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Real Specific Review : Bonus + Demo

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Real Specific – what is it? Real Specific is an amazing proven saas software that allows you to find trending stories globally in your niche and curate the content to post on wordpress and social media.

As you know, it’s always a game of cat and mouse with Google and Facebook/Twitter/etc. Getting traffic for free or cheap is the goal and it gets harder every year. Well, in 2018 the game has changed. Trending topics and viral content work for sucking in organic Google traffic, Facebook Likes/Shares/clicks, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterset, and other social accounts.

In a nutshell Real Specific will help you discover fresh, awesome content (manually or on auto), post specific content to your blog and social accounts force Google/Facebook/etc to send that free traffic and monetize it!

Real Specific Review

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Real Specific Demo

Real Specific Bonus

Bonus #1 : 10 Ways to Create the Perfect Online Video : It’s cheap and easy to create videos but there are so many pitfalls and problems surrounding creating a good one. A bad video can crush your business while a good video can skyrocket your revenue. This ebook shows you how to create and optimize your videos for maximum profits.

Bonus #2 : Affiliate Marketing Action Plan : This guide introduces you to one of the most profitable business models you can venture into today – affiliate marketing – which involves promoting products online and getting paid a commission for every successful sale you refer. It’s a low-cost way to get started building a business online and perfect for beginners. You’ll learn all the basics on how to profit from affiliate marketing.

Bonus #3 : Free Website Traffic Methods : Traffic is important for every website. A website that doesn’t have traffic is a dead website that won’t make a dime. There are many ways to generate traffic online, but most of the popular methods cost money. This book will introduce you to some effective traffic generation techniques that are free to implement.

Bonus #4 : Motivating Your Way to Success : Many of the greatest minds achieved amazing things and had precious little time to share the secrets of their successes with the world. After reviewing and refuting many theories, many have given up without ever truly finding an answer. This book shows you the true keys to success that you can apply to everyday life.

Bonus #5 : Social Media Marketing Boost : Social media contributes massively to the growth of every business. However, with so many different platforms, it’s hard to know where to begin. If you want to skip the fluff and learn how to best implement social media into your marketing strategy so that you can finally build a bigger audience, get more leads, and make more sales, this guide will help.

Bonus #6 : Viral Marketing Tips and Success Strategies : As a business owner, having anything positive about your business, product or service go viral is a dream come true. Wanting it to happen is one thing, but finding the catalyst so that people start sharing is another. The valuable information contained in this book describes how viral works and how you can apply it to your business.

Bonus #7 : WP EZ Viral Contest : Many marketers are utterly frustrated with the results of their blogs. They receive a good amount of traffic, but the bounce rate is through the roof. WP EZ Viral Contest resolves this issue by enabling you run your very own contest, engage your subscribers, and build your list from your WordPress Blog.

Bonus #8 : WP Support Bot with Resale Rights : Do you know what the majority of your visitors will do when they see something on your blog that they are unsure about? They’ll just leave. That’s why so many of the big companies now offer live chat on their websites – to give visitors an easier way to ask questions. Now you too can offer live support using WP Support Bot even while you sleep without having a dedicated live support staff.

Bonus #9 : 3 Viral Theme Pack : Since your users are actively posting content to their blog, why not give them a PROVEN theme to use? We’ve taken inspiration from THREE top viral sites (including Viral Nova, Upworthy, and IFL Science) and built a theme that’s easy to use and is already battle tested by millions of users

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How To Get Your Real Specific Bonus?

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