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Invanto – what is it? Invanto is the perfect alternative to udemy or any wordpress membership plugin. If you’re looking to make money online by creating a membership site then this is the product for you. Find out how it compares to a WP membership plugin and learn more about how to create a membership site.

With Invanto you will be able to make money from your passions easier than ever before. Enabling them to focus on the fun bit, and the bit they care about the most – their content. Not the technology. You will never have to struggle with membership technology ever again.

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Invanto is extremely user friendly. This all-inclusive membership and learning solution means your customers never need expensive multiple tools to have a thriving online business – you just need Invanto.

Here are some features that can be found in Invanto :

  • Membership site themes: You can save time by applying a clean, professional design to your membership site immediately with Member Factory like you would with a WordPress theme except you don’t need as much customization as you might with a WordPress theme because it’s already created for a membership site. There are free theme and also premium paid-themes with Invanto. You can also customize the theme to suite your brand and logo.
  • Content scheduling and drip-feed: You can choose to schedule the release of your content and drip feed the access to your content for members. Invanto included this feature because it is useful when you want to ensure that the content user goes to renewal a certain point before they access the next level of content. While many WordPress membership plugin allow for content scheduling, it’s harder to find one that also provides drip-feeding access to content.
  • Payment Gateways: Invanto allows for payment gateways integration to your membership site. You can integrate your membership site with Stripe, Paypal or JVZoo simply by an API key. This will allow you to accept payments with less hassle and work on your end, much easier than some other WordPress membership plugin. If you’re asking how do you create a membership site then you’ll also appreciate the tutorials provided in Member Factory for setup information.
  • Easy Digital Downloads: Invanto allows for you to upload, manage, and sell unlimited amount of content. You can upload and secure as many downloadable files whether by videos, audio, or text PDF files for download something that would typically be limited by your hosting with a WP membership plugin (because WordPress has limits to media upload size).
  • Membership site statistics: Invanto also provides detailed statistics on your membership site performance including user sign ups, revenue, and projected sales. It’s useful analytics to know in the management of your membership site. This is something very useful for those who are still asking how to create a membership site because analytics are a critical component to the success of your membership site.
  • Affiliate Platforms: importantly, the membership site also provides integration with affiliate programs which is something many WordPress membership plugin won’t do unfortunately. You can easily integrate your membership site with JVZoo, W+, or Clickbank.
  • Secure Cloud hosting: Invanto includes secure cloud hosting on Amazon cloud data centers. This ensures your membership site and sales page is always running online; you can avoid losing sales or impeded customer experience with your slow web hosting on a WordPress membership plugin. (WordPress as you know is a resource guzzler and more so with added plugins.) This is why the case for Member Factory as a separate membership site CMS is worthwhile.

Invanto Review

How Does Invanto Work?

Invanto works like any membership site software; it’s all online as well which adds to its convenience. Importantly because it’s not a WordPress membership plugin, you don’t require WordPress to use Member Factory; this is useful for saving time and installation.

  1. Login to Member Factory: Upon your login, you’ll be presented with the current membership sites that you have active with your Member Factory account. It’s easy to create a new membership site and choose your corresponding settings within a few steps.
  2. Create your membership packages: Next, you create your membership packages that users can sign up for. You can select the access level as well as the frequency of renewal. Everything on Member Factory is done with easy click and apply options.
  3. Upload your content to Member Factory page: Next, upload your content onto Member Factory for your membership site. The important part for those who wonder how to create a membership site. Your content can be entered as you would with a WordPress blog post/page where everything is WYSIWYG. You can also add files for download or upload videos/audio direct to the MF platform though many may prefer to embed their Vimeo video onto the WYSIWYG editor.
  4. Create your membership site: Integrate the payment options with Member Factory. You can set up payment options using Stripe or Paypal. MemberFactory then helps you create your membership site as you would with Fantastico for an automated WordPress installation. Effectively, there are no technical steps on your part after you’ve input your settings for your membership site. Making the question how to create a membership site much easier.
  5. Map the URL to your domain: Finally, your membership site should be up and operational. Everything should look professional and easy accessible for the user. One thing that you would have to do with Member Factory which you wouldn’t with a WordPress membership plugin is mapping the URL to your domain. It’s quick and simple though.

Invanto is a useful asset for those needing a membership site software. It’s probably the better alternative to any WordPress membership plugin that’s available on the market. It’s a complete packaged solution for those needing to create a membership site.

I really like Invanto and would recommend it for anyone needing a membership site software. Simon Warner and the team at Ivanto have invested heavily into creating a tool like this while pricing it competitively.

Invanto Bonus

Bonus #1 : WP Facebook Quiz Creator : Majority of target audience of your niche is present on Facebook and can bring in lots of traffic for you. And the best way to retain them is to keep them engaged forever. With WP Facebook Quiz Creator, you can easily create fun, entertaining Facebook quizzes with just a few clicks of your mouse.

By using this useful and effective plugin, you’re giving your visitors the chance to challenge themselves by solving quizzes that will keep them entertained. In this way you can increase their time spent on your site.

Bonus #2 : Newbie Traffic System : Getting free targeted traffic is the topmost concern for every aspiring online marketer. You can have the best product or the most high in demand service, but in the absence of quality traffic, all your efforts can go down the drain.

