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GeoTarget Revolution Review And Bonus

In this post we will review a new product from Sam Bakker and Neil NapierGeoTarget Revolution!After reading this honest review also check out huge Bonus Package.So what is GeoTarget Revolution?Is a software that will allow you to customize your web pages to your audience by country,meaning sky-rocketing both conversions and sales!

GeoTarget Revolution Review

GeoTarget Revolution – In Depth Review

This software will let you turn your website visitors into HOT leads without losing heir attention after the traditional first 6 seconds.You will be able to capture the attention of your traffic by creating geo-targeting on your website through not just text, but images, Facebook & mobile!

This means when someone from Chicago visits your site, they`re automatically greeted with a call-to-action for Chicago residents. Let`s say they`re instead in London automatically, your page will then change to London inspired images and texts. Imagine the potential when you`re able to connect with your audience at such a personal level with virtually no “work” on your part!

GeoTarget is a web-based Geo Location app that would allow you to create and implement geo-specific embed codes which will:

  • Customize your site with Geo-based text
  • Customize their images with Geo-based text
  • Customize their links with Geo-based redirection

GeoTarget Revolution includes :

  1. The ability to target any visitor to your page by building immediate rapport with country-specific information
  2. No need to try convert traffic into leads through dodgy third-party apps and endless trial-and-error with different pages while you get confused and lose users in the process!
  3. Fully customizable to your business or you can sell this razor-sharp geo-target function to businesses to earn money by easily increasing their site`s traffic and longevity of user stays!

This is a full targeting software and everything you are going to need to make a BIG impact immediately for both yourself, and even clients you work with!

GeoTarget Revolution Bonus

Bonus #1 – 30 Stunning Graphical Images for Websites – Want more graphical elements for your websites? Create more attractive pages with these 30 awesome -looking images! We`re making them quite handy just for you to use with these 30 custom icons from our designers. Impress your prospects and clients further with these stunning graphics!

Bonus #2 – 9 Mobile Coupons – In the upgrade training, you will learn EVERYTHING you need to learn about running a mobile service business.You will also learn about how to use Mobile Coupons – so we have already created some for you that you can offer to your clients for a fees that you desire. Limited copies.

Bonus #3 – 5 Infographics That Will Surely Boost Sales – Increase audience engagement with our infographics! Our team researched the 5 most popular niches in the market and created very informative infographics that will surely get your audience hooked! Niches include Chiropractor, DUI Attorney, Fitnes Trainer, Plastic Surgeon and Salon. It`s the ulitimate giveaway to your clients.



If you have any information about GeoTarget Revolution that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Review below.

How To Get Your Bonus

Your bonus will be available on the JVZOO bonus download section right here :


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