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Friend Sweeper Review And Bonus

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In this post we will review a new software form Robert Mercado – Friend Sweeper.Also check our huge Bonus Pack! So what is Friend Sweeper.It is a one of a kind software to help you “Sweep Out” : Facebook friends who are hurting your exposure and engagement results in your Facebook marketing.

Friend Sweeper Review

Friend Sweeper Can Maximize Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

  • Skyrocket engagement on your posts
  • Run Your Analysis Report for your Facebook friends in ONE click
  • Save hours of time in sweeping your friends list
  • Find Out Who Your Top 3 Friends are during a certain period and thank them
  • Avoid manually removing friends who are potential buyers
  • Get helpful data on your total number of likes and comments you receive
  • Expand your relationship with the ones who engage with your posts the most
  • Get rid of annoying spammers before they even have a chance to “tag” you in another post!
  • Increase the quality of friends on your friends list

This software maximizes the ratio of friends who DO engage with your posts, which dramatically increases exposure of your posts to those who care about what you post and who are likely to buy what you sell or join your opportunity … and increased exposure = better relationships and increased traffic and sales for your business!

Here`s how Friend Sweeper decides which friends to “sweep out”

  1. How often do they like, comment, or share your posts?
  2. How often do you like, comment, or share their posts?
  3. Are their posts spammy?
  4. Do they have a profile picture?

If you have 5000 friends but only 3000 of them are paying attention to your posts, that means Facebook is displaying your posts to 2000 people who will NEVER engage with your posts or for that matter buy your products or services!Who knows how many (or who in particular) is actually not paying attention to your posts?FriendSweeper does. And now you can too.

Friend Sweeper Bonus

Bonus #1 – Facebook Ads Made Easy – Discover how to crack the Facebook code! Facebook is the #1 social media network nowadays where it has more or less 1 Billion users on its database. Damn, that`s a huge number. And if you don`t use Facebook for your marketing campaign, you will loss a lot of money.

But we also can`t deny the fact that, many internet marketers who also tried to use Facebook to market their business and failed.To avoid that happen to your campaign, you are about to learn the following information below:

  • 5 Tips to Ensure Your Facebook Ad Campaign is Effective
  • Why You Should Create a Threshold for Your Facebook Ad Click Through Rate
  • 10 Steps to Setup Your Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Do You Know How to Create Profitable Facebook Ads?
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Creation
  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads
  • Bid Higher and Get Quicker Approval of Your Facebook Ads
  • It`s Time to Talk About the Uncommon Tips for Facebook Ad Success
  • How to Expand Your Audience With Facebook Ads
  • How to Create Solid Facebook Ad Copy
  • 3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaign
  • 4 Tips to Make Your Facebook Ads Profitable
  • And so much more….

Bonus #2 – Marketing Ad-Vantage – Generating traffic is one of the most important elements to a web business. without traffic going to your website or offer you wont make a single red cent!A website without traffic is like a physical store with no foot traffic. If you don`t have potential customers looking at your products or services, you will never be able to sell anything or make any money.

Facebook is the most popular site on the Internet! And their advertising program is hands down one of the best ways of driving highly targeted traffic, if you know how to us it properly!I`m going to show you everything you need to know about generating boatloads of traffic with the Facebook ads program :

  • How To Plan Your Ad for Success
  • What Make a Great Facebook Ad
  • How To Place Your Ad On Facebook
  • Promoted Posts
  • Sponsord Stories
  • How To Set Up A Successful Facebook Contest
  • The Future of Facebook Offers
  • How To Optimize Your ROI
  • Understanding Edgrank
  • The New Facebook #Hashtag Feature

Bonus #3 – Facebook Ads Made Easy – How Would It Sound to You to Be Able to DOMINATE These Latest Facebook Advertising Techniques using Our High Definition and Step by Step Video Training?Quickly and easily skyrocket your Online/Offline Business success in the shortest time ever by using our proven Facebook Ads methods. It`s a fact that video is the best way to learn and master anything, especially when it comes to online. Inside this video series, you are about to learn the tricks on how to maximize the use of Facebook Ads.



If you have any information about Friend Sweeper that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Review below.

How To Get Your Bonus

Your bonus will be available on the JVZOO bonus download section right here :


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