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Press Release Empire Review : Bonus

Press Release Empire – what is it? Press Release Empire is a new course by Lee Cole that teaches you how to sell a high-ticket press release service to local businesses.

Press releases are something that every business owner and manager on the planet understands. No explaining or “selling” necessary. This is one of the easiest offline products out there that you can sell, and done right, you can build a huge business doing this!

Get Press Release Empire And My Bonuses

The press release empire course comes with our new WordPress plugin, Press Release Genie. Press Release Genie is so powerful that it can turn a non-writer into a copywriting powerhouse! Even newbies can power up Press Release Genie, fill in a few fields, and have a professional grade, publishable press release in no time!

The training consists of 21, step-by-step instructional videos. Lee Cole take you every step of the way from being a complete newbie to having a deep understanding of how to use press releases in local business marketing. You`ll know everything from the best topics to write about to the best sites to publish your press release on.

Lee even shows you how he routinely turn a $500 sale into a $1000 or even $2000 sale by upselling extras that most business owners are more than happy to pay for!

Press Release Empire Review

In the training and software product, Press Release Empire, Lee Cole is revealing everything. Specifically, you will learn :

  • Top easy ways to get clients for your press release service
  • Exactly how to price a press release
  • Proven technique for pinpointing the right newsworthy topic for your press release
  • Full training on everything…assumes you know nothing! (You’ll be an expert when you’re done, though!)
  • The best places to publish business press releases
  • Proven method of turning a simple sale for one press release into a $2000 sale!
  • Proven method for turning a one-off press release sale into at least a $1000 monthly income

Press Release Genie a WordPress plugin does all the work for you! It even comes with a Topic Tickler, which will help you and your client zero in on the best, viral worthy press release topics! Comes with complete, newbie friendly instructions. Takes less than 2 minutes to install.

Press Release Empire Bonus

Bonus #1 : 100 Press Release Strategies : Become an instant expert in press release marketing when you get 100 Press Release Strategies! You’ll learn exactly how the pros use press releases to market small, medium, and even large sized businesses. Yours FREE when you buy Press Release Empire today!

Bonus #2 : Press Release Power : Get Press Release Power and learn how to leverage press releases in your on or offline business. You’re going to learn a totally fresh approach to press releases. FREE to you, if you purchase Press Release Empire today!

Bonus #3 : 300 Offline Strategies : Run out of ideas on how to promote your offline business? Get this succinct report totally free when you purchase Press Release Empire and easily find the right client finding strategy for you and your product!

Bonus #4 : Overnight Offline Cash : Want to make money as soon as tonight? For real! Overnight Offline Cash is a groundbreaking report that will show you how to start making real money with offline marketing right now! Today!

Bonus #5 : The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy : Want to learn all about Internet marketing, and how to build a real lifestyle business? With The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy, you’ll learn exactly how to build the business of your dreams AND have the lifestyle of your dreams. Get this today FREE when you purchase Press Release Empire!

Get Press Release Empire And My Bonuses

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How To Get Your Press Release Empire Bonus

If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your LPress Release Empire Bonus, then I suggest you empty your browser cache (Click Here To Learn How), close all your web browser windows, then click on the link above! Then make a purchase using the link above. You bonuses will be available on the on the Press Release Empire Members Area!!

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