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Martin Crumlish – Instant Offline Presence Review

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Are you looking for information about Instant Offline Presence?Read more below in my honest Instant Offline Presence Review by Martin Crumlish.Is it worth your time and money!?Also check my killer Instant Offline Presence Bonus Pack!

Who Is Martin Crumlish?

Martin Crumlish is one of the most well known warriors out there (his nickname on the Warrior Forum is icun).He was the student of Tristan Bull, who in turn was the student of Frank Kern, so you can probably see why he is one of the biggest names in the industry. He is an absolute genius when it comes to Facebook stuff he created more than 20 products in the area. Here are some products from Martin :

  • Instant Banner Presence – a app that creates stunning graphics for every conceivable banner size, plus OptimizePress-ready website headers, Facebook group banners and more.
  • Instant Header Presence – Instant Header Presence is built specifically to make slick, attractive website headers that go perfectly with any site
  • Instant Video Presence – is built specifically to make slick, attractive video graphic elements, perfect for professional branding in webinars, replay videos and google hangouts.

So What Is Instant Offline Presence?

Designing graphic materials for both online and offline marketing campaigns is a real tough job and is next to impossible unless you are a Photoshop ninja or some kind of whizz kid.Instant Offline Presence is a powerful tool specially designed to remove the learning curve and save time in creating professional graphic materials for your business campaigns.

For onliners, it allows you to promote your business on your blog, social media, forums and more with the coupons, flyers and other marketing materials uniquely prepared from Offline Presence. For offliners, start selling innovative design services for print materials. Add an extra income stream to your business with Offline Presence or promote your business with business cards, flyers and more

Instant Offline Presence features:

  • Never-before seen built-in templates
  • One-click 3D conversion technology mobile-friendly

Instant Offline Presence

Offline Presence is an incredible tool to solve all your dilemma with regards to both offline and online advertising.It lets you create beautiful marketing materials which can be used for the web as well as the print industry, including flyers, coupons, rack cards and more,it literally takes seconds to design great sales material with Offline Presence and start promoting your business the easy way.

Offline Presence is also an extremely mobile-friendly software that let`s you do your work across any mobile device, upload and share your designs anywhere with internet connection.This is definitely a “wowzer” and a great way to showcase your marketing materials to potential customers on the spot to make your brand stand out and boost your credibility!

Get My Killer Instant Offline Presence Bonus Pack

Bonus #1: Premium Graphics Package

Bonus #2: 4 Free Minisite Designs

Bonus #3: 18 Free Logo Designs

Bonus #4: 5 Proven “Conversion-Boosting” Graphics

Bonus #5: 5 Free Minisite Templates

Bonus #6: 6 Free Capture Pages

Bonus #7: 5 Free Facebook Covers

Bonus #8: 6 Free Mobile Squeeze Pages

Bonus #9: 63 Free Hand-Written Graphics



If you have any information about Instant Offline Presence that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Instant Offline Presence Review below.

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