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Insta Consultant 2.0 Review – Bonus And Demo

Insta Consultant 2.0 – What Is It?

Insta Consultant 2.0 has been created to furnish all the necessary ingredients to help you subscribers in starting your marketing consultation business in next 48 hours to charge upto $3000 per client again and again and again.

Are you looking for a Opportunity that can make you authority in your local area so every business owner in your area beg you to solve their problem and take checks? If yes, then you should take a look at the hug Insta Consultant 2.0 that makes you a consultant instantly and gives you the power to offer premium services!

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Using the Insta Consultant 2.0, you can offer premium services to your clients for creating :

  1. Stunning Business Websites in few minutes with the help of Exquisite Theme which is Far Better than Any Biz Theme you see on WooTheme or anywhere Else
  2. Lightning Fast Mobile Sites
  3. Video Commercials in 5 HOT Niches that are Already Completely Done-For-You
  4. Merchandise Solutions using 200+ Ready To Print & Editable Templates of Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, etc.

Insta Consultant 2.0 Review

This package has been categorized into 4 distinct parts :

  1. InstaConsultant – Proficient Biz WP Theme
  2. InstaConsultant – Custom Mobile Sites
  3. InstaConsultant – Whiteboard video Commercials
  4. InstaConsultant Merchandise Solution

Proficient Biz WP Theme

This wordpress theme is packed with some solid features for a local business website. Let’s go through them in an easy manner :

Highly Appealing and Crisp designs : One of the major benefits of this theme is that it’s completely business oriented as well as its fresh and unique. It’s custom made for 5 Hot Local business niches: Dentist, Chiropractor, Home tutor, Architect and Financial advisor. Some additional features are :

  • The best Local consultant theme till date.
  • Highly customizable and attractive Slider: Includes lead generation, CTA, headline, buttons and background images options.
  • Customizable in 15 distinct Colors.
  • Support hooks, custom CSS
  • Ready-to-use page templates: Home page, Blog, services, portfolio, testimonials, contact us, full width templates and much more
  • Customizable layouts of theme: Set the size of website yourself, divide in 2, 3 or 4 columns, decide no. of footer widgets etc.

Built on World`s #1 WP Framework for Business – The Graffiti The Graffiti Framework will empower your customers to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress :

  • Never seen or used before. The best Local consultant theme till date.
  • Free updates for entire life for the framework as it’s not just a product launch. It’s a lifetime project.

Complete Developer`s License : Customers have an option to buy developers license to Become an authority and serve as many clients as they want, along with keeping 100% Profits

Other features : Easy to use widgets, 40+ short codes and many more….

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Custom Mobile Sites

Proficient theme is not just 100% responsive but also provide customization options to work even better on mobiles and tablet devices. It is :

  • Based on latest web design techniques : Fully responsive and based on latest design techniques- HTML5, CSS3 & bootstrap so works great on all the Mobile devices, Tablets & all desktop sizes.
  • Fully customized to meet your needs : It’s completely customizable to either show sidebar/footer widgets on mobile phones or not so that any heavy code does not hamper website performance.
  • Manage your business website from Mobile phones : With a 100% mobile friendly dashboard exclusive feature, managing business from mobiles will be quick and easy.
  • Don’t Lose Mobile Visitor anymore : This theme enables you to show either Text/Image CTA to make people take action or Google Map to give directions or Lead generation form to get potential customer’s leads or beautiful slider to attract them as first screen on mobile landing page. It will become a reality ONLY WITH this theme.

Whiteboard Video Commercials

You will have access to 5 exclusive and HD commercial videos in 5 hot niches to use on their websites to skyrocket response from their visitors. These videos :

  • Comes in ready to go MP4 format so works great on all the devices.
  • No need of writing script – you will get it ready.
  • No need to hire a professional voice over – you’ll get ready to use Professional US voiceover audios with this pack.
  • No need of Buying High priced & attractive graphics, we created those for you.
  • No need to be a Video expert, we have created professional videos of 1-3 minutes, ready to use on your client websites.
  • Packed with Complete Raw files In 5 HOT Niches. Your Customers can charge $ 1000 for these commercials alone.

Merchandise Solution

Your will get access to 8 eye catchy graphics modules in 5 variations with each of 5 niches. This package comprises of:

eye catchy graphics

Insta Consultant 2.0 Review – Bonus

Bonus #1 : Offline Business Traffic Strategies : Offline marketing is booming today and people are ready to pay big bucks for it. And, with Insta Consultant 2.0, you are on the right track to move ahead in a focused manner.

Getting targeted traffic is the best way to beat your competitors with less efforts. With this package, you will be able to learn proven traffic generation strategies that are directed to enhance your profit margins and get best returns on your investments .

Bonus #2 : Offline GoldMine : Offline marketing has a huge growth potential attached and this Insta Consultant 2.0 has all the necessary ingredients to become an expert offline consultant. So, if used in a proper manner, it can reap great benefits for you without depending on obsolete information.

And to make your path easier, the information contained in this E-book will help you to build a huge list of responsive buyers & clients and earn cool passive income without burning a hole in your pocket.

