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Local Lead Drop 2.0 Review : Bonus

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Local Lead Drop 2.0 a proven system for getting high ticket leads literally dropping into your inbox, ready to buy...

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The Local Lead Drop 2.0 system is a complete system for getting leads delivered to your inbox daily. In addition to showing you how/where to get the leads (Thumbtack and Similar Sites) they also show you the closing system that closes 40% of the leads we send out a quote on.

This is a lead gen system that literally gets red hot leads dropping into your inbox (or smartphone) ready to buy. Not only do you get complete details on where to find these leads but you’ll also learn how to close them consistently at 40%.

You can get leads for web design, SEO, Video, YouTube, Social Media and the list goes on! Any service you might offer as a marketer there are leads for…and they are high ticket! Just one of the leads from this source turned into $10k in business for these guys and overall they’ve made more than $50k from this system!

Robert Dickson cover everything in a complete video training series and also include the key documents needed during the process. He break down everything you need to know in order to make this system work no matter what services you may be offer.

Local Lead Drop 2 Review

In Local Lead Drop 2.0, Robert take this method international with the addition of new sites you can use to implement this system around the globe! Not only that but the core training videos are all new to account for the changes made to Thumbtack as well as addressing areas that needed more detail from the version 1 customer feedback.

The Local Lead Drop training is a complete guide to getting red hot leads dropping into you inbox just like Robert Then he will show you how to convert those leads like clockwork and turn them into longtime paying clients. He even show you how to expand your business rapidly using systematic referral strategies.

Here is just a few of the things you will learn inside :

  1. The exact source we use to get these leads and how you can tap into it today! No waiting around to get leads coming in, you can literally have them pouring in within hours.
  2. How to set yourself up for success from the beginning, even if you are just getting started and don’t have a single client yet!
  3. How to find the best projects to bid on so that you give yourself the best chance to close at high rate. Also how to avoid the tire kickers so you donu’t waste your time or money.
  4. The 4-Step Bidding process that wins projects over 40% of the time. Only 5 providers, that’s you, can bid on a given project so you start out with a 20% chance but our system doubles that.
  5. Our Secret Weapon that helps us stand out from the crowd immediately. We’ve been using this for years to close deals and it flat out works. Once you have this in your arsenal closing deals becomes a breeze.
  6. The simple yet effective system we use for closing these deals without ever doing any hard selling. In fact, it doesn’t even feel like closing more like taking an order.
  7. How and When to Upsell these prospects into monthly marketing services. Not only will you be able to make great money up front but you can also leverage this lead source into a monthly income source.
  8. Plus we’ve included a killer bonus training that breaks down how to offer one of the hottest high end services out there, Video Advertising.

This is truly just a taste of what you’ll learn in this powerful training. Once you go through the training and apply what you lean you’ll be able to get high ticket leads dropping into your inbox daily! Not only that but you’ll be able to close them at 40% for high ticket services with ease!

Local Lead Drop 2.0 Review : Bonus

Bonus #1 : Local Markting Secrets : After securing your purchase of Local Lead Drop 2.0, you are almost ready to zoom ahead of your competitors in a focused and well directed manner. Today, local marketing has come of age and has become integral for being successful in the long run. So, this package that includes 15+ videos will help you to make the most out of local marketing for enhancing your growth potential.

Bonus #2 : Recurring Local Fortune : Local Lead Drop 2.0 helps to provide high end marketing services in the local market and boost profits without much hassles. To add an extra punch to your purchase, this pack contains 10 easy to understand videos showing you how to get the most from the huge local offline market. Use them in order to get best results for your business.

Bonus #3 : Surfire Local Launchpad : Today, local businesses face countless problems for getting targeted leads, boosting profit margins, attracting high paying clients in the long run, and so on. If you can provide a complete solution to these problems, then there is no looking back.

So, I am providing this brand new 10-part video course that will help you to discover how to make money by offering result oriented services to local businesses and stand out from the crowd. When combined with Local Lead Drop 2.0, it becomes a WIN-WIN situation for business owners.

Bonus #4 : WP Offiline Pricing Pro : WordPress is the ultimate key to success that enables you to earn cool passive income online and surpass your competitors easily in the long run. Today, luring website visitors to make purchases is one of the topmost concerns for internet marketers. To bail you out of this problem, this cool plugin will help you to create professional pricing pages that will motivate your visitors to take the desired action, and boost your profits. When combined with your purchase through my affiliate link, it will reap huge rewards for your business.

Bonus #5 : WP Local Lander Plugin : Local Lead Drop 2.0 has all the required tools that you need to serve your clients in local area and get maximum profits without burning your wallet. To make your journey a cakewalk, this package comprises of an amazing plugin that creates fully optimized business pages. Use this plugin to create audience capturing pages, and let your profits reach the next level.

Bonus #6 : WP Combined Search Widget : This package consists of a premium WordPress plugin that displays the hotels combined search widget on your sidebar. So, if you have a website that displays information related to various hotels, then this plugin is a must have for boosting profits.

Bonus #7 : Offiline Marketing Managet Software : Marketing a product offline has come of age and has given numerous marketers the opportunity to increase exposure and get targeted traffic on their website.

Keeping this in mind, this package that comprises of powerful software will help you to promote your services or products to scattered audience. When used with the useful information provided with Local Lead Drop 2.0, this package will surely become a top notch business booster.

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