Retargeting Rebellion Review And Bonus

Are you looking for information about Retargeting Rebellion?This is my honest Retargeting Rebellion Review by Gavin Abeyratne, Jake Corcoran and Aravindh Sridhar.Is it worth your time and money!?Also check my killer Retargeting Rebellion Bonus Pack!

So What Is Retargeting Rebellion?

Retargeting Rebellion is a comprehensive step by step video training course that teaches you how to set up retargeting campaigns for your website.But what is Retargeting? Have you ever visited a website, not purchased anything, and then seen ads from that same company magically appear around the web on other sites you`re visiting? Well, that`s not a coincidence, you`ve been retargeted! Retargeting technology lets us build a list based on every visitor that lands on our site, and then display our banner ads to them when they visit other popular webpages, including Facebook. It does this using “cookies”.

Retargeting Rebellion Review

You can watch over Aravindh houlder as he creates effective retargeting campaigns from scratch, and explain how to use retargeting effectively to make sales without annoying your customers! After you will see this training videos you you will be able to extract more value from your traffic generation so you will be able to work less and profit more and save time and avoid the steep learning curve, by learning from Aravindhs mistakes.

Here is what is covered in the Retargeting Rebellion course :

  • Video 1: Aravindhs will show you the exact platform he use to target on Facebook, and all across the web. It`s 100% free.He also will show you how to get 2 weeks worth of retargeting credit for free!
  • Video 2: Aravindhs show you how to easily install the pixel on your website so you can begin building your retargeting list immediately.
  • Video 3: You`ll learn how to retarget traffic you don`t even send to your own website. This lets you maximise value and retarget when you send traffic directly to offers, like Teespring campaigns or affiliate links.
  • Video 4: Aravindhs will reveal to you his favorite place to run retargeting ads, and share the insider secret about how to get dirt cheap clicks using CPM bidding.
  • Video 5: In this video you will watch over Aravindhs shoulder as he create a Facebook retargeting ad from scratch.
  • Video 6: You`ll discover the single most important thing you need to do to have success with retargeting.
  • Video 7: You will get to see the RESULTS from the ad he created in video 5, and you`ll be shocked at how cheap the clicks are from an ad anyone could set up within a few minutes.
  • Video 8: You`re going to learn about retargeting segmentation and how this little discussed concept is the KEY to not annoying your customers with retargeting campaigns.
  • Video 9: Aravindhs will tell you my second favorite place to run retargeting ads to get really motivated buyers to click through without annoying anyone
  • Video 10: Here you`ll learn how to retarget ACROSS THE WEB
  • Video 11: Aravindhs will give you all of my most advanced retargeting strategies, and the 5 different types of ads you must run to maximise your results. He will even show you my all time favorite retargeting example that you can model in your own business!
  • Video 12: We`ll conclude the course and Aravindhs will reveal his traffic strategy for 2014

Retargeting Rebellion Bonus

Retargeting Rebellion Bonus #1 – Fan Page AD Secrets ($97 Value) – FINALLY I have decided to take the plunge and bring you this course where I show you just how POWERFUL my methods are in getting cheap traffic to your Facebook pages for just PENNIES!!!

Retargeting Rebellion Bonus #2 – Facebooking Craze for Internet Marketers ($37 Value) – FaceBooking can boost your business in the relationship area and connect to your customers and potential partners on a personal level.

Retargeting Rebellion Bonus #3 – Facebook Marketing Secrets ($47 Value) – Quick start guide to setting up powerful Facebook advertisements that drive in unstoppable traffic from your niche market! Set a maximum daily bid so that you can maximize your exposure, while minimizing cost!

Retargeting Rebellion Bonus #4 – Facebook Business Basics ($47 Value) – The Facebook Business Basics course was specifically designed to show even absolute beginners how Facebook can be used to reach more potential customers, build your brand and increase profits.



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