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Rare Niche Research Tactics Review And Bonus

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In this post we will review a new product from Mikel PerezRare Niche Research Tactics.Also check out our huge Bonus Pack. So what is Rare Niche Research Tactics?This is a course that will show you 7 easy ways to find highly profitable niches, products and keywords for every online business.

Rare Niche Research Tactics

Rare Niche Research Tactics Teaches You :

  1. 7 incredible tactics no one else is talking about in any other niche research course
  2. Easy ways to get past “marketer`s block” leaving you with endless ideas for profitable niches
  3. How to find untapped, out-of-the box, niches that will line your pockets with cash
  4. How to use my very best niche research tactics, completely for free
  5. How to get an instant “birds-eye view” of your niche, giving you an “in” that means big bucks for you
  6. How to ethically “spy” on people in your niche, getting them to willingly tell you their goals, aspirations, projects, intentions, and more
  7. Determine the exact words, phrases, and lingo people use to talk about their goals – speak their language and you`ll make the sale
  8. How to find niche research already done – ready and waiting for you to use for your marketing
  9. How to get a real-time list of exactly what people want, need, and are willing to pay for in your niche, right now
  10. How to follow the breadcrumbs of niche research, dramatically boosting your sales of related products
  11. How to use the niche research your competitors have done to your advantage – and how you can stay one step ahead of them for fast niche domination

Rare Niche Research Tactics Bonus

Bonus #1: Decrypting Google – This short report is aimed at teaching you why the past Google updates are actually a good thing, how you can profit for them and what exactly you need to do in order to stay relevant and have a prospering website. It`s a great bonus if you want to presell your list.

Bonus #2: Platinum Flipping Training – This Platinum Flipping training is separate from Rare Niche Research Tactics because of how exclusive the information in here is.You are going to look at what buyers on Flippa are searching for when they buy their websites, so that you`ll know exactly what buttons to push to make a sale. We`ll also take a quick look at some tweaks that you should do in order to really increase your website`s perceived value in the eyes of your potential buyers.

Bonus #3: Instant Keyword Riches – Preliminary Keyword Research, Keyword Assessment, Keywords in SEO, Domain Names, URLs, Heading Tags, Body Content, Off-Page SEO, Relevancy and Anchor Text.

Bonus #4: WP Easy Links – Turn Targeted Keywords Into Links Throughout Your Blog Instantly!

Bonus #5: Easy SEO Plugin – A Great SEO Tool For WordPress that Offers an SEO Checklist To Help You Optimize Your WP SEO!

Bonus #6: Local Keyword Raptor – Firefox Software Scrapes Local Keywords From 4 Countries To Reveal Thousands Of Untapped, Easy To Rank For Long Tail Keywords Generating High Converting Buyer Traffic To Any Offer! Software Uses Firefox To Scrape Real-Time, Live Web Trends And Keyword Suggestions From Multiple Sources To Quickly Generate A List Of Thousands Of Keywords In Minutes.

Bonus #7: SEO Stronghold – SEO Stronghold teaches how to create niche sites that are resistant to algorithm changes,stay on top of the search engines with rock solid rankings.

Bonus #8: 60 Second Backlinks – Inside this 47 pages guide, you will discover how to create fast, effective & backlinks to your website,this is skyrocket your website PR and SEO score to the next level!

Bonus #9: 100 Backlinking Strategies – Learn about 100 link building principles that are important to getting quality link juice to your money sites.

Bonus #10: Video Traffic Ninja – Inside this guide you will learn how to use the power of video marketing to build link juice and pull tons of traffic from YouTube.



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How To Get Your Bonus?

Your bonus will be available on the JVZOO bonus download section right here :


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