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LetSetCom – what is it? LetSetCom it`s a suite of growth tools to help you 3X your commissions with zero efforts now. It is exclusively based on a strategy that has been used by a venture-backed company for a year that made them over USD 50K on passive efforts.

This app will allow you to instantly add eye catching tab messages to any page, complete link cloak suite, centralised timers suite, exit intents, offer chicklets and create bonus pages in one click using sellers page with bonuses, affiliate link cloaked , with LetSetCom.

Get Let Set Com App And My Bonuses

LetSetCom has produced result for people who are into affiliate marketing, eCom, Shopify, Membership Sites, Product launching etc to get the generate the most income from their tiny in most cases or massive traffic. The software alone puts dozens of expensive marketing apps to shame, with such a wide variety of features that are apps in itself.

LetSetCom Review

LetSetCom In Brief :

  • Tab Messaging : Retrieve 70% of the lost traffic by enabling tab messaging on your website.
  • Bonus PopUp : Have bonuses to offer to your users? Create bonuses that grab attention and leave your users curious to explore more!
  • Bonus Page Builder : Get more out of your affiliate promos by creating a high converting bonus page right from our dashboard.
  • Review Box : Convert more visitors into sales by showing user reviews and Testimonials right on your website.
  • Timer : Create Urgency and limited time deals/offers using highly customisable Timer.
  • Exit Intent : Stop the users from leaving the Website by showing high converting Exit Intent.
  • HelloBar : Add interactive Hellobar to increase visitor engagement and see the conversions going through the roof.
  • Hellobar with Timer : Add hellobars and insert timer into them to induce FOMO among the visitors and get more and more sales.
  • Advanced URL Targetting : Choose where to show your campaign, which pages to Exclude and you can also choose Referrer.
  • Advanced Campaign Management : Edit, Archive, Pause or Activate your campaign with just one click.
  • Detailed Reporting and Stats : Analyse your campaigns and see where and when your visitors are coming from!
  • Outsourcer License : Add your clients to your LetSetCom dashboard. Not just that, assign access level roles As per your needs!

LetSetCom comes powered with its unique iFrame technology to help you prepare any bonus or an affiliate page in just one click and then add any other relevant element like Central Timer, Tab Message, Promo bar, Exit Mat, etc. to it to make your promotion page – perfect getting you more sales from this promo page over the original offer page.

LetSetCom Bonus

Bonus #1 : Online Persona Machine (Personalization Made Easy) : Online Persona is a personalization tool based on triggers and actions that enables you to personalize your website for every visitor easily and quickly. You’ll be able to deliver targeted messages to each and every website visitor.

Choose from any of the following triggers – or a combination of these triggers – to initiate the action: time of day, date, location, number of previous visits, and more. You can also create your own custom trigger in JavaScript.

After you choose your trigger, select the action that will occur. You can choose from ready-made actions including pop ups, notification bars, and new site row, or create your own action.

Here are a few ideas for integrating Online Persona into your website :

  • Greet first-time website visitors with a coupon or walkthrough video.
  • Boost holiday sales with a notification bar that enables online reservations.
  • Enable mobile visitors to reach you in a click by inserting a row with a click-to-call button.
  • Improve your online campaign with a sale popup triggered by a campaign URL.
  • Celebrate the holidays by adding snowflakes or fireworks to your site.
  • Guide mobile visitors to your nearest brick-and-mortar shop by showing a map.
  • Replace your phone number with a contact form when visitors reach your site during off hours.
  • Display a popup with a newsletter signup for visitors who reach your site for the third time.
  • Promote your lunchtime menu with a popup that appears during specific hours.
  • Show an appointment popup when visitors arrive after business hours.

Bonus #2 : WooCommerce Personalized Checkout Page : The First and only plugin to customize WooCommerce Checkout Page by adding Extra Fields based on Conditions. And also allow admin to Disable/Enable Shipping and Payment Methods based on Conditions.

This plugin interface is nice and easy to manage all conditions on one page. There are five type of conditions will handle to add extra fees or disable/enable shipping and payment methods: Cart Total, – Shipping Methods, – Payment Methods, – Shipping Country, – Products in Cart, – Coupon.

Bonus #3 : Personalized banner (increasing CTR up to 3 times) : This plugin generates personalized banner with a certain user’s name, increasing its CTR up to 3 times, as everybodylikes to be addressed by name. It shows up when a user enters a comment on your blog or website, and therefore it doesn’t take up too much space on the website and it isn’t influenced by “banner blindness”.

The Efficiency and Advantages – What is an average CTR of the banner embedded in the page? It’s very cheerless, even concerning beautiful banners, for example with attractive images. And it’s not desirable to put up aggressive banners which occupies half of the page because of the responsibility before users.

But! There is a better way out. CTR of this banner is above usual three times as much. Moreover triple CTR doesn’t clutter up the page with banners!

Bonus #4 : WordPress Conversion by righTune (Increase engagement & conversion) : Play to your visitor​s’ emotion and convert them into loyal customers by playing relevant, customized background music. This ambiance adds a deep emotional dimension to your site’s content and directly impacts user behavior, increases staying time, loyalty and revenue. ​We take the widely-accepted concept of in-store music used and leverage it for the online world. Up to 20% increase in conversions.

Key features :

  • You set the desired mood on your website and your business goal and we’ll customize play lists just for you.
  • We learn what play lists perform best for your website and enhance them on a daily basis.

Bonus #5 : eCommerce SmartrMail : This app lets you send personalized shopping emails to get more sales.

Unlike other email platforms, eCom SmartrMail is focused on getting you more sales for your WooCommerce store. Results are important, which is why eCom SmartrMail reports real-time sales data, clicks and opens. Instantly know how much revenue SmartrMail is driving to your store.

Our Automated product recommendation emails are personalized one to one messages with individual recommended products, based on each of your customer’s browsing behaviour, past purchases, and email clicks.

We automatically pull in all of your previous customer data from your WooCommerce store. Then we start tracking what your current visitors are clicking on, adding to cart, and buying. Our emails use this data to make individual product recommendations for each of your customers.

Get Let Set Com App And My Bonuses

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