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Forex Fury Review – New Low Price

Forex Fury, despite of fake criticism and defamation, its team has always shown determination and dedication to improve their product so that the traders can get the most out of the forex world.

With demo accounts, live accounts and trader’s personal accounts on Myfxbook, Forex Fury is the definite winner. Whenever you make a buying decision, you always compare prices, features, post-purchase benefits and other relevant aspects to get good value for money.

That is the similar case when you decide on buying an automated EA for your business. You compare its price with other options currently available on the market, think about the features and also consider the post-purchase facilities you would be entitled to receive when you invest in a product.

Forex Fury Review

As far as Forex Fury is concerned, it’s available for a one-time payment of $229.99 for a single live account while two accounts can be activated for $439.99, giving you a $20 saving on your purchase. For us, the price is amazingly reasonable and fair considering all other options we see on the market with hefty price tag and more or less similar features as Forex Fury.

In terms of features, Forex Fury is a winner too. The product offers great user-friendly features and is believed to be the a 100% automated trading solution available till date, meaning once you invest in Forex Fury, you can sit back and relax as your bot will handle every trading aspect on your behalf.

The best thing about Forex Fury Robot is the support you get once you include it into your trading strategy. Honestly, we haven’t seen such supportive and knowledgeable customer care so far. Not only they’re extremely friendly but also leave no stone unturned to guide you to the best of their knowledge.

These are perhaps some of the biggest reasons why Forex Fury has been listed as the best automated EA for three consecutive years 2017, 2018 and 2019.

This review is just a helping resource that’s been written in order to guide our fellow traders about whether or not they should invest their money into Forex Fury. As all information included in this review is either taken from third-party independent websites or are reflection of our own personal experience with this product, you can conveniently consider this review as a benchmark to make your own Forex Fury buying decision.

What is Forex Fury?

Forex Fury is an algorithmic trading robot that provides traders with real-time trading results without physically being involved in the process. Forex Fury claims to deliver 93% success rate and you can see some of the evidences already published on Myfxbook.

According to the official Forex Fury website, it is designed to help traders of all skill sets. So no matter you have zero trading knowledge or if you’re not even aware of the basic computer knowhow, you can still run Forex Fury successfully without much hassle.

The availability of the 100% verified trading results, easy-to-do installation, free regular updates and life-time membership opportunity options are adequate reasons to give this trading robot a go.

What is Forex Fury

As Forex Fury is compatible with other available Forex resources, it lets traders experiment with their own approaches. Forex Fury is capable of placing up to 10 trades on M15 timeframe on daily basis which means it’s a scalper using time-restricted trading strategy. You can also see Forex Fury performing live on Myfxbook which is believed to be one of the best impartial resources in the realm of trading.

Whether you’re a professional full-time trader or a newbie, you can trust Forex Fury’s manageable strategy and impeccable customer-driven approach. Installation is certainly the easiest part and even a kid with literally no prior trading knowledge can immediately get started with this bot. Although, Forex Fury comes with the same settings developers used to follow, the customizable features give you enough freedom to modify settings as per your unique requirements.

How Do You Use Forex Fury?

Although Forex Fury can handle multiple currency pairs with perfection, it is best suited for GBP/USD. One thing is for sure that Fury’s team seems not at all interested in showing their trading strategy to the users, but if you have a closer look, it appears to have moving average filter and takes up to 7 trades at a time. Moreover, it is also easier to identify that Forex Fury trades one hour closer to the end of the day.

The advanced holiday filter is extremely useful. Yes, you can turn on/off the particular days you don’t want your EA to work. Since holidays are all in all not an ideal time to place trades due to the market uncertainty, it lowers down the risk factor. You can also set value for maximum spread and can also set particular starting/ending timings for your robot. These additions are a clear indication that the developers were interested in keeping the main control within trader’s hands.

The recommended TP is of 5 pips with 29 stop limit, which again exhibits a great success ratio. Forex Fury works on a calculated risk strategy and is a perfect solution for those who have limited money to invest in the forex market.

Why Should You Trust Fury?

There is no denying the fact that overnight success in the forex world is not possible by any means. Even if a company claims that it can help you become a millionaire in a day or two, it’s a clear warning that you must stay away from that. Forex Fury, in comparison, claims reasonable benefits and their past achievements are already present on the verification websites.

Forex Fury Trading Results

Forex Fury Results

The biggest benefit that inspires many traders to invest in Forex Fury is the authentication of their accounts on trustable websites like Myfxbook. Plus, you can have a detailed analysis of each account as all the results are clickable. It’s highly appreciable that how Forex Fury developers have put their efforts to show their Myfxbook past performance and that too for both their demo as well as the live accounts.

Client Reviews

Hundreds of positive testimonials on Forex Fury’s own official Website as well as on independent websites is another reason why you should trust on this automated solution. Keep in mind, it’s not possible for any company to buy hundreds of fake reviews and we’ve witnessed a host of positive testimonials published on reliable websites that are known for their impartiality and fairness.

Video Reviews

If in doubt, you can also check out video reviews shared by real traders on their YouTube channels. Since, they share their achievements step by step by using Forex Fury, you’ll get a better idea about how this product has worked for those traders.

Forex Fury Conclusion

The good news is, Forex Fury is currently available on sale on their website. So, it’s a great opportunity if you’re looking forward to investing in a fully functional EA this year. We have finally found an ultimate partner for our trades and tried to help you find yours by following this review. Good Luck!

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