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Local Magic – what is it? Local Magic is an incredible client getting package which includes a DFY lead finder software plus a step by step training … a real case study that works like a charm. This DFY system incldes 2 Powerful modules :

  • a powerful lead finder app
  • extensive case study training

The software can generate dozens of leads in minutes that you can potentially turn into clients paying up to $1,000 a pop. It saves you hours of work and provides the best pre-qualified leads you can find online.

The done for you system converts the freshly found leads into clients that will gladly pay you up to $1,000 and then will thank you for it. Having the leads to sell to is one thing – being able to actually close the deal is another and we solved both of these problems for you.

Local Magic Review

How Does Local Magic Works?

Step #1 : Use The 1-Click Lead Finding Software : Get Dozens Of Potential Client Leads Within Minutes Of Firing Up The Software ​ (this step alone can take HOURS of work).

Step #2 : Use The Done-For-You System to Convert Fresh Leads Into Clients : Paying Up To $1,000 a Pop ​ This is something you can do over and over again – tested & proven to work (this system alone is worth thousands of dollars).

Step #3 : Deliver the Premium Video Marketing service : This is where you deliver Massive Value to your clients – and they thank you for it (Rinse & Repeat – you can do this over & over again).

Watch the video below to see local magic in actions :

Get Local Magic And My Bonuses

Who need Local Magic?

Local Magic is for anyone looking to get free leads and turn them into clients paying up to $1,000. Art Flair, the creator of Local Magic, made sure to include every single thing you need to be successful with this.

Additionally you get years of our combined online experience inside the step-by-step video training – and that alone is worth 5 figures! You will see results from this – you don’t have to be an experienced marketer. Even complete beginners can use this to quickly get free leads, turn them into paying clients and finally see real, fast results.

Local Magic Bonus

Bonus #1 : Theme Buzz : An elegant and well responsive theme is of prime importance for every business owner today. By using this, you can easily enhance the look of each website and make relevant changes in its features. This package includes a software that will enable you to generate and customize a WordPress theme in no time. It also has ready to use articles that have valuable information included.

Bonus #2 : Offline Client Grabber : Most offline marketers don’t know how to bail themselves out of this situation but you can stop worrying now as this package will help you to find and acquire high paying clients and keep them connected with you in long run. Use this powerful information to get best results for your business.

Bonus #3 : Offline Gold Lost Forum Thread : Selling internet marketing services to needy business owners is very critical for boosting your profit margins. With this package, you will discover why local business owners are desperate for various internet marketing services you provide.

Bonus #4 : Offline Profit Quickstart : Offline marketing has come of age and has given numerous marketers the opportunity to increase their earnings in order to give a dream life to their families. This E-book that is packed with very helpful content will enable you to start making cool passive income by providing services to scattered offline marketers.

Bonus #5 : Offline Marketing Niche Site : Offline marketing is BOOMING today and people are ready to pay big bucks for it. The information that is included here will help you to become a MASTER CLASS and establish a great reputation in the market. This package is a great ADD ON and will enable you to learn proven and helpful tricks and use them to get long term beneficial results for your offline consultation business.

Bonus #6 : Graphics Ease : Attractive and well- designed graphics are of prime importance for establishing your credibility and demonstrating your expertise. In this exclusive package you will get Photoshop files and action scripts for 40+ e-covers and headers. This package will set you right on track and boost ROI for your business.

Bonus #7 : Mobile Squeeze Page Package : Squeeze pages are of prime importance and proven tools for increasing visitor retention on your website. They are very helpful to persuade your visitors to add their email address into your list.

Get Local Magic And My Bonuses

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How To Get Your Local Magic Bonus?

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