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Funnel Messenger Review : Bonus

Funnel Messenger – what is it? Funnel Messenger is a software that turns your social media followers into customers on complete autopilot. Within minutes of plugging it in, you will start building a list of buyer leads that are engaged and ready to take action on your offers.

Thanks to the growth of social media and especially Facebook it’s now easier than ever to create unlimited prospects to buy abnything you are selling online and that is much faster and effective then the traditional methods like email marketing, adwords or facebook ads

Get Funnel Messenger And My Bonuses

Once you have those prospect in your broadcast list, you can promote anything you like for profit. Affiliate products or your own, doesn’t matter. All you need is a source of buyers eager to pay for your stuff. Got a FB account? Then you’ve already got a buyers list. All you need is a way to convert them into buying leads.

By putting just one line of code on your site, this new technology, Funnel messenger, engages and builds relationships FOR you … turning prospects into buyers. Even better, Funnel Messenger does it WITHOUT paid ads and by connecting directly INSIDE the FB inbox.

Funnel Messenger Review

Everyone knows private messages are impossible to ignore. This is the easiest, fastest way to create a list of buyers hungry for your offers or stores. Funnel Messenger does this all by taking advantage of Facebook’s latest messenger updates where you will be able to Mass messege, straight into prospects inboxes.

Here are some strong reasons to use funnel messenger with facebook messenger :

50 Times Better Than Email Marketing : Email Marketing is the oldest form of traffic method – Evergreen & good but not that reliable as it was earlier. Few months back Gmail became strict and open rate dropped from 20% to 4% straight away for 99% of online entrepreneurs. But 100% of your subscriber will see your message in fb messenger and everyone will be instantly notified on browser/app notification as this is new message on fb messenger app.

10X Better Than Double Optins Leads : It’s hard to reach 50% open rate even with double optin subscribers after recent Gmail changes. Story is similar for Comcast, yahoo, Hotmail and other email companies. Use Funnel Messenger for 10 times more engagement rate with 100% open rate guaranteed.

Collect REAL leads On Website Use Funnel Messenger interactive buttons. Subscribers do add fake email ids to opt-in in new era because they are tired of receiving promotional mails. But they can’t do it in fb messenger as primary email id (email id of their facebook account) is referred in funnel messenger for messenger message.

Convert Non Fans Into Fb Page Fans : If subscriber has not liked your fb fan page, you can send them message with click button. Convert All non fans to Fans with this smart strategy using Funnel Messenger. You can send this type of message with click button to anyone who has even commented on your page or messaged you.

Connect All Offline Prospect in 1 Click : Add facebook messenger bar code on your visiting card or add your offline list messenger list link As soon as they visit that link or scan bar code they’ll be added to list. You can message this offline list at once making them feel like it’s personal message just for them.

Convert eMail subscribers to your Fb Messenger Subscriber : Make each list with same name correspondence to your email marketing list. Simply send link of each messenger list (link provided in shot messenger) as part of your mail to respective list and ask them to click on it. Anyone who click on this link will join your messenger list. Keep repeating the cycle to convert over 95% of your email list as fb messenger list

Fb Messenger List better than Fb Fans & Email List : Fb Fan page reach is only 6% as compared to 100% on fb messenger. Your all post don’t reach every fan of yours unlike message in messenger. Increase engagement of each fan page via Shot Messenger message just for them.

Better than Fb Ads (best Targeting) : Fb Ads is new age Traffic source which is pretty cool but It’s PAID, require learning & expertise apart from routine work of making good graphics and text content for ads without which ad campaign can FAIL badly.

I’m not suggesting you to quiet Fb Ads. Simply adding Shot messenger and Fb Messenger marketing with 5X your results with Fb Ads using one of the feature of shot messenger.

Increase your fb page response time and overall reach : Auto-Set message which are set on particular keyword or hashtags will send accurate response to each received message on your fb page INSTALTY. Thus decreasing your page response time to Instantly which is good to increase your reach, superior trust & build brand authority online

Interactive FAQ, Coupon Codes & Surveys : Dump those tools, pop-ups or static style of FAQs. Now you can make interactive FAQs, send coupon codes & make interactive surveys via shot messenger.

