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FB Uncovered gives you a complete guide to success with Facebook ads. Learn how to dramatically boost your mailing lists, grow your profits, max out webinars, get more affiliates for your launches, sell digital products and much more, starting today.

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FB Uncovered In Depth Review

Generating traffic and converting that traffic into customers is getting harder than ever! Why? Because affiliate traffic is scarce and more costly, with more product launches than ever and affiliates expecting higher commissions plus if your visitors don’t buy right away, your competition is now targeting & stealing them from you, so they won’t come back.

FB Uncovered

However you can You can get low cost, traffic that’s way cheaper than paying affiliates, and you can retarget this traffic over & over until they buy from you!Yes i`m talking about FACEBOOK traffic. FB Uncovered course, that is created by Josh Bartlett and Matt Wolfe, shows anyone step by step how to profit and grow big mailing lists using Facebook ads, quickly … and you can do this even on a limited budget.

This is not another quickly dated Facebook course. This shows real advice from major marketers who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars perfecting these techniques.

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Here is exactly what you will learn inside FB Uncovered :

  • The Profit Apprenticeship : Josh and Matt will show you the foundation for profiting with FB Ads in your business and give you a step by step path to creating your first profitable ad.
  • Audience Sniping Secrets : You will discover the secrets of how to hunt down and find niche audiences full of your ideal prospects who will turn into profitable customers day in day out.
  • The Blueprint to Irresistible FB Ads – They will teach you how to create highly successful and profitable ads that jump from the page and generate maximum clicks.
  • Six Figure Webinar Tactic : Discover how to find the perfect audience for your Webinar, fill it with registrants and then retarget those who don’t buy to maximize profits, directly from FB Ads.
  • Recruit Affiliates On Autopilot : Learn how to recruit new affiliates day after day for your product launches, all from FB Ads. We also break down how to keep them hyper engaged and ready for your launch.
  • Mailing List Maximizer : Josh and Matt will show you how to dramatically and quickly boost your mailing list all using FB Ads. We even uncover our swipe file of the best converting landing pages for traffic from Facebook.
  • Physical Product Domination : Learn step by step the inside secrets of how marketers are crushing it by selling physical products on Facebook.
  • Viral Contest Secrets : Ignite interest in your products or services, dramatically boost your mailing lists and exposure with viral FB contests. Josh and Matt teach you all you need to know.
  • FB Expert Academy Secrets : This is a private rolodex and get everyone from consultants who run 7-figure ad agencies to entrepreneurs selling digital products to spill their secrets so you can model them.

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Also Josh Bartlett and Matt Wolfe will give you FOR FREE a retargeting wordpress plugin. This simple WordPress plugin allows you to easily and instantly retarget any website you want. Whether it’s your T-shirt campaigns, affiliate links, or Amazon Kindle books, you now have the power to retarget them right on Facebook.

FB Uncovered Video Review

FB Uncovered Bonus

Bonus 1: Facebook Fanpage Magic – See how all the big players, 6 and 7 figure Facebook marketers are hoarding thousands of raving fans to their fanpages.You`re also going to discover the secret they are using for maximum engagement keeping their fans interested in their offers and contents delivered day after day.

Bonus 2: Unstoppable Facebook Traffic – Strategies you need to generate thousands of traffic and leads to your business by using strategic loopholes most marketers don`t know about. Here`s the thing, if you`re into Facebook marketing for the long haul then you don`t want to build a fanpage that looks unprofessional and spam-like.

Bonus 3: Fanpage Iframe Domination – This is your best WordPress theme to generate a Facebook fanpage in just 5 minutes GUARANTEED! Fanpage Iframe Domination gives you everything you need in order to create a high conversion fanpage in less time and the best thing of all, it doesn`t require you any technical knowledge in order to set up.

Bonus 4: Facebook Coupon App – With this powerful app, you can add your own coupons to any Facebook Business/Fan Page to offer your fans special deals for being loyal followers of your fan page. You can even schedule you coupon promotions out in advance and the offer on your fan page will update automatically. If you or your offline clients are not using coupons and promo codes, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Bonus 5: Facebook Rockstar System – This step by step video series will take you from Facebook For Fun To Facebook For Profit. This powerful coaching holds many keys to unlocking the facebook goldmine. This system will also show you how to setup laser targeted Facebook ads that cost pennies on the dollar and these strategies alone can potentially skyrocket your income online overnight, you just need to know how to make it work.

Bonus 6: Facebook Video Timebomb App – With this app, you can launch your first successful business campaign on Facebook in less than 5 minutes without dealing with HTML coding or any sort of technical issues. All you need is pick the product you want to promote, create a fanpage, add the Video Timebomb then put in your promotional/sales video, do a bit of copywriting and put in your call to action links all in 5 minutes.

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