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Interactr Local Review : Bonus

Interactr Local – what is it? Interactr Local is the 1st to market cutting edge interactive software along with exclusive local niche videos provides you with the ability to start selling these Done For You Interactive Video Funnels the moment you log into your account.

Ryan Phillips (Video Suite) & Jamie Ohler (DropMock) have come together to bring all of us something so unbelievable that it is literally changing video marketing forever – the first time they actually used this new type of video their conversions shot up 83% which brought in an extra $58k from 1 video in 1 week alone.

Ryan has been developing and growing his powerful interactr software for over 2 years while at the same time Jamie with his video team have been producing professional photos and videos every month for over 3 years.

Ryan realized that if he could get Jamie’s team to go on location and capture these exclusive niche local videos, he could create a new form of video marketing with his Interactr software.

Interactr Local Review

After months of planning, filming on location, redevelopment and design of the Interactr software I am proud to introduce you to what my friends Ryan and Jamie are releasing today : Interactr Local .

These done for you interactive video funnels are in HOT niches like real estate, electrician, coffee shop, handyman, mexican restaurant. Each of these professionally shot videos are carefully integrated into an interactive video funnel that provides remarkable engagement for you and your clients.

Interactr Local is a completely new form of Video Marketing for all of us. The time to embrace this interactive video technology and professionally produced local niche videos is now.

Interactr Local Bonus

Bonus #1 : Interactr Asset Pack : In this interactr asset pack we’ll give you video, audio and animation assets to help set up your interactive video experiences in the most professional way.

Bonus #2 : Retargeting Case Study : How they turned $850 Into $16,982 Inside this case study we show you how to use video ads in the most effective way to bring in a good ROI by using retargeting. They show how they turned 800 buck into 16k.

Bonus #3 : 5 Steps To 1 Million Views On YouTube : This was a special closed door training we’re my friend shows how he gained millions of views and 50k subscribers in 3 days by hacking YouTube.

Bonus #4 : YouTube Ad Mastery : Inside this training you will learn exactly how to set up YouTube Ads so you can quickly and easily leverage your videos on YouTube and start getting traffic.

Bonus #5 : Facebook Video Ads Mastery : Inside Facebook Video Ads Mastery you will learn how to set up FB Video Ads so you can start getting cheap, quality video traffic from Facebook straight away.

Bonus #6 : VideoSuite Play Button Creator : In 2017 Wistia found putting a video image inside the email gave a 40.83% increase in click-through rates, so we made a tool that allows you to create shockingly effective email video images.

Bonus #7 : VideoSuite Spoiler Box Creator : The spoiler box creator can increase VSL sales by 73% by adding video spoiler boxes underneath your VSL without having to have any photoshop skills. Just use our custom built software.

Bonus #8 : VideoSuite Thumbnail Creator : The Thumbnail creator can boost video views by up to 10% by quickly and easily creating video thumbnail images that make your videos stand out from the crowd and get clicked.

Get InteractrLocal And My Bonus Package

If you have any information Interactr Local that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Interactr Local Review below

How To Get Your Interactr Local Bonus?

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