Use On Your Shopify or eCom Store [Shopify App – Coming Soon] : On Special request of Shopify e-Commerce sellers who served as our beta users. They are adding Shopify app for e-Commerce sellers to leverage all features of Funnel Messenger on their shopify/eCom Store.

With Word press Plugin (Specially for WordPress Sellers)  :Want to increase likes, engagement, views of particular fan page or newly made fan page. Using Shot Messenger, you can message other fan pages about this 1 fan page Add Like button, link or anything on which you want to increase engagement. Grow fan pages on steroids without much efforts using your own audience

Increase overall Viewership, Engagement & Exposure – by alerting fb messenger list for new updates. Adding new video to youtube? Added new blogpost on your website? Want to promote new eCom/affiliate offer? Want to send traffic to any link? Want to update audience about new arrivals, new updates? Use Shot Messenger & message your subscribers.

Create Smart Sequence Messages : Trigger intelligent messages based on user behavior to boost Engagement by 10X. Send targeted auto-set message depending on user’s interaction or reply to previous message. This feature is only available in high end costly email marketing solution for email senders. We made it possible in fb messenger marketing suite only In shot messenger.

Fb Messenger is Better Than Facebook : Your each & every subscriber see your every message (Reach is 100%) as compared to 6% organic reach pages or groups on Facebook. No other platform has 100% reach. FB Messenger is Powerful Juicy machine If Used with Shot Messenger.

Funnel Messenger Bonus

BONUS #1 : Facebook Ad Templates : According to recent stats, Facebook has 1.94 billion users. Although there aren’t official numbers released, it’s estimated that Facebook makes over 4 billion dollars each year from advertising. These two stats mean that Facebook is the ideal place to advertise your business. With this product you’ll get great tips fot advertising effectively on Facebook.

We’ve got 8 different Facebook Ad guides you can use to create your specific ads to ensure you have all the important pieces in place. We’ve also included the PSD versions of the Facebook Ad templates so you can quickly update the text or swap out whatever you’d like to get your Facebook Ad up and ready and looking great.

BONUS #2 : Curation Hero : Unleash Viral Content On Unlimited Fan Pages & Domains Curate Trending Topics & Tap Into Millions Of Buyers Simple Drag & Drop To Create Unique Content In Minutes! Drag & Drop Plug In Giving You SEO Friendly Content For Unlimited Blogs, Facebook Fan Pages In Minutes!

BONUS #3 : Facebook Hot Content Seeker : Search for popular content on Facebook for you to share! Discover How to Quickly & Easily Find and Share the Hottest Facebook Content in Your Niche! Facebook marketing is one of the best way to attract traffic and at the same time build your authority in your niche through its viral functions.

The thing is that finding the most relevant topics in your industry might also be a pain and may takes time to look into. The good news is that inside this product is a tool that will help you find those content and share it to your own page and the likes with ease.

BONUS #4 : Traffic and Conversion Secrets : Learn how to get your website traffic to buy from you instead of just looking around! Traffic is indeed the life-blood of any website. And if you are an online business owner, chances are you may also have a website for your products or services.

If you are having some problems in generating traffic to your website and making those traffic buy your products, you are not alone. But the good news is that inside this audio podcast are some valuable information that you must listen to as this is a huge help for your business to make it profitable.

BONUS #5 : Turbo Dynamic URL : Introducing the Most Effective, Fast and Empowering Affiliate Bonus Link Generation Software on the Market, Allowing You to Boost Your Affiliates’ Efforts On Steroid! Why most affiliate marketers don’t make much money from their offers, because majority of your affiliates are new to the industry.

Get Funnel Messenger And My Bonuses

If you have any information about Funnel Messenger that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Funnel Messenger Review below.

How To Get Funnel Messenger Bonus?

If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your Funnel Messenger Bonus, then I suggest you empty your browser cache (Click Here To Learn How), close all your web browser windows, then click on the link above! Then make a purchase using the link above. You bonuses will be available on the on the Funnel Messenger Members Area!! IMPORTANT : To get the bonuses, you MUST see affiliate ID “10290” at the bottom of your checkout page like this :

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