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Pixalogo Library – what is it? Many people need a logo for their business for multiple purposes. A logo is very urgent for your business, because with a logo, you can impact your audience to get more engagement. If you want to create a beautiful logo, basically, before now you may have created it using adobe illustrator, or Photoshop software.

Pixalogo Library is revolutionary logo bundle templates only using PowerPoint software. It’s very easy! You only need to : open templates, change and customize templates and export this template. Not only that, but in the Pixalogo Library  there are 400+ logo templates.

Get PixalogoLibrary And My Bonus Package

All templates have been re-arranged for each business category. So, you will find logo templates easily for your own business. Pixalogo Library includes Commercial License too, so you can use it for your clients, no limit!

Pixalogo Library features :

  • Drag & Drop Editor only Using PowerPoint : You only need DRAG & DROP Pixalogo Library Templates. It’s very easy to use, no need to work hard to create a beautiful logo…
  • Customize Any you Want to : Whatever you want, you can customize the templates. It’s very easy, and you will find new ways to create a beautiful logo!
  • Need Logo Animation? You can do it instantly : You’re bored with a STUCK logo? You can adding more animation on pixalogo library templates too!
  • Export to Image High Quality Format : If you have finished editing, you can export to HQ image edition. You can do that in under 5 minutes!

Pixalogo Library Review

Pixalogo Library will help you to create a logo for your business, easy and fast. Pixalogo will save you more money
because you no longer must hire a logo designer again … not only that, I have also prepared a special pixalogo library bonus (see below) for you and special discounts for Pixalogo.

Pixalogo Library Bonus

Bonus #1 – Premium IM Graphic : This product will make you easily prettify your website appearance. You dont need to design crucially your landing page in order to make it looks prettier. What you have to do is only editing all of the design collection in this product. Not only that, you can also utilize it to prettify your marketing video appearance by using some video maker software such as Video Maker FX, Easy Sketch Pro, Explaindio, Video Motion, Camtasia, Powerpoint, or Adobe After Effect.

Bonus #2 – Police Mascot Character – SVG, PNG, EPS, PSD : This Police Mascot Character will insert some graphic collections and prettify your marketing video. We give you SVG, PNG, EPS, and PSD format. This product can be used in Video Maker FX, Explaindio Video Motion, Camtasia, Powerpoint, or Adobe After Effect. You can get this bonus free if you buy Fresh Mascot by click my link.

Bonus #3 – Info Graphic in Bundle : Infographic will help you to explain your product easily and viral to your customer. Now you dont need hiring a designer or a freelancer to design a good graphic info.

Bonus #4 – Business Female Character : Business female character is one of the best seller product during the last month. Its format is complete, that is SVG, PNG, EPS, and PSD, and its unique design makes this product different with other illustrator. Business female character will complete your collection.

Bonus #5 – Afro Mascot Character – SVG, PNG, EPS, PSD : Afro Mascot Character also has a format as equal as business female character. This product format is also complete; there are SVG, PNG, EPS, and PSD. You can utilize this product to insert unique animation characters.

Bonus #6 – 10 Explainer Video Templates : This product can be main alternative when users get difficulty in making a video explainer. We all know that only some people can operate program such as adobe after effect and the other video maker softwares. Moreover the price is expensive. This product comes as a problem solver.

Bonus #7 – Premium Business Card : There are 25 templates of business card ready to use for your company. This product is a really unique product because its model is fresher, cleaner, and more elegant. Adjusting with company climate and modern life style.

Bonus #8 – Minimalist Powerpoint in Bundle : Minimalist powerpoint in bundle. This product is one of the best seller product during the last 2014. A minimalist design in this product makes it become the best seller and favourite product. You can utilize this product to prepare your presentation without hiring a designer and wasting your time.

Bonus #9 – 20 Images High Resolution : 20 images High Resolution. You can utilize this product as a background on your design. If you want to edit and make bonus above become different, you can use this product. As example, if you want to change powerpoint presentation become more unique, you can insert this image into your powerpoint slide.

Bonus #10 – Ketlebell Graphics : Ketlebell Graphic is a complement graphic for your marketing video collection. If you want promoting a specific product about sport you can utilize this produt as an alternative. So, you dont need redisigning it from the begining or hiring someone on fiverr or freelancer.

Get PixalogoLibrary And My Bonus Package

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How To Get Your Pixalogo Library Bonus?

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