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IM Coaching Series 2018 Review : Bonus

IM Coaching Series 2018 Review : Bonus
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IM Coaching Series 2018 – what is it? IM Coaching Series 2018 is a new training course created by Kevin Fahey that will teach you how you can how to build an automated six-figure business in just 12 weeks. Everything inside im coaching series 2018 it has been tested-and-proven to be both effective and newbie-friendly. In other words, there is nothing you need to worry about this special training course.

Kevin Fahey is a full time online marketer, business consultant and coach. Over the last decade, he worked to perfect his online business and during this time he have developed tactics and strategies that have generated millions of dollars in revenue.

Get IM Coaching Series And My Bonus

Many online training programs are either too complicated or too simple and most will leave out all the important details, forcing you to invest in more products just to put the puzzle together.

Inside the IM Coaching Series 2018 training program Kevin is going to give you all the tools you need to run a successful online business. Kevin will cover all the essential elements to build a successful online business, from list building and traffic generation to affiliate marketing, product creation and high ticket sales. Absolutely everything is included.

IM Coaching Series 2018 Review

Here’s exactly what`s in store for you today – 36 over-the-top live eye popping webinars that will make you more money than ever before :

Niche Selection : You will learn the overview of everything that we will be accomplishing. As well as you are going to learn the most simple way to find and select profitable niches. It is true that the money is in the niche and you could spend weeks searching and only to find the niche is either not big enough or filled with buyers. So Kevin is going to show you my exact process to finding those HOT niches.

Product Creation Made Easy : Whether you made a product before or never have I’m going to show you my bullet-proof way of getting products created not only quickly but rather easily too, so we can maximize our time and end goal which is profit!

Sales Funnels & Outsourcing : The correct way to set up your sales funnels to maximize conversions and prevent any “leaks” in the funnel. On top of that you are going to learn all the tedious tasks you can easily outsource for cheap to leverage your time.

Shopping Cart & Affiliate Setup : Find out the proper way to set up your payment processor to be able to handle massive transactions. This way your business can continue to run profitably without any hiccups. Also Kevin show you how to set up affiliates properly so you can get them on board and help grow your business.

JV Attraction & Partnerships : This is where the real magic and journey starts. In this training you will learn my simple strategy to attract JVs and Partners like a magnet! Building the right foundation and relationships with them will determine your success on the launch. So you will NOT want to miss what Kevin have laid out for you in this week, Kevin will share ALL of my best kept.

Traffic Generation : Learn the art of generating FREE and Paid Traffic to increase conversions and lower ad spend. There are 3 key concepts you MUST understand before dropping a dime on traffic. Also you are going to learn the winning formula for Ads that convert and turn a losing campaign into a winner. With my FREE Traffic methods you will be able to pull on tons of traffic at command.

Pre-Launch & Checklists : We are close to the finish line now! In this week’s live webinar series you will discover the TOP Marketers secret to having an explosive prelaunch that will catapult you to the TOP. Along with Kevin`s exact checklist that enables me to increase my profit margins!

Post-Launch & Lead Generation : Now we move into increasing the backend funnel and shift our focus into delivering more value and adding more money into our bank accounts. There is a certain process that you must follow after the launch to ensure stability and growth. Along with this process you will find Kevin`s best methods for lead generation and getting high quality clients.

High Ticket Sales Solutions : This is by far the easiest way to make an additional $10,000 – $30,000 per month by offering the best types of coaching programs to create massive sales and I’ll show you how to stand out to land clients easily. Kevin will also be reveale his strategy to finding the high paying clients with Facebook and few other tactics I don’t openly teach

The 7 Figure Business Model : If you made it this far then you are well on your way to the 7 Figure Income Bracket just like me and In this live webinar you will learn the precise business model that I habitually follow and you’ll soon learn just how simple it is. Most people tend to over complicate and over think stuff and this Model will show you just how anyone with the right coach can achieve such massive success in a short relatively short time frame.

During the coaching program you`ll be able to login to the members area and receive updates to the LIVE webinars so you never have to worry about missing one. You’ll also find action packed checklists and templates to shortcut everything.

IM Coaching Series 2018 Bonus

Bonus #1 : LIFETIME Access To IM VIP Training : In Our VIP Training Group you will have the keys to enter our community of other people just like you making real money from this coaching program and most importantly all questions will be answered by me so you won’t ever feel stuck or lost. This group alone has the potential to take your business to six figures fast.

Bonus #2  :LIFETIME Access To Download PLR Products : Most PLR sites require you to get stuck into a “Monthly” payment which can be really annoying. So I took the liberty of giving you access to a wide variety of niches and PLR products that you can leverage to grow your list and even sell. Having These PLRs is a marketers dream, imagine the value that you can give to your subscribers

Bonus #3 : JV Mailing To Affiliates For Your Launch : The Key to a successful launch is not only in the Copy and Product but it also comes from knowing the right people and leveraging their list to give you an UNFAIR Advantage in the marketing world. It’s as if you will have your own army of affiliates promoting your product which will dramatically boost your sales.

Bonus #4 : Promote Your Product To Kevin`s List : Now this alone can be worth the small investment of this coaching. You are virtually tapping into a list of hungry people who want to get their hands on the latest buzz. So imagine leveraging my list to promote your product!

Bonus #5 : ACCESS To Kevins`s Products : Access to all my past and future products which include over 26 titles. This allows you to stay on top of trends and what is currently working as I release more products!

Bonus #6 : ACCESS Over 100 Webinar Replays : Access to over 100 webinar replays since 2014 covering Product Creation, Facebook Advertising & High Ticket Coaching! A lot of golden nuggets inside these webinars that can still be applied into TODAY’s world.

Bonus #7 : Facebook Mastermind Group : Access to our Facebook Mastermind group which is small family of great entrepreneurs that all have ONE goal in common, to make money online and live out their dreams together as ONE. All your questions will be answered and you have the support of others just like you in there

BONUS #8 : 2 ONE ON ONE COACHING CALLS : On the first coaching call we’ll carefully listen to the current issues your business is facing and what goals you would like to achieve. From here we’ll map out a detailed plan for your business and what’s required over the next few weeks and months in order for you to reach your goals and continuing scaling your business.

In the following weeks at a time of your convenience we’ll arrange the 2nd call where we can check to see everything is on track, answer any questions you might have and continue working on the next part of your personalized plan. Keep in mind the I’m also personally available on Skype & Facebook daily to answer any of our questions. This is a coaching program with full hands on personal support from start to finish.

Get IM Coaching Series And My Bonus

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