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IM Affiliate Funnel Review And Bonus

So What Is IM Affiliate Funnel?

IM Affiliate Funnel is a PDF report that details the exact methods Kevin Fahey used to generator hundreds of thousands in affiliate commissions over the past 5 years. From generating traffic, building a subscriber list, following up, offering bonuses and so much more. Kevin Fahey is revealing his entire affiliate marketing strategy with no stone left unturned.

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IM Affiliate Funnel In Depth Review

Kevin Fahey compiled what’s working today in the world of affiliate marketing into a step-by-step PDF Report. IM Affiliate Funnel is a compilation of the exact methods Kevin personally use to put thousands of dollars in his pocket every single month with affiliate marketing!

IM Affiliate Funnel Review

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside The IM Affiliate Funnel System :

  1. Why affiliate marketing is the fastest and easiest way for anyone to go from ZERO to thousands of dollars per month… with no product creation required
  2. The exact setup you need to get started and how to get going TODAY for less than $20 out of pocket
  3. How to avoid getting STUCK on picking your niche… You’ll learn how to pick a niche that’s guaranteed to put tons of money in your pocket within just a few minutes
  4. Why …. is the key to becoming a super affiliate and making SIX FIGURES with affiliate marketing…
  5. Kevin`s 10 question system for find the MOST PROFITABLE offers in your niche
  6. How to uncover hidden gold in affiliate contests… This method is sneaky, but REALLY cool and profitable!
  7. Low ticket offers, high ticket offers, or both? You’ll learn a simple formula for determining which affiliate offers have the potential to put hundreds of dollars in your pocket per day… and which affiliate offers to avoid like the plague!
  8. No budget for traffic? No problem… I personally started with FREE TRAFFIC when I began in affiliate marketing… You’ll learn how to leverage the BEST sources of FREE traffic for fast and profitable results
  9. If you want to grow your business faster and scale to a 6 figure income in no time, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to do this with paid traffic
  10. How to invest in paid traffic without losing the farm… The easy way to WIN consistently and make BIG profits with paid traffic… even if you’re a complete traffic newbie
  11. How to start with as little as a $5 traffic budget and scale your way up to hundreds per day in profits…
  12. The exact affiliate sales funnel that I have used to generate HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in affiliate commissions… This works in ANY niche, for any marketer… even if you’re completely new to a niche
  13. The super ninja strategy Kevin use to build my buyers list for FREE… how you can start doing it today without spending a DIME…
  14. The cool, 100% free strategy that builds credibility, increases conversions, and drives traffic… almost no one is doing this!
  15. The fastest way to scale your affiliate marketing business from ZERO to $100 per day, $200 per day, and beyond!

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IM Affiliate Funnel Bonus

Bonus #1 – Video Pro – Discover how to use video marketing in your business to attract more prospects & sales. Whatever your market is, video gives you more opportunities to expand your brand by gaining it visibility and establishing credibility within your niche.

Bonus #2 – List Success – Discover how to successfully build a responsive list, write emails that convert and establish credibility & trust with your subscribers.

Bonus #3 – Niche Research – Discover how to quickly and easily find profitable niches! What to look for in a niche, and why it’s important to explore those little known niches. Finding products to promote for your given niche and how to use clickbank and amazon to propel your profits!

Bonus #4 – Product Creation Blueprint – How to research the most profitable genres and topics for your products without spending a dime! Learn the best and most profitable places to sell your products, and why you should never concentrate all of your efforts on just one!

Bonus #5 – Cash Flow Ignition – Unlock 7 pre-written world class wealth generating email promos you can cut and paste for automated cash beyon your most wicked dreams.

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How Yo Get Your IM Affiliate Funnel Bonus?

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