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Quick Leads Pro Review And Bonus

Quick Leads Pro – What Is It?

Quick Leads Pro is the ultimate solution for highly targeted lead generation for your freelance business. Quick Leads Pro takes whatever keywords and locations you enter and finds a bundle of websites’ flaws and weak spots for you. The software finds a business’ weak spots for you, and all you have to do is convey those weak spots to your customer!

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Quick Leads Pro In Depth Review

With the Quick Leads Pro software you are able to select a type of business to target and location. From there the software will extract data from the internet that includes, contact information, domains, and detailed analysis of the leads business. This analysis will provide relevant information that will help you sell the proper services to each lead and convert them to a loyal customer.

Quick Leads Pro Review

Let me explain how you can use the software. This is a 4 step process :

Step #1 : Find Leads : You open the software … you fill in your keyword and location you want to target and the software gather businesses around your location, their contact information, and any holes in their website or marketing.

For example, their website may be outdated, they may not use social media, they may have bad rankings, they may be missing important components on their website and more. All of this important data will be provided to you.

Step #2 : Offer Service To Leads / Collect Money : Using a pre-designed template, you send out an email to each lead telling them the issues you found, how you can help them resolve it, and how this will help them make more money.

Step #3 : Assing Work To Freelancer : You will assign the work to a freelancer and have them complete the job – Cory Ross is going to show you how to hire top freelancers in one of the free guides included with the software.

Step #4 : Repeat The Process : Just repeat the process over and over and you will be flooded with more business than you can handle, and plenty of cash flowing into your bank account.

Quick Leads Pro Bonus

Bonus #1: Offline Marketing Madness : After securing your purchase of Quick Leads Pro, you are almost ready to zoom ahead of your competitors in a focused and well directed manner. This package will complete the missing link that you are looking out for. Here, you will get access to proven strategies that will enable you to utilize the power of offline marketing for your business success.

Bonus #2: Offline Super Cash : You need to learn proven tools and techniques in order to make the most out of offline marketing for your business. And with this package, your search will surely come to an end. These strategies will help you to discover THE HIDDEN SECRETS for becoming successful, and when combined with Quick Leads Pro, it will be going to be a win-win situation for business owners.

Bonus #3: Mobile Marketing Magnet : Marketing with mobiles is becoming the need of the hour for numerous business owners in today’s scenario. This package comprises of various strategies like how to generate traffic with mobile marketing, how to create a mobile friendly website etc. When combined with your purchase through my affiliate link, this is going to reap in huge rewards for your business.

Bonus #4 : Offline Marketing Made Easy : Offline marketing is a very LUCRATIVE model and people are ready to pay BIG BUCKS for it. You are all set to rock with Quick Leads Pro, and we are giving you an additional add on to it. This package will provide you with effective and proven techniques in order to enhance your profit margins. With this package, you will be able to make best use of offline marketing strategies for your business. This package is filled with great content and will enhance the value of your purchase from my affiliate link.

Bonus 5 : WP Social Press : In order to stamp your authority over the competition, you must possess a complete WordPress theme designed to match all your needs. Inside this package, you will get a WordPress theme that is designed for internet and social marketers. The additional videos that have been provided here add laurels to the worth of this package..

Bonus #6: 123 Logo Toolkit : Logos are essential elements that enable you to stand out from your competitors. But, having the creativity and designing skills required to create Logos is a daunting task. So, in order to save your time and energy on this task, with this package you can get access to 30+ ready to use logos for your business.

Bonus #7: 15 Internet Marketing templates : This package is a great ADD ON and can be sold as individual package in order to maximize your business earnings. With this pack, you will get 15 internet marketing templates along with the graphics that will enable you to create professional minisite template with less efforts without having any designing skills.

The sub categories that are included here will help you to become a MASTER CLASS and establish a great reputation in the market.

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How Yo Get Quick Leads Pro Bonus?

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