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Flexy AI Review : Bonus

Flexy AI Review : Bonus
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Flexy AI what is it? With flexy ai you can tap into an already build-up artificial intelligence to keep your business afloat in this A-I ERA. Flexy AI is powered by Google machine learning and while others  struggle you will be create beautiful pages that convert in just 60 seconds using just your voice.

Flexy is the first and only page builder in the world that responds to your voice. It is quick, reliable and gives you beautiful results every time. You don’t even have to be sat at your workstation to build your pages. You can build pages from your bed, the sofa and as long as Flexy AI can hear you, you will have beautiful pages built without you lifting a finger.

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Here are some of the key features :

  1. Be guided through the page building process by your own artificially intelligent virtual assistant.
  2. Export your whole site into a single line of code.
  3. Test traffic with a 91% – 95% accuracy rating – without wasting a single visitor.
  4. Clone a site in one click.
  5. Never have to lift a finger – create stunning sites, quicker, easier and using only your voice!
  6. Increase your engagement and conversions by having your very own virtual assistant greet your visitors AND read out your copy!
  7. Easy to use – intuitive to learn
  8. Be Super-Creative – Flexy will make changes in a split second, meaning you can change your mind with just a word – meaning you get perfect results every time.
  9. Take the decision making stress away : Flexy’s Choice – Smart Video Picker.
  10. Boost engagement and make your visitors feel right at home with that personal touch: Smart elements instantly transform your page images, videos and more depending on your visitors locations!
  11. Go Global : Instantly and automatically translate your site into over 100 different languages depending on where your visitor is from

Flexy AI Review

Flexy AI is going to be a game changer in the web development space. If you can thing of something, you can do with Flexy the sky is the limit for your creativity and with its features to import any page, you have all the inspiration to do even better.

Above all its a huge time saver using its ability to create and edit pages with some voice commands. And if you are lazy like me you can even give access to your team members for creating and editing your projects. I highly recommend you to go for Flexy as soon ay you can and enjoy building great sites.

Flexy AI – The Upsells

Flexy AI Upsell #1 : Flexy Jet Pack 

  • 10 Additional Characters (delivered monthly)
  • 10 Master Resell Rights Products To Sell (Royalty Free)
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • VIP Support
  • Usage right to 5 Ready Made Funnel Templates (that has generate 1million dollars)

Flexy AI Upsell #2 : Flexy Social – makes Top youtube video profitable by smartly adding calls to action to Top influencer Videos.

Flexy Automatic Live chat – Users Who land on your Page Deserves attention, They have questions they need to ask Which will turn them from Leads to customers , and automatic live chat will speak to these

You can even when you are not there, Collect there data such there name and email, and close the sales for you… It will also log all questions it does not have answers to

Super Page Compression Ai – Apioneer algorithm which allows you to super compress any website page into 1 single File. And as little as 100kb – this makes your websites load super fast and without Delay

Flexy AI Upsell #3 – Agency & Commercial Rights 

  • Ability to Export your full creation ( as a zip file )
  • Right Transfer/Sell Your Page to anyone
  • Full commercial right
  • Super user access to create and Sell flexy accounts

Flexy AI Bonus

BONUS #1 – CTA REVEALER : Create Unlimited High-Converting Call to Action Shortcode Buttons in WordPress.

  • Powerful WP Plugin – Easy to install & use WordPress plugin. Get started right away, and set up as many CTA shortcodes as you want…
  • Easy Social Sharing – Add one link to your offer or link and share it on a network of social sharing websites…
  • Auto-Responder – Easily add your HTML for your autoresponder service to collect leads with your shortcodes!
  • Unlimited Shortcodes – Create as many shortcodes for all your affiliate links, offers or coupons!
  • Promote Your Offers – Each shortcodes has its own share buttons, auto-responder, custom design and content!

BONUS #2 – QR OFFLINE MARKETING : Combine Mobile marketing with offline marketing. Full access to create unlimited QR codes with 6 Flash print-ad editors.