Fortunately, I am providing this package that includes series of video tutorials that help you learn the proven and tested strategies to get traffic and make money using free methods.

Bonus #3 : Rapid Lead Magnets : Lead Magnets are free give a ways to offer in exchange for an email address so that you can follow up visitors or subscribers and ultimately build a relationship with them and build rapport. Ultimately, you can sell your offers and products to your leads with complete ease.

Keeping this in mind, here’s an exciting package that helps to create quick and easy lead magnet funnels and build targeted list and attract buyers.

Bonus #4 : Affiliate Marketing Mistakes : Are you thinking about getting into the affiliate marketing business or maybe, you’ve already started. And you’re probably a little scared because of all the possible rookie affiliate marketing mistakes. Right?

Now uncover the deadliest mistakes you can make when it comes to affiliate marketing, and how they can absolutely destroy your chances to earn money. In this report, you’ll get top reasons that are blocking your way to earn money, how to pick products to promote, from where the big checks really come from and many more.

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Bonus #5 : WP Support Bot : Blogging is one of the hottest ways to build your list without spending a dime. Most of the business owners are using blogs to increase income and boosts their list easily. Keeping this in mind, I am offering this amazing plugin which enables you to add self-updating eBay Auction Feed Ads to your blog posts and make more money hassle-free manner.

Bonus #6 : Sales Funnel Fast Track : Many people are getting into the make money online niche and one of the most effective and used way is reselling PLR products. But the challenge faced by most of the marketers is that they are newbies and have little or no knowledge about this.

Keeping this in mind, I am offering this amazing video course that helps you learn how to get your private label rights product set up, so you can start generating sales and profits without spending a fortune.

Bonus #7 : WP Notification Bar : This WordPress plugin easily allows you to create your own attention-grabbing notification box in less than 3 minutes. So, you can easily grab attention of your visitors and get them engaged by notifying them with various offers. Stop wondering and get into active mode to surpass your competitors forever.

Bonus #8 : Profit Maximizer : Private label content has become one of the most effective way to generate profits online. It comes in different forms, everything from eBooks, reports and articles, to complete “business in a box” packages that include sales pages, lead magnets and even backend products. But, the trouble is in knowing exactly how to make money with it so you can maximize your profits.

Bonus #9 : WP Email Timer Plus : Countdown timers are the best drivers that compel website visitors to take action and boost sales and profits. So, to achieve these benefits, this package includes an amazing plugin that allows you to create beautiful countdown timers even INSIDE your emails.

This will help to increase conversions, sales and also click-through rate inside your emails because the moment someone opens your email, they immediately see the timer ticking to zero and urging them to take action right away.

Bonus #10 : Survey Funnel : Generating leads through surveys has become the latest trend for marketers to generate quality leads without any technical hassles and knowledge. But many of them are doing in the wrong way or they don’t know how to move in the right direction.

Keeping this in mind, I am providing this package that comes with easy to understand and implement video course to generate micro-targeted leads that are ready to buy your products & services.

Get Invanto And My Bonus Package

Bonus #11 : Instant Content Creator : Content marketing is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing as a whole and is an area that top brands are investing in heavily. When used in the right way, it brings laurels to every business owner.

Inside this product is an amazing tool to build highly engaging content that grabs the attention of audience in short time span. Now, use this amazing software to create highly engaging content that grabs the attention of your visitors and promote high in demand products.

Bonus #12 : Viral List Autopilot : Email lists are the best way to drive profits and keep your business running smoothly. It also enables you to showcase your offers to global audience at will.

Keeping this in mind, I am providing this package that includes contest list building “How to Videos” that have been professionally developed to build a strong list of targeted buyers and take your email marketing benefits to the next level.

Bonus #13 : GEO Visitor : Making your content and offers reach your target audience is one of the easiest and fastest way to generate money online and boost commissions. Keeping this in mind, here’s an exciting package to deliver relevant content to a specific group of people based on their geological location. Ultimately, people get relevant content on a specific areas or country.

Get Invanto And My Bonus Package

Bonus #14 : Secret 4 Figure Affiliate Promotion : Inside this bonus package, you’ll learn about how to grab attention of your visitors and get them glued to your affiliate offers. It also includes secret strategies that successful affiliate marketers use to get best result with their affiliate promotions. Now all you need to do is use these proven techniques and maximize your affiliate commissions like you always wanted.

Bonus #15 : WP EZ Viral Contest : EZ Viral Contest is a subscriber-increasing WordPress plugin that allows you to access quick, easy and responsive contest pages. You can publish your contest and share it via Facebook, Twitter, email and much more! Also, when people enter the contest in your blog, they will be added to your list and motivated to share with others to get more entries.

Bonus #16 : JVzoo Sales Funnels : JVzoo is a fantastic way to boost profits and drastically increase your sales and commissions. It has been one of the best choices for many online entrepreneurs that sell digital products because of its very easy to setup affiliate program feature, not to mention its payment processing experience.

In this video tutorial series, you’ll get to know about how to setup an effective sales funnel that converts and generate profits, setup one-time offers, upsell and downsell in the easiest way possible.

Get Invanto And My Bonus Package

If you have any information about invanto software that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Invanto Review below.

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