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Flip That App Review And Bonus

Flip That App is a 2 hour video course plus a web based software by SeattleCloud – which is a highly prestigious software development company. mobile apps are hot and trending right now and this means you absolutely need to get into the action.

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Flip That App In Depth Review

Everybody loves mobile apps. People download mobile apps that are fun or that make their life easier. Now, you can build apps, even if you don’t know programming, designing or anything else that’s technical. Flip That App is a system that lets you build apps using an easy-to-use point and click software. It works from inside your browser, so no need to install anything.

Flipp That App

The system works on both Macs and PCs, and it lets you publish to any of the 4 major app platforms : Google, Amazon, Android, and Apple. In a nutshell Flip That App is a step by step course that will explain everything a newbie needs to :

  • Build amazing apps in 15 minutes
  • Start getting real people to download your app
  • Flip your profitable app
  • Start making money with your app in day 1

Flip That App is easier than any website builder you’ve ever used, except it’s for web-based and mobile-based apps! Yes: the kind you download on your smartphone from Android or Apple (or even your Amazon tablet) … plus, Flip That App comes with full, un-edited, hands-on training from an app flipping veteran, who has made a killing doing this over and over again.

Flip That App In Action

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Flip That App Bonus

Bonus #1 : Website Development Domination : discover how yo use web development effectively and get massive boost to your marketing efforts and success. Learn all the tricks to develop a site. This step by step buide will teach you how to put your website together the right way an come up with a successful business.

Bonus #2 : Turbo Power Graphics : Discover how to get visitors attention an captivate them with these blowout graphics.

Bonus #3 : CopyWriting 1, 2, 3 : Learn in this 3 part series about clickbank copywriting secrets

Bonus #4 : How to Make Money by Rewriting PLR Products : Learn how using PLR products can help you explode your online business in record time. This product will guide you through almost everything there is to know about PLR and show you how to start using in to your advantage starting today

Bonus #5 : Productivity Perfection : This tool will provide you with everything you need to know to be a success and achive your goal of getting your business to a successful place

!!!NOTE!!! This Bonuses Are Accessible From Your Thank You Page Right Away!!

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Flip That App Extra Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Mobile Marketing Revolution Course

Bonus #2 – Offline Assassin Course

Bonus #3 – QR Colors WordPress Plugin – Powerful WP Plugin that has 12 different QR code options that you can change the colors of, add logos, and download as PNG or PDF file.What makes this different is that is has unique QR code generators like the Android Market, iTunes Market, & PayPal. This is a GREAT value added service for your clients and they`ll be thrilled to receive a customized QR code they can use in their business.The twelve QR Code generator are:PayPal,Android App Market,Facebook,WiFi Connection,Twitter,iTunes App Market,Phone Call,SMS,e-Mail,URL,Map, and Full Contact.

Bonus #4 – Mobile Simulator WordPress Plugin – This WordPress plugin will give you the ability to demo the way a website looks on a smartphone through the web. This is perfect for prospecting and locking in potential clients.It`s an easy and fast install that provides powerful results!

Bonus #5 – Mobile Sales Videos

Bonus #6 – Mobile Website Infographic

Bonus #7 – Mobile Website Newsletter/Flyer

Bonus #8 – Mobile Website Sales Presentation

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How Yo Get Your Flip That App Bonus?

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