  • Expand Your Market Offline – This is your chance to take any of your online offers, services, products and make effective direct-response ads with embedded QR codes that will redirect all readers into viewers and than into leads & customers!
  • The Perfect Local Marketing Tool – All-in-one area you will have all the tools required to create a entire advertisemnt that you can use to gain a new avenue of traffic to your online offers, services and products. This really is your secret weapon.
  • Digital Media With Offline Ads – Combine the two powerful mediums to display your marketing strategy: online digital media (videos, websites, etc) with offline print-advertisement. This is a very easy and simple way to start a new marketing approach.

BONUS #3 – WP MEDIA REMIX : This one plugin creates brandable media players with your content, your links, and let your visitors embed on their blogs… You already know why that is super powerful in viral traffic, sales and lead generation.

This one plugin creates brandable media players with your content, your links, and let your visitors embed on their blogs. At any point in time you can set a pop-up of your Auto-Responder service code to collect new leads at the click of a mouse.

You can also set a timed alert box and even grab attention with flashing Call-to-Action button that will appear on your media player and ALL of embeded players.

BONUS #4 – WP SQUEEZE QUESTION : Use Micro Commitments To Build A MASSIVE List. Create Email Opt-in Questionaire WordPress Pages in Only Seconds

  • Micro Survey – Ask one question and provide 4 choices for a quick way to engage your visitors and for you to gain insight on each lead you collect. Proven to increase conversions…
  • Seemless Experience – Everything happens on one page, they answer the question, optin and you can show them any message you wish…
  • Collect Email Leads – Collect leads with your questionaire page using only the HTML for any auto-responder service. Paste auto-responder code and it will automatically connect to your page…
  • Very Customizable – Use the wordpress meta options panel to have complete control over your email opt-in question page. Edit a variety of options, including your logo or banner image. It’s super easy!

BONUS #5 – BRANDING SECRETS : Discover How To Successfully Market Your Brand Online And Share Your Story with Your Audience. Find Out The Tips, Techniques And Exact Steps To Build Your Brand And Develop a Social Media Strategy!

  • How to define your brand and all that it represents.
  • How to create your own, unique identity.
  • How to create relevant content.
  • How to develop a buyer persona so you know exactly who you’re targeting.
  • How to leverage industry leaders to leapfrog your way to success.
  • and much much more…

BONUS #6 – FACEBOOK TIMELINE OPTIN : Build Killer Timeline Opt-in Pages. The perfect small business Facebook application. Create professional business hub pages in seconds! Use it for all your offline clients.

  • Easy Integration With Facebook – Easy to follow tutorial on how set it up with Facebook. Start collecting leads in a few minutes…
  • FB Viral Share Built-in – After they optin you can reward your leads if they share the offer with their friends…
  • Easy Fan Gating System – Block the optin page to only people who like your page, works amazing well for fan building!

BONUS #7 – WP AFFILIATE FIX : Promote music and profit! Now is your chance to tap the billion dollar music industry w/ WordPress + iTunes + Amazon

  • Full Control Over Blog – Full control over the content, trailers, design and much more in options panel.
  • Affiliate Review Theme – Make money from Amazon or iTunes by promoting movie reviews and trailers.
  • Professional Design – High quality design and super immersive browsing and watching experience.
  • Built-in SEO – The blog appears on all pages to help you have more keywords per page.

BONUS #8 – WP CALL DIRECTORY : Start your own toll-free call directory for your offline clients or yourself! Have a real 1-800 number on your site. Increase conversions with a REAL number and sell the toll-free system to offline clients.

  • Easy Integration With Twilio – Dead simple integration with Twilio, and it only costs $2 a month for a number with Twilio…
  • Manage Full On Call Directory – Setup a directory for each keypad number from 0 to 9…
  • Leave A Message System – You can have a department record a message from the caller then have the recording be sent to an email, great support…
  • Super Simple Call Forwarding – You can have a department call any number you wish, great to connect with sales, or support!

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If you have any information about Flexy AI that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Flexy AI Review below.

How Yo Get Your Flexy AI Bonus?

If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your Flexy AI Bonus, then I suggest you empty your browser cache (Click Here To Learn How), close all your web browser windows, then click on the link above! Then make the purchase! I’ve arranged with the Flexy AI team to make the bonuses available to you in the members area!

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