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Forex Libra Code Review And Discussion

Forex Libra Code – What Is It?

Forex Libra Code is a new forex trading system developed by Vladimir Ribakov and it is truly unique, extremely accurate and the best value for money custom made Forex product. Vladimir is the inventor of the hugely successful Divergence University, BBA System trading system and Forex Gemini Code that completely sold out in a matter of days just last year.


Vladimir spends most of his day watching the charts, monitoring economic news, trading and fine tuning his craft. Vladimir is a real trader and has put together this one-of-a-kind system after years of testing with his own live accounts. Vladimir Ribakov is the real deal. Not some actor playing a part. To say that he is a Forex genius would not be an overstatement.

The Forex Libra Code uses a suite of custom indicators which are presented on a “dashboard” that tells you everything you need to know at a glance … these indicators are designed to make trading Forex Libra Code easy. The dashboard has been designed to display only the most crucial elements of all the indicators. The indicators will work behind the scenes ensuring that you don’t need to do much except monitor the dashboard.

With this indicators, trading becomes fast, simple, and stress free. So you don’t have to be glued to your charts all day in order to make a good full-time living as a trader. Forex Libra Code has been designed to minimize human error and risk to almost zero.

There are several indicators that minimize your risk. Once you understand how it works, the dashboard will show you at a glance all the basic details you will need to know. And it will do ALL the calculations for you automatically! So minimizing your risk, even at times to almost zero, on every trade, becomes easy and takes seconds.

Forex Libra Code Review

Here is what the indicators can do for you  :

  1. It automatically scans and analyzes the market, hunting tirelessly for great setups for you to trade, completely eliminating the need for you to spend hours looking at charts.
  2. It even alerts you when conditions for BIG MONEY trades are met, so you could step away from your trading desk and never miss a perfect trade that could lead to big profits.
  3. You’ll never miss a great setup again because you got distracted by the kids, or the telephone, or a million other things that could prevent you from making some quick cash.
  4. It’s almost like having a room full of professional traders working around the clock for you, searching for only the best setups, while you sit and watch the ball game or read the paper.
  5. It never gets tired, it never gets greedy, and it can’t make a mistake . . . It’s a machine.

The Forex Libra Code trading system is broken down into step-by-step, easy-to-understand material designed to get you up and running, making cash in less than 24 hours.

Forex Libra Code In Depth Review

Forex Libra Code DVD #1 Review

In DVD #1 you’ll delve deeply into the function of each of the highly intuitive system indicators. By the time you’re done watching this video you’ll understand exactly how each one works and the incredible ways it could help you quickly earn a fortune.

What you need are indicators that can consistently deliver those up-to-the-second signals that are critical to raking in boatloads of cash. The Forex Libra Code indicators are deadly accurate: Leaving no doubt about precisely where the trend is headed and how to get into potentially profitable trades at the beginning, where the BIG cash is hiding.

The dashboard for Forex Libra Code features a sleek, uncluttered interface that provides instant access to only the most critical information you need to make intelligent, lucrative decisions about your trades.


Forex Libra Code Compass Indicator : If you can tell the difference between green and red, and up and down, then this will tell you whether a setup is a trade you should take or not. So you will know in a split second with just a glance whether or not there is money to be made.

The compasses depicts the flow of money on the two higher time frames to the current chart you are looking to trade. So for example, if you’re wanting to trade on the 15 minute time frame, the compass scans the money-flow on the 1 Hour and 4 Hour time frames and shows you their direction.


Forex Libra Code Divergence Indicator : I use divergences every single day when I trade forex. They are an irreplaceable part of my trading simply because divergences are accurate, reliable, and you can make money using them. Divergence is something that helps traders recognize and react to a change in price action. It signals that something is changing and alerts traders to make a decision about their trades such as tightening their stop loss or take profit.

The Forex Libra Code system scans for divergence on higher time frames and alerts you if there is a divergence or not. You don’t have to waste time identifying divergences with this system. Instead, simply rely on the signs that appear on the Divergence Line on the dashboard.


Forex Libra Code Protection Range Indicator : This is where the Forex Libra Code provides protection for your risk. Preventing you from trading with risk higher than what you should for the current market conditions. The Protection Range Indicator will stop you from trading should there be what I call “Unnatural” price movement.

And it can stop you from getting into a losing trade. Protecting your account from unnecessary loses. The Protection range is measured from the entry price to the stop loss level and compares these points to the market volatility and the time frame to the movement range on the pair.


Forex Libra Code Signal Line Indicator : This indicator that tells you at a glance whether you’re looking at an aggressive or conservative Buy or Sell trade setup. So you can make a decision in an instant whether or not to take the trade. Conservative setups arise when market conditions are optimal and all the trading rules are met.

Forex Libra Code Settings Indicator : Here you’ve got the most critical information you need right where you need it, including : the lot size you’re trading, your risk factor in both dollars and percentage and your stop loss to break even. It’s all laid out in one place where you can see it at a glance.


Forex Libra Code Heat Map Indicator : This indicator is your road map to the big money. It tells you in a spit second which currency pairs are the most volatile and which pairs you should focus on trading : those with the best opportunities to make some cash.

This indicator will help you determine not only the direction of a trend, but also the strength. The software is designed in a way that will scan the pairs and show you which currencies have depreciated or appreciated compared to the other currencies.

Forex Libra Code DVD #2 Review

In DVD #2 you’ll master the key rules that let you unleash the full fury of this incredible system on your trades! In DVD 2 we discuss in-depth the simple yet vital rules for taking all the different trade types, including : Conservative Entries and Aggressive Entries. By the time you finish this DVD you`ll :

  1. precisely what the rules for taking trades are, and what to do when specific signals occur. So you can maximize your profits on every trade.
  2. acquire expert-level trade management skills as you learn about Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing your Stop Loss.

There will be no guesswork about how to take any trade. Vladimir Ribakov walk you step-by-step through each example so you can see clearly how they apply to every trade scenario. If you follow the simple trading rules Vladimir Ribakov created, you’ll quickly learn to manage your trades like a pro, reduce your risk to almost zero in some cases, and earn a massive fortune!

Forex Libra Code DVD #3 Review

In DVD #3 you’ll see examples of each trade type, along with an in-depth analysis of each one. In DVD #3 we’ll combine everything you’ve learned so far and walk you step-by-step through 14 examples of each trade type with screen shots detailing all the information.

  1. You will discover how to easily handle every different trade scenario with all the confidence of a pro!
  2. Vladimir Ribakov will show you examples of Conservative Buys, which are typically the road to the easiest cash and expose you to the least amount of risk. You’ll see how, in spite of what others say, Forex doesn’t have to be risky at all.
  3. Then he walk through four examples of Conservative Short trades: where you’re placing an order to Sell when your indicators display a downward trend.

Unlike stock investors who resort to biting their nails when stocks go into freefall, you’ll be able to scoop up big cash profits when this happens to a currency. You’ll see examples of Aggressive Sell/Buy Signals : which typically carry more risk due to higher currency volatility, but can also bring in the big bucks when you handle them correctly. You’ll learn how to handle each one with confidence so you can grow your account quickly by leaps and bounds.

The powerful forex libra code indicators will tell you at a glance whether you should take these aggressive trades or not. As long as you follow the simple system rules I’ve created, an Aggressive-style trade can be a great opportunity for you to make a pile of cash!

Forex Libra Code DVD #4 Review

In DVD #4 you’ll look over Vladimir Ribakov`s shoulder and get your first glimpse of this powerful system in action : Making real cash using powerful strategies you won’t find anywhere else. This is where everything will come together easily in your mind. After you watch this DVD you’ll have a crystal-clear understanding of precisely how to extract thousands of dollars virtually on-demand using this powerful, money-making machine.

  1. In this high-quality video, you’ll hear everything that’s going on in my head as I walk you through how to use the system to take REAL trades and make REAL cash!
  2. You’ll see firsthand just how easy it is to collect cash from the market with the Libra Code and grow your account every time you trade. So you can build a sizable nest egg, and possibly even retire, in months rather than years.
  3. You’ll learn how to use the entire system to dramatically reduce your risk and squeeze every cent and pip from your trades.
  4. You’ll see the exact strategies I use every day to make thousands of dollars, and your confidence level will shoot through the roof when you see all the pieces fit together easily in your mind.

By the time you’re finished with this DVD, you’ll be ready to start taking trades with all the same confidence as a world-class professional trader.

Forex Libra Code Trading Manual Review

This 40-page, easy-to-read manual is a handy, quick-reference guide, packed with detailed information on every aspect of the Forex Libra Code system and how to use it master Forex and become more profitable. With the manual alone, you’ll have access to all the information that could easily help you achieve your financial goals, laid out in one organized place for you to quickly lay your hands on whenever you need it.

The forex libra code trading manual also lays out powerful, proven tips to help you master the psychology of trading. You’ll learn the same winning strategies expert traders use to rake in piles of cash over and over again!

Forex Libra Code Conclusion

The information you receive in these four DVDs and the trading manual represents everything Vladimir Ribakov know about how to trade the Forex Libra Code like a Pro, backed up by 11 years’ experience as a professional Forex trader. By the time you’ve finished going through these step-by-step, you’ll have mastered the system entirely and be ready to start putting thousands of dollars into your account every day.

It took Vladimir Ribakov years of research and testing to perfect this system because he wanted to make sure that no stone was left unturned. So you would have the confidence to unleash the incredible power of this revolutionary new trading system. If you use these powerful tools and follow the simple system rules Vladimir Ribakov developed, you’ll feel like you have the ability to print money on demand.

Forex Libra Code User Reviews

Generally the products that get the most posts are obviously the most popular but keep in mind there are many products that don`t have the hype but certainly have the profit. If you have any information about Forex Libra Code that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Forex Libra Code Review below.


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