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Skilexa Review : Bonus

Amazon Alexa is the #1 opportunity today to get easy traffic and leads. Why? Amazon Alexa and “Flash Briefing Skills” is the biggest and best opportunity to get new traffic and leads for online marketers today. That sounds like a pretty big claim, but that’s exactly what #1 content marketer Gary Vaynerchuk recently said himself.

Did you know that using something called “Alexa Flash Briefing Skills”, or short audio snippets/reports Alexa users can receive each day on their Alexa device, local and online businesses can tap into millions of Alexa listeners right now? Flash Briefings are daily updates Alexa users receive each day from their Alexa device by saying “Alexa, what’s the news?” or “Alexa, play my Flash Briefings.”

These can provide educational content from a particular brand they’re subscribed to as well as inform them about special sales, deal, products, and more. The world is moving toward “voice-first” content consumption and Alexa is the lead dog changing the way how the world gets and consumes content.


So What Is Skilexa?

Skilexa is groundbreaking cloud app that helps anyone quickly and easily create Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings to drive traffic and sales on autopilot. You can break free from selling saturated ‘me-too’ marketing services and offer local and online businesses something fresh to bring in leads that works like gangbusters.

Skilexa Review

It also includes the Commercial Rights so that you can provide this new kind of service to clients, especial those who are local business owners.

Skilexa is totally fresh new but tried-and-tested by its renowned creators, including a team of skilled and experienced coders. If you find difficult to approach your audience, Skilexa might be your good choice right now.

Profiting from Skilexa Works in 4 Steps

Contact : Decide on a niche for yourself. Or let your client know they can get their business onto Amazon to reach new customers and keep their current ones up-to-date with promotions and news. Alexa marketing works for any business including “brick and mortar” businesses, blogs, eCom shops, Podcasters, and more.

Create : Begin uploading content to Skilexa to make into a Flash Briefing to send to Amazon. These can short, helpful tips in the form of text paragraphs, audio snippets, videos, and more. 

The best part is, you don’t need to create the content from scratch. Curate text or audio from previous blog posts, podcasts, and more using built-in content creation tools inside the app.

Schedule : Schedule briefings to send 30 days in the future so your Alexa channel users always have a fresh stream of daily content. After you’ve uploaded your content, hit “Send” and Skilexa will send your Flash Briefings right to Amazon with no complicated coding required for new listeners to find.

Profit : Sit back and relax as thousands of new leads start joining your list and buying your product Charge a monthly fee to keep your client’s Alexa channel updated each week with fresh briefings.

Skilexa Video Review

Get Skilexa Software And My Bonuses

Skilexa – Features

Create Alexa Flash Briefings in Just a Few Clicks : Create text-based, audio, or video Alexa Flash Briefings with just a few clicks and schedule them to your Amazon Alexa for customers to find and engage with.

Create Alexa Podcast Briefings in Minutes : You can also connect an RSS feed of your podcast to syndicate your podcast episodes straight to your Alexa channel in just minutes to reach a whole new audience with no extra work needed.

Schedule Briefings in the Future to Send to Amazon : Batch and schedule your briefings 30 days in advance with Skilexa. This will save tons of time from having to log in every day if you want to put out daily flash briefings. Schedule an entire month’s worth of Alexa content in just minutes now.

Built-in Audio Recorder : Record your flash briefing right there inside Skilexa saving hours importing the file. Knock out entire months worth in a few minutes, then sit back and relax as new leads come to your site all month from Alexa.

Amazon S3 Resource : Library Import any audio or video files you want to use as a Flash Briefing from any of your buckets inside Amazon S3 with the Skilexa’s Amazon S3 Resource Library.

Skilexa Content Generator : Pull content from your blog to Skilexa to use as a text briefing from right inside the app saving hours.

Skilexa – OTOs

OTO #1 : Skilexa Platinum : With this upgraded edition of Skilexa, customers will be able to create more campaigns and more briefings. It includes the ability to schedule 100 days in advance (instead of only 30 days).

It also includes advanced text-to-speech feature to convert your written text into spoken audio for Flash Briefings, DFY drag/drop landing page templates to capture Flash Briefing listeners, and even more.

OTO #2 : Skilexa Agency : With the Agency version, customers can add clients with their own login and allow them to create the briefings FOR them. They can charge any amount they like for access.

This allows them now to manage multiple Amazon developer channels if the client wishes to have full control of their flash briefings and Alexa channel.

OTO #3 : Skilexa Whitelabel Version 50, 100 Accounts : In a rare opportunity, you can resell Skilexa 1.0 services with agency accounts with their own logo and domain. This allows them to start their own profitable, fully-branded software business. They get full updates and bug fixes including access to use our support.

OTO #4 : PlayPix Special Offer : You get access to the popular PlayPix software to create marketing videos alongside their Alexa services at a heavily discounted price. This drag-n-drop video creator lets anyone create studio-quality videos in minutes with brand-new technology and no learning curve needed.

Skilexa Review – Bonuses

Because I loved this app and think this is the biggest opportunity this year you’ll get tons of high-value bonuses including : 

Bonus #1 : Amazon Alexa Tricks and Easter Eggs w/ Agency Rights : Show your Skilexa clients you’re an Amazon Alexa expert w/ this collection of cool tricks and tactics you can do to your Alexa device.

Bonus #2 : Reseller Rights to Responsive Video Gallery App : The ultimate gallery plugin that supports audio, video, images, posts, instagram and mixed gallery. Build beautiful video portfolios showcasing for clients w/ this.

Bonus #3 : Commercial Rights to Video Hub PRO : A whole new level of our flagship video monetization technology that allows you to…Instantly Create UNLIMITED & 10X MORE Profitable Video Campaigns. Generate 500% MORE.

Bonus #4 : Commercial Rights to LeadMonsterSuite : Get access to Lead Monster, Heat Monster and Authority