free Tools : List building is the hidden key to have a huge list of high paying customers and boost profits. When used in the right way, it provides laurels to marketers of all shapes and sizes. So, to enable you to achieve these benefits, this package includes two proven tools used by top marketers to build their list and to rejuvenate it every month to keep the list streams constantly updated.

Bonus #5 : Facebook Outreach : Facebook is arguably the biggest social media marketing platform today. But, the biggest problem with Facebook in recent years is that their organic reach as the people you can reach without spending money has declined a lot.

Keeping this in mind, I am providing this bonus package in which you’ll get a priceless report about how to create ads that will get both paid and organic reach, as well as how to get the most bang for your buck by learning how to create widely successful ads at the lowest prices possible and how to use retargeting to pull in potential lost sales.

Get Fan Automater And My Bonus Package

Bonus #6 : Facebook Cash Bandit : If you were ever worried about growing your business with the best use of Facebook, then this package will prove to be a complete stress buster for you. In this package, I am giving you help tips and methods to drive more traffic to your sites and generate higher online profits without resorting to any black hat techniques.

Bonus #7 : Facebook Monetization Strategies : Facebook is the best way to get tons of social media traffic and make money from it the way you want. Keeping this in mind, I am providing this exciting package that includes an amazingly easy-to-understand video series to learn valuable Facebook monetization strategies and their effective usage for increasing your profits manifold. These videos help to learn premium techniques without wasting precious time and money.

Bonus #8 : Facebook Mastery : Facebook is the best way to reach out instantly to MILLIONS of globally scattered customers and get higher ROI for your marketing campaigns. Keeping this in mind, checkout this excellent package that has all essential information about how to use this social media giant for boosting targeted traffic on your site and ultimately profits.

Bonus #9 : The Newbies Guide To Traffic Generation : Getting targeted traffic still remains an unsolved mystery for thousands of struggling marketers. And, if you’re also in the same boat and still wondering how to get quality targeted traffic to boost sales of your offers, then surely this is the right product for you.

This exclusive package includes an E-book, graphics, Minisite sales page, squeeze page etc. that will make Facebook marketing a cakewalk and intensify your earning to a new level.

Bonus #10 : The New Traffic Generation and Beyond : If you are still wondering how to get quality targeted traffic to boost sales of your offers, then surely this is the right product for you.

This package that includes info-packed EBook will help you to discover the most popular and effective methods of generating more targeted traffic for your offers without investing a fortune. It also include 14 best ways to bring in unlimited number of viewers and much more.

Get Fan Automater And My Bonus Package

If you have any information about fan automater wordpress plugin that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Fan Automater Review below.

How To Get Your Fan Automater Bonus Package?

Important : Clear your cookies before proceeding. Click Here To Learn How. Then make a purchase using the link above. Your bonus will be available on the JVZOO bonus download section ! IMPORTANT: To get my bonuses, you MUST see affiliate ID “10290” at the bottom of your checkout page like this.

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