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GramKosh 2.0 Review : Bonus

GramKosh 2.0 Review : Bonus
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GramKosh 2.0 – what is it? GramKosh 2.0 is the only web based application for instagram stories which allows you to post and schedule stories, send users to multiple links through one bio link.  The software comes with premium layouts to showcase product and allows you to generate leads directly from instagram.

GramKosh is an impressive innovation in instagram marketing, innovation that will no more let you stay back in the game of Instagram Marketing .. it lets you automate your efforts on Instagram by letting you Post and Schedule Instagram Stories directly from your Desktop.

Get GramKosh Software And My Bonuses

GramKosh 2.0 let`s you repost any content on Instagram with just one click, and it even let’s you bulk upload images at once. Not just that, the software also lets you post and schedule pictures and videos to your Account in a breeze. These features will allow you to create 30 Days Content in 30 Minutes.

Till now we have a limitation that we can put only one Link in Instagram i.e. In the Bio. GramKosh changes this starting today. Convert that one link into Multiple Links by making an InstaFeed and your Promotions will never lose relevance on Instagram..

The software also has an inbuilt image editor which lets you add filters, do color correction, add text, doodles etc to your images. Also GramKosh 2.0 let`s you engage with your audience by having a auto direct message feature.

GramKosh gets you new followers by following other people accounts who are most active in the niche a.k.a hungry buyers. You can follow them by hashtag, location, Somebody’s followers, you can even select the ones that are most active and it also has Emoji integration so that your Posts stands out on Instagram.

GramKosh 2.0 Review

This is the 1st ever software to completely automate Instagram Viral Traffic for you. You don’t have to create any content and will never have to manually post on Instagram. You will never have to follow, unfollow, like, message or comment on people`s pictures manually.

The Amazing GramKosh has a vast set of features categorised under 6 Categories:

1st Module – Discover : This module is dedicated to generate content, you can generate an Year of Viral content in less than 30 Minutes :

  • Use the Discover Feature relevant photos in your Niche
  • Use the Trending feature to find the Viral Photos in your Niche
  • Download all content in bulk with GramKosh Content Generator

2nd Module – Post : All Instagram Marketers suffer from one problem which is Scheduling, So far Instagram does not allow scheduling from Mobile or Desktop natively. GramKosh solves your Problem so that you can work handsfree : 

  • Schedule Instagram Stories (Photos and Videos) right from the Desktop without the need of keeping your Laptop open or any sort of browser extension
  • Shedule Instagram Posts (Photos, Videos and Carousels) right with one click

3rd Module – Engage : One of the very important aspects of marketing is to keep your Audience Engaged and responsive enough. GramKosh helps you automate this at ease with it’s :

  • Auto Like
  • Auto Comment
  • Auto Message

4th Module – Automate the Growth : GramKosh is a mass automation Instagram Software and it’s powers are beyond comaprison.. You can automate your Growth in the most special ways like

  • Auto Follow users accounts in your Niche using Hashtags
  • Auto Follow users account via Location
  • Auto Follow users who comment and like on others photos
  • Auto UnFollow people

Whenever you follow someone, they receive a notification and check back your account. If your account is good and appeals to them – they follow you back. And with GramKosh all this happens on AutoPilot (24/7)

5th Module – Go Viral : Gramkosh helps you find the right hashtags which increases your chances for hitting to the explore page :

  • It lets you catgorise the hashtags based on the volume of times they are being used
  • It also gives you a predefined category where you can use the hashtags sets chosen by their team

6th Module – Monetise : Instagram is a hard nut for many marketers because you can only put the link in one place. But GramKosh is here to change that in 2 different ways:

  • Insta Sites: GramKosh helps build a custom feed from your Instagram feed where you can link up each image and hence use that feed as your Bio Link. This instantly converts your one Bio Link into a feed of links which look quite similar to Instagram feed.
  • Add Links to your Stories: With GramKosh 2.0 you can add links to your Stories as well with a Swipe up option (This works for accounts having more than 10,000 followers)

This is not all of it, they have an inbuilt Photo Editor, Integration with Youzign and Designo Pro, Inbox for managing all your Messages right from the dashboard and quite a few more power performance features.

GramKosh 2.0 Bonus

Bonus #1 : Instagram Marketing Excellence : This package comprises of E-book that has power packed information on how to generate unlimited targeted traffic to boost sales and profits.  You will also get a cheat sheet, mind map resources report that will be very useful for getting long term beneficial results for your business.

Bonus #2 : Instagram For Business : I am providing this package that includes very useful information to promote any business, establish brand authority and build a community of like-minded people who are interested in your offer. Use this information to get best results for your business.

Bonus #3 : Instagram Impact :  To make your Instagram marketing journey easier, this package comprises of an E-book that enables you to connect with potential consumers in the most visually appealing manner possible.

Bonus #4 : Targeting Instagram : Instagram helps you market your products and services to globally scattered clients in creative ways, and facilitates profit enhancement in the long run. Today, it is one of the best source of traffic to numerous website owners. Keeping this important factor in mind, this package that includes easy to understand video will help you to boost traffic generation efforts with this amazing social media networking site. It will enhance the value of your purchase from my affiliate link. Take its benefit in order to become a success story.

Bonus #5 : Social Media Indicators : Social media marketing has gained grounds tremendously and has become the GO TO option for internet marketers. If overlooked, it can be quite hazardous for business owners.And, this package comprising of an E-book has 70 ways to boost your business with social media and ultimately attract more customers to increase sales and profits.

Bonus #6 : Instagram Development and Strategy : Are you aware, estimated number of Instagram users in U.S is 77.6 Million? And, this number is going to increase in the near future.So, to pack a punch with the best use of Instagram for your business, this package has a report that includes helpful links for blog posts, forum posts, YouTube videos, keyword analysis etc. about Instagram.

Get GramKosh Software And My Bonuses

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