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Offline Rockstar Pro Review – Bonus



Offline Rockstar Pro - an easy to follow blueprint to sign up new untapped local clients in an easy to follow step by step format.

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Offline Rockstar Pro – what is it? This is a training course that will give you access to Cristian Seb`s exact local clients blueprint that will get results for your clients and keep them paying you month after month.

The blueprint is designed so that anyone no mater their previous history in local marketing will have no problem following the guide and have their first clients within the first week!

If you already worked with local clients you should know by now that many of them are quite difficult persons. They ask you many questions that are not related to what you do, they try to get from you guarantees, and they phone you every week for details.

When you have to work with actual local clients, there isn’t a big apetite to actually meet them in person. You might be shy, or you are simply not the best when it comes to socialize. The twist on this is that you can do everything online if you want to.

The Offline Rockstar Pro system will get you high end local clients without any stress or direct contact with clients. Inside the members are you will find 5 modules, more than 20+ videos and 2+ hours of high quality training! Here is a breakdown of the training modules :

Module #1 : Find Unlimited Bands And Musicians As Local Leads

  • Video 1: Introduction
  • Video 2: Local Marketing Introduction
  • Video 3: Local Clients Types and Expectations
  • Video 4: Why to chose bands and musicians as local clients
  • Video 5. Advantages of working with bands as clients

Module #2 : Steps System To Sign Local Clients With A 80% Success Rate

  • Video 1: Overview
  • Video 2: Step 1 – Get your prospects interested in your offer
  • Video 3: Step 2 – Build trust with your prospectsOffline Rockstar Pro Review
  • Video 4: Step 3 – Wait for their reply
  • Video 5: How to add advertising Role for Facebook Ads

Module #3 : Easy Facebook Ads System For Bands And Musicians Clients

  • Video 1: How to find Local Bands
  • Video 2: Find more Local bands using SonicBids
  • Video 3: Create your FB Audience for bands and musicians
  • Video 4: How to find Audiences for Bands
  • Video 5: Creating Video Ads for Bands
  • Video 6: How to create a followers gathering campaign for artists

Module #4 : Extra Services You Can Easily Sell To Your Clients For Pure Profits

  • Video 1: Sell your Clients graphic services
  • Video 2: Sell your clients youtube views
  • Video 3: Sell your clients instagram followers
  • Video 4: Create your client’s professional website for cheap

Module #5 : Steps System To Sign Local Clients With A 80% Success Rate

  • Video 1: Overview
  • Video 2: Step 1 – Get your prospects interested in your offer
  • Video 3: Step 2 – Build trust with your prospects
  • Video 4: Step 3 – Wait for their reply
  • Video 5: How to add advertising Role for Facebook Ads

In this “no fluff” training you will learn the exact process that took Cristian Seb from offline wannabees to offline rockstars – nothing held back – so you can easily replicate his success in your town or city! I think this is by far the most easy to follow blueprint to reach local clients success in less than 1 wee!

Offline Rockstar Pro Review : Bonus

Bonus #1 : Offline Business Traffic Strategies : Offline marketing is booming today and people are ready to pay big bucks for it. Getting targeted traffic is the best way to beat your competitors with less efforts. With this package, you will be able to learn proven traffic generation strategies that are directed to enhance your profit margins and get best returns on your investments .

Bonus #2 : Offline GoldMine : So, if used in a proper manner, it can reap great benefits for you without depending on obsolete information. And to make your path easier, the information contained in this E-book will help you to build a huge list of responsive buyers & clients and earn cool passive income without burning a hole in your pocket.

Bonus #3 : Offline Eclipse : Local business owners are constantly in need of help and most of them are not aware about benefits of internet marketing. They are spending thousands of dollars on website development without any surety of becoming successful. This E-book will help you to easily set up a website leasing service. Ultimately, you can save your time and energy and get searched easily in order to boost your profit margins.

Bonus #4 : Offline Fortunes : Offline marketing has come of age and has given numerous marketers the opportunity to increase their earnings in order to give a dream life to their families. These step-by-step videos will help you to get best results in the offline marketing arena.

Bonus #5 : Offline-Gold-Forum-Thread : This package helps you to discover why local business owners are desperate for the internet marketing knowledge you provide them. So, you will be able to earn cool passive income by selling your online marketing services to prospective business owners. Ultimately, you’ll be geared up to provide top notch services to hungry marketers and boost profits without spending a fortune.

Bonus #6 : Offline Social Gold : Offline marketing has gained grounds tremendously and if you are not targeting offline marketers, you are missing something big. Keeping this in mind, I am providing this package that helps to Cash in the Offline Social Media Niche and generate clients to get more business opportunities.

Bonus #7 : Offline Marketing Made Easy : This package includes proven strategies that will enable you to increase your sales and profits by providing helpful service to numerous Business owners. This package delivers more than it’s worth and is a necessity for every offline marketer today.

Bonus #8 : Offline Monopoly : The growth of Offline marketing has given rise to numerous opportunities for prospective business owners to increase their profits with the help of offline marketing. With the strategies provided in this Ebook, you will be able to stay up to date with clients and provide them services that they have been desperately waiting for.

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