Bonus #3 : Offline Eclipse : Local business owners are constantly in need of help and most of them are not aware about benefits of internet marketing. They are spending thousands of dollars on website development without any surety of becoming successful.

This E-book will help you to easily set up a website leasing service. Ultimately, you can save your time and energy and get searched easily in order to boost your profit margins. When combined with Insta Consultant 2.0, this package reaps great results for business owners.

Bonus #4 : Offline Fortunes : Offline marketing has come of age and has given numerous marketers the opportunity to increase their earnings in order to give a dream life to their families. These step-by-step videos will help you to get best results in the offline marketing arena. When combined with Insta Consultant 2.0, this will prove to be a POWER package that will enable you to become successful without incurring heavy expenses.

Bonus #5 : Offline-Gold-Forum-Thread : This package helps you to discover why local business owners are desperate for the internet marketing knowledge you provide them. So, you will be able to earn cool passive income by selling your online marketing services to prospective business owners. Ultimately, you’ll be geared up to provide top notch services to hungry marketers and boost profits without spending a fortune.

When combined with your purchase of InstaConsultant 2.0 through my affiliate link, this is going to reap in huge rewards for your business.

Bonus #6 : Offline Social Gold : Offline marketing has gained grounds tremendously and if you are not targeting offline marketers, you are missing something big. Keeping this in mind, I am providing this package that helps to Cash in the Offline Social Media Niche and generate clients to get more business opportunities.

When combined with Insta Consultant 2.0, this will prove to be a POWER package that will enable you to become successful without incurring heavy expenses.

Bonus #7 : Offline Marketing Made Easy : This package includes proven strategies that will enable you to increase your sales and profits by providing helpful service to numerous Business owners. This package delivers more than it’s worth and is a necessity for every offline marketer today.

When you combine this package with offline marketing tools provided with Insta Consultant 2.0, it reaps great benefits for business owners

Bonus #8 : Offline Monopoly : The growth of Offline marketing has given rise to numerous opportunities for prospective business owners to increase their profits with the help of offline marketing. With the strategies provided in this Ebook, you will be able to stay up to date with clients and provide them services that they have been desperately waiting for.

Combine the useful information that you get with your purchase of Insta Consultant 2.0 with this excellent package, and see tremendous results for your business.

Bonus #9 : Local Marketing Secrets : After securing your purchase of Insta Consultant 2.0, you are almost ready to zoom ahead of your competitors in a focused and well directed manner.

And if you want to reach out to widely scattered business without paying much, then local marketing is what you need. So, I am providing this package that includes 15+ videos will help you to make the most out of local marketing for enhancing your growth potential.

Bonus #10 : ClickAndCallPro : Getting more leads, subscribers and sales are the top most concerns for every online marketer today and with your purchase, you are on a verge of becoming successful.

With this Click & Call Pro package, you will be able to install a button to any WordPress site that will have customers calling you to buy more stuff in just a single click. It will enhance the value of your purchase from my affiliate link. Take its benefit and get best results for your online business.

Bonus #11 : Customize Your WordPress Theme : With Insta Consultant 2.0, you are on the right track needed to start your own profitable consultation business. And to make your journey even smoother, this package has been designed to help you customizing your blog with 19 amazing videos, MP3 audios, along with video transcripts and web ready video formats. Use this package to create a great looking blog and let your profits reach the new level.

Bonus #12 : Mob Marketing Trends : With the growth of technology, mobiles have dominated the marketing up to a level that it can’t be overlooked. Keeping this in mind, I am providing this EXCLUSIVE package that provides great information on how to build sound strategies in an e-book for Mobile marketing and become a success story. This package can also be sold as standalone product but we are giving it as bonus to increase your profits.

Bonus #13 : SEO and Relationship Building : After securing your purchase of Insta Consultant 2.0, you are almost ready to start your own profitable marketing consultation business. With the amazing package, you’ll get latest and most effective SEO techniques for making your online business work and generate great profits for you again. What are you waiting for, get your hands on this one before it gets too late.

Bonus #14 : Minisite Geek : Insta Consultant 2.0 provides you with ready to use minisites that have been carefully crafted with precision to match your needs. To further boost your efforts, I have this exclusive package that includes minisites, WordPress themes, squeeze page/landing page, video squeeze page, and product review page in a super short time. This package delivers more than it’s worth and is a necessity for every aspiring marketer today.

Bonus #15 : Surefire Local Launchpad : Today, local businesses face countless problems for getting targeted leads, boosting profit margins, attracting high paying clients in the long run, and so on. If you can provide a complete solution to these problems, then there is no looking back.

So, here’s a brand new 10-part video course that will help you to discover how to make money by offering result oriented services to local businesses and stand out from the crowd. When combined with Insta-Consultant 2.0, it becomes a WIN-WIN situation for business owners.

Buy Insta Consultant V2 Today

If you have any information about Insta Consultant 2.0 that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Insta Consultant 2.0 Review below.

How Yo Get Your Insta Consultant 2.0 Review Bonus?

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