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Hydravid Pro Review – Bonus

Hydravid Pro – What Is It?

Hydravid Pro – what is it? Hydravid Pro is a next generation software program for fast video creation and syndication. This is a 3 in 1 tool that helps you : create videos with drag and drop ease, schedule live posts with facebook and youtube live and syndicate using the worlds most powerful tool.

Creating videos has never been easier than the drag and drop interface within Hydravid Pro – and then syndicate out to multiple accounts on the biggest video platforms in the world, with just one click or schedule them live on FB Or Youtube.

Video marketing – isn’t just about making videos and hoping that they will pick up some momentum. It’s about getting as any eyeballs on each video that is humanly possible.

Hydravi Pro Review

Hydravid Pro Review – Features

HydraVid Pro 3-in-1 video software has everything you need to dominate with video. Now let`s take a look at Hydravid Pro features :

Create Your Own Stunning Videos In Just 60 Seconds : The easiest drag-and-drop video editor on the market today (no technical experience required). You can add images, videos, audio, and text with a few clicks of the mouse, and export your video within minutes!

Get Massive Engagement On Your Videos As You Schedule Live Videos On Facebook And Youtube! HydraVid Pro is the ONLY video software tool that once you create a video, you can schedule that video to be live on Facebook and Youtube – gaining instant engagement and letting the platforms know that your video is worth keeping at the top!

Live videos are proven to get more traction by over 80% and Hydravid Pro puts the power of ‘Like Live’ broadcasts into your one stop dashboard.

Hydravid Pro Video Engagement

Watch Your Video Views Soar As You Instantly Upload to Every video platform on the planet. You can drive a ton of free targeted traffic to your websites and offers with a click of the ‘upload’ button. HydraVid Pro will automatically spin your title, keywords, and description across 40 high-traffic websites (YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc) and social media pages.

Never duplicate content with our ‘Hydravid Unique’ System – Purely YOUR Videos in the widest exposure blast since Apple released the Iphone.

Discover The Highest-Ranking Keywords For Your Videos : Out-rank everyone and work your way into Google’s #1 pages with your videos using HydraVid Pro’s ‘x-ray’ video analyzer.

This analyzer will perform keyword analysis from top-ranking videos in your category, so that you can understand which keywords can help you rank better. This process also works for thumbnails, titles, tags, and descriptions! ​

The HydraVid Pro X-Ray alone is powerful to add to your arsenal, giving you an insiders look at what your competitors are doing and how you can beat them at their own game.

HydraVid Pro Review X-Ray

Keep Your Videos and marketing assets In Your Hydravid LIBRARY – To Use, Edit, Syndicate – again at anytime! Don’t worry about spending time copying and pasting content assets. Uploading all the time. Creating All the time. Your Hydravid Library holds all of your videos (produced and creating) as well as images, Audio tracks and more.

If you’re working with Google Dropbox and Drive, our library integration system will seamlessly pull videos and images from there, making the integration process fast and easy. Make another video? SURE – Drag and drop and you’re done!

Support for MULTI ACCOUNT : Not only will you get huge amounts of free traffic with HydraVid Pro, but you can also use many accounts, across every video platform. Organizing your media accounts by niche, or by exposure required. You have the power. .

​If you have different Youtube accounts, or separate Daily Motion, Vimeo, Flickr, and Facebook profiles – don’t worry! HydraVid Pro can work with many different accounts at the same time.

Automatically Create Social Backlinks : In SEO terms, backlinks are important. Whether you’re selling a service or product, increasing backlinks will help boost SEO and generate extra traffic to key websites.

​With multiple unique videos on many social and high-traffic sites, you’ll see drastic improvements to your SEO and a surge in website traffic.

​And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Sign up to HydraVid Pro today to discover even more amazing features that can take your traffic and business to the next level.

How Does Hydravid Pro Work?

STEP 1 : Set Up Your Accounts : Don’t worry, you’ll only need to do this once – and just at the beginning! Remember, we have multi-account functionality, so you can set up unlimited accounts with high-traffic sites like Youtube, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.

STEP 2 : Create Some campaigns : Campaigns allow you to easily manage your video and social accounts. Create a campaing for a niche. Easy. Or perhaps one for ‘monday’s videos’ – or Tier 1, tier 2. Any way you like.

STEP 3 : Let’s Make some videos : Add in some video assets like images, existing videos, audio backing tracks – or SEARCH using our connected system for thousands of free assets you can use. Then, use our drag and drop editor or FAST video wizard to customize your video however you’d like it.

STEP 4 : Allow Hydravid Pro to Automatically Spin Unique Versions of Your Video Instantly : Hit distribute or go live (or both)! The power of Hydravid kicks in, as one click sends your videos out to the easiest video exposure booster on the planet. Go Live (with any video) and send out to your connected sites in just a single click.

Let Hydravid SPIN your videos to become unique versions (Hydravid PRO also seamlessly integrates with Spin Rewriter. (a paid service) if you’d also like to spin your titles and descriptions. Together, they work to make each of your videos unique with just one click.

STEP 5 : Be Amazed : You’ve just completed more in the world of video marketing than 95% of people will EVER do. Watch your results. Use our tools to get the best insights and repeat. You can now reach MORE PEOPLE. MORE OFTEN.

…… and that’s the power of Hydravid PRO.

Hydravid Pro Demo

Hydravid Pro Review – Bonus

Bonus #1 : Alexa Rank Checker : Desktop software gives you Alexa rankings for as many sites you want in a matter of seconds. Download free.

Bonus #2 : Youtube Video Tags Finder : The YouTube Video Tag Finder is a powerful desktop software that will let you grab the tags from any YouTube video you want. Just give this software the YouTube video URL and it’ll get the tags from that video.

You can use it to research what tags your competition is using and use them in your own videos. This will reduce your SEO time drastically and also help you tap into the work that your competition does.

Bonus #3 : Image Collector : Now you can harvest images from Google image search easily. Just put in the search term and this powerful app will get you 100s of images in a matter of minutes. You can autosave these images on your computer and then select the ones you want. This is the most powerful image harvester of its kind.

Bonus #4 : Quick Youtube Checker : Find the bets titles and keywords from rival videos for your own videos. Optimize your videos in a matter of minutes and rank near the top.

Bonus #5 : Tube Reaper Jeet : Tube Reaper Jeet gets you both broad and specific search for an unlimited resource of long tail video keywords. Sources thousands of video keywords in a minute.

Bonus #6 : VidWords Jeet : This unique tool finds you all the keywords you could want in your niche, and also helps you discover untapped niches and segments that you can capitalize on to get more and more viewers and make videos that really explode!

Vidwords finds its keywords from a special source, so you’re sure to get a number of untrapped, fresh keywords that nobody else has sucked dry yet!

Bonus #7 : Seo Harvestor : This fast and user friendly software application allows you to search for ultra targeted keywords for your content campaign. Get more value with this SEO keyword research tool.

Bonus #8 : Tube chimp – A video keyword research tool that harvests highly relevant keywords for your YouTube channel. It also finds you top ranking videos for the fed-in keywords.

Get Hydravid And My Bonus Package

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How To Get Your Hydravid Pro Bonus?

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