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Madsense Reborn 2.0 – what is it? Madsense Reborn 2.0 is a jam-packed, step-by-step video program which takes you from knowing nothing about Viral News Sites to setting up your own viral website, driving over 100,000 unique visitors & generating revenues from all over the internet in less than 30 days.

Madsense Reborn version 2.0 is bigger & even better. It’s been tested by 100s of people and the results are all over the page. The beauty of this system is that it takes 2 trusted platforms – Google and Facebook – and uses them to make passive daily profits.

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Here’s how : you get a done for you ‘mini site’ that’s preloaded with content & ready to go and you’re shown exactly how to monetize with Adsense … and given a “secret file” that can triple your profits.

Then, you’re walked thru how to drive premium traffic from facebook for as little as five bucks … once you’re in profit, just reinvest some of those profits for non-stop cash flow plus a whole lot more … everything you need from traffic to using other people’s content is shared in step-by-step video modules.


Here’s an overview of the system and your training modules :

Module #1 – Engage The Profit Machine : We’ll walk you thru the simple steps to setting up your site & accounts. Then they will show you a critical next step to explode your profits. You will get access to a secret file which will double your profit potential instantly and let you attract traffic that converts like crazy.

Module #2 – Done For You, Downloadable, Customizable & Profitable Mini Site : Madsense Reborn V2.0 Includes a fully customizable mini site, built to make you profits. You get a pre-made site, tested and ready to make money. Just replace logo, contact details and name and that’s it!

You’ll get DFY content, curated and edited and ready to go straight out of the box. This will have the secret file installed, and it’ll even have some free traffic coming to it after you install it as well. Then, just spend $5 on traffic the way we teach you and you’ll be making money in no time!

Module #3 – Shortcuts To HQ Content : *UPDATED for v2* This module cuts straight to the point for getting the content you need to drive traffic. Adsense relies on content … but creating content manually again and again ..or hiring someone to do it for you? Huge waste of time and money.

They have created a shortcut which allows you to get started fasat and legally using other people’s content without rewriting or spinning. Rewriting becomes an option only after you’re already making money. And in v2 we now introduce a way easier system to get content legally.

Madsense Reborn 2.0 Proof

Module #4 – Adsense Setup : Here you’ll discover the basics of setting up adsense for profit. It may sound boring … even simple … but it’s exactly what’s going to get you paid. Once you understand the platform and play by Google’s rules, you shortcut your path to profits. Tom Yevsikov, Abdullah & Gaurab will give you the codes and methods for applying for Adsense – a proven system for fast approval that gets you on the fast track for passive income.

Module #5 – Simple Traffic : This is where the meat is, the fuel of your passive income engine. By the time you’re done with this module, you should already be making some money. They will show how to create your first campaigns, mindset tips and much more.

How to test & scale to drive higher profits. Leveraging images & psychology to grow even faster. This module alone is worth 5X the price of this package, according to both our students and competition. You’ll discover how to leverage facebook ads for predictable profits… Starting with as little as $5 per day.

When you consistently turn $5 into $100 or much more daily … you’ll see just how much FUN you can have tapping into FB for profit. Plus new for V 2.0 is a hack to get cheaper traffic & how to become a FB ads expert in a day without learning (VERY COOL)

Module #6 – “Predictable Stairway Scaling” : When it comes to scaling with FB ads, there are several different ways to do that. And it all depends on your adsense profits, the way the campaigns perform etc..

But whatever the outcome of your test campaigns, there is one thing we focus hard on. Stairway scaling. What we mean by this is that you will scale risk free. We show you how to scale, get profit and continue scaling from there only. This will be the point where you will be making the serious money. I’m talking life changing Income.

Madsense Reborn 2.0 Proof 2

Module #7 – The Free Traffic Hack : You see in V1 we focused only on paid traffic. But since then we’ve learned cool ways to get free traffic on complete autopilot. And not only we’re going to show you step by step how to start getting free traffic. But the are also going to show you how to put it on autopilot.

Module #8 – Tripling Profits With Retargeting : After v1  Tom Yevsikov, Abdullah & Gaurab have realized thet were leaving a lot of money on the table. Because we tried retargeting with adsense a few times and didn’t turn a profit.

But since then we learned from our actual students that successfully scaled their businesses how to use retargeting to get cheaper traffic back and get insane roi ..overall tripling profits. And I’m telling you, it`s damn easy when you know what you’re doing.

Here’s exactly why Madsense Reborn 2.0 is different from all the other methods : there is a lot of money to be made with Adsense and if you are following this up-to-date methods with this system and the done for you mini site, it`s just easy.

Madsense Reborn 2.0 Bonus

BONUS #1 : WP Affiliate Fix : People love to share about movies, music and TV shows on Facebook. Combine this with Madsense Reborn 2. Promote music and profit! Now is your chance to tap the billion dollar music industry w/ WordPress + iTunes + Amazon

BONUS #2 : 100k Adsense Blueprint : Adsense $100k Blueprint turns Adsense upside-down, and “Conventional Wisdom” on it’s head. The Time-Tested, Proven Course for Building a 6-Figure Internet Business Adsense $100k Blueprint.

BONUS #3 : Maximise Adsense CTR : Few simple tweaks you can send your AdSense clickthrough rates through the roof! Yet, optimizing your AdSense pages is a mystery for most. There are countless tricks and strategies to boosting your income. However, it takes time and a lot of testing to discover them. They then lose a fortune in lost revenue. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

BONUS #4 : Facebook Quiz Creator : Easily create fun, entertaining FaceBook quizzes with just a few clicks of your mouse. Visitors challenge themselves by solving quizzes that will keep them entertained (so this way they will spend more time in your site.) You can also use it to grow your traffic using a series of trivia quizzes with topics related to your business/offer.

BONUS #5 : WP EZ Viral Contest : EZ Viral Contest is a subscriber-increasing WordPress plugin that will allow you access to quick and easy responsive contest pages. It will keep your visitors engaged. The best thing is that you can do this in just a few minutes! It’s very simple. People visit your site, enter a contest and will become incentivised to share it with their friends and families, causing your contests to go viral!

BONUS #6 : Traffic Blitz : Discover the smart way to grab attention, engage visitors, drive more traffic, boost clicks and increase sales & profits. Use one simple strategy that will take only minutes to set up and will funnel in tons of quality traffic to your sites.

Get Madsense Reborn And My Bonus Pack

BONUS #7 : $10 A Day Traffic Plan : In a world where driving traffic has become highly competitive and expensive, you can start getting a ton of traffic for as little as 10 bucks a day! Uncover the secrets to dramatically increasing your traffic using these 3 different types of traffic effectively. Learn how to inject a shot of adrenaline into your traffic campaigns overnight!

BONUS #8 : Fear Factor Fortunes : Turn More Visitors Into Buyers. Discover How To Use The Power Of Psychology To Your Advantage! Discover a secret to using scarcity to boost sales in the most powerful way possible – hardly anyone knows this secret, but those who do are making a killing with it!

BONUS #9 : FB Live Poll Case Study : How We Got 111k FB reach, 4.7k likes, 500 comments In Just 2 hrs Flat. Learn how to use Facebook LIVE POLL to get crazy engagement and profit with CPA & Adsense!

BONUS #10 : WP Image+ : Easily Tap Into More Than 1,000,000 Copyright-Free, High-Quality Images Straight From The Admin Area Of Your WordPress Blog :

  • Effortlessly edit the pictures in hundreds of different ways in order to suit your needs. You can crop, resize, and even insert any text you want!
  • Choose between 26 creative filters (from “vintage” or “grungy” to “emboss” or “radiant blur.”) Come up with winning combination each and every time!
  • It’s easy to install and use (in fact, it doesn’t matter if you never touched WP before, it’s SO easy to use that you’ll laugh!

BONUS #11 : High Blog Profit Secrets : Learn the secrets the pros use to build high profit blog every time and make real money. Find out the top money making methods used by top bloggers and how you can follow in their footsteps. Uncover the secrets to skyrocketing your blogging income even if you’re just getting started.

Get Madsense Reborn And My Bonus Pack

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