Novelty Site Builder Review

What is Novelty Site Builder? Novelty Site Builder is a WordPress software that allows you to build money-making Amazon affiliate sites with unusual and sometimes funny or even ridiculous products. This is a type of viral products that makes people stop scrolling their Facebook newsfeed when they see it.

And it either makes them laugh or they feel curious and they click on it or share with their friends. It’s very easy to get these stores started because the products get viral traffic on their own and you don’t have to create any content.

Novelty Site Builder

Easy To Use - 95%
Features - 94%
Price - 97%
Support - 95%
Bonuses - 96%



Novelty Site Builder is a WordPress plugin + theme combo that allows you to build profitable affiliate sites with unique viral products : create money-making Amazon affiliate sites and no API is needed (products are imported via included Chrome extension).

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With Novelty Site Builder software you can create and run money-making affiliate sites with unique viral products :

  • Automated Product Import : Build your affiliate sites by automatically importing all of the product info via our built-in browser extension. Your sites will be auto-filled with unique products that quickly spread on social media sites. 
  • FREE Viral Traffic : It’s our human nature to tell our friends and family about new, funny and unusual things. Get ready for traffic that snowballs day after day.
  • Earn Amazon Commission : Your sites will earn affiliate commission from the world’s largest affiliate program – Amazon. All product links are automatically turned into affiliate links using your Amazon Associate Tag (affiliate ID). You don’t even have to think about it!

Novelty Site Builder Review

How Does Novelty Site Builder Works?

You can get started with Novelty Site Builder in 3 easy steps :

STEP #1 : Choose What Your Novelty Site Is About : Simply select what kind of novelty products you want from hundreds of suitable niches or just mix and match items without any particular category. It’s all up to you. A detailed behind-the-shoulder tutorial is included.

STEP #2 : Auto-Import Amazon Products : Using our custom-made Chrome extension, automatically import as many products as you wish. You can get the ball rolling with as little as 6 products. You can always add more later.

Novelty Site Builder Demo

STEP #3 : Monetize With Amazon Affiliate Program : Add your Amazon Associate Tag (affilaite ID) and the plugin will automatically turn all product links into your affiliate links. Earn up to 10% commission on all purchases your visitors make within 24 hours.

Novelty Site Builder Features

This software is packed with money-making features. Novelty Site Builder comes with everything you may need for building profitable affiliate sites :

  • Profitable Viral Sites : Enjoy free daily traffic from social media sites because people share these weird & unusual products like wildfire.
  • WordPress Plugin + Theme : Build flexible sites on the most popular content management software. Add new features with thousands of plugins.
  • No Amazon API Needed : Great news for beginners! We include a Chrome extension that handles product import and no API is needed.
  • No Content Required : Writing content sucks! Luckily, you don’t have to write anything because the sites don’t rely on Google for traffic.
  • Build a Community & Email List : Your sites allow users to register their accounts. You can use this feature to build a list and have on-demand traffic.
  • All 16 Amazon Countries : Novelty Site Builder supports importing products from all 16 Amazon countries. Profit from world-wide traffic.

Novelty Site Builder Features

  • Earn Amazon Commission : Drive profits from the world’s largest online retailer. Earn up to 12% on your referred sales within 24 hour window.
  • Import Products In 1 Click : All product’s data including title, description and images is automatically imported via our built-in browser extension.
  • Easy-to-Follow Tutorials : Inside the members area you’ll find videos that cover everything from the setup to finding products.
  • Free Viral Traffic : People can’t resist sharing cool things they find online. This is why Novelty sites are so successful.
  • Save Products To Favorite : Novelty sites let people build a list of favorite products that they can come back to and share with others.
  • Fast & Reliable Support : Need help with something? Just send a quick message and they`ll do the best to solve your issue within 24 hours.

Novelty Site Builder Review – Bonus

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Get Novelty Site Builder And My Bonuses

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