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LinkedIn Consultant Empire Review : Bonus

LinkedIn Consultant Empire – what is it? LinkedIn Consultant Empire is a new course and wordpress plugin by Lee Cole that shows you what’s working on LinkedIn right now! Things have changed drastically over the past year. What used to work, curated content, no longer works.

As a matter of fact, curated content will now land you in LinkedIn jail! This new content marketing strategy, however, solves all these problems. It allows newbies to look like seasoned pros, and also attracts the right, high ticket buyers to you!

LinkedIn Consultant Empire comes with our new WordPress plugin, LinkedIn Content Machine. This is a content-based system, and with our plugin, LinkedIn Content Machine, you won’t have to create any content yourself. It takes care of all your content needs for a whole year! No curating. No writing. No fuss! Just plug ‘n play and let the content do all the branding and marketing work for you!

This training teaches you a copy and paste method for turning all these prospects you`ll be getting into high-dollar, recurring income sales. The service you`ll be providing is exactly that same, proven content marketing system you used to get your own clients. Part-time effort! Full-time recurring income!

LinkedIn Consultant Empire Review

In his new training and software product Lee Cole reveals everything … specifically, you will learn :

  • Exactly what types of businesses to sell this too
  • The new way to use LinkedIn to find only the best, highest paying, hungry buyers for your services
  • Lee`s new, passive method of getting the right types of businesses to reach out to me
  • The new “kiss of death” on LinkedIn and how to avoid it!
  • What changes LinkedIn has made lately and why we had to develop a brand new marketing strategy.
  • Exactly what kinds of content to use today!
  • Why the wrong kind of status updates will probably end you up in LinkedIn “jail”
  • How to avoid this problem by using the right kind of content
  • How to get the right content created without spending tons of money or time
  • Complete training on selling this new service to businesses
  • Complete training on how to outsource virtually everything

The LinkedIn Content Machine wordpress plugin is super easy to install. The plugin then populates your website with a year`s worth of pre-written content. You`ll own PLR rights to this content, which means you can claim it as you own. When you drive traffic to your website, as we teach, they`ll see your content and know that you are a world-class professional social media marketer!

LinkedIn Consultant Empire Bonus

Bonus #1 : LinkedIn Marketing for Businesses : Proper LinkedIn marketing helps you to build a huge list of responsive prospects that are eager to purchase your products or services. This great package that comprises of training guide, cheat sheet, mind map, top resource report etc. will help you to build your profile strategically and make the most out of this business centric social network!

Bonus #2 : LinkedIn Marketing Excellence : With this exclusive video tutorial, you will be able to make the best use of this social media marketing tool in order to get best results for your business and become a success story. It will enhance the value of your purchase from my affiliate link. Take its benefit in order to get best results for your business.

Bonus #3 : LinkedIn tutorial : After purchasing “LinkedIn Consultant Empire” you are advancing on the path of success and scale your profits to the next level. This package will help you to generate more income with LinkedIn by creating a never ending flow of quality targeted leads for your business. Use this package to beat your competitors and be a figure of envy for others.

Bonus #4 : LinkedIn Cash Cow : Effective LinkedIn marketing helps you to build huge network of people that you can contact about your business and product and skyrocket your ROI. With this package that includes a power packed video, you will be able to increase the visibility, credibility and earning potential for your business.

Bonus #5 : LinkedIn for Businesses : This exclusive package will help you to discover hot leads and convert them into your customer in order to boost your profits. With its assistance, you will also be able to build a solid network of customers and a loyal following of repeat buyers that stand by your side always. Make the best use of autoresponder series and the squeeze pages that would ultimately help you to establish your brand easily in the minds of your customers.

Bonus #6 : LinkedIn Exposure : LinkedIn helps you to fill the GAP between converting potential buyers into high paying customers. But, if you don’t devote proper attention to your campaign, it can be quite problematic for your business.

So, to help you come out of these problems, this package will make you aware of the most common mistakes that can act as a barrier between you and your business success. Go through this report and avoid these critical mistakes for being successful.

Bonus #7 : Killer LinkedIn Mistakes : Each and every business owner wants to use social media for getting targeted traffic. This guide will provide you with a simple roadmap on how to make the best use of social media for your business and get tons of followers for your products and services. Use this information along with the helpful information given in “LinkedIn Consultant Empire” to beat your competitors easily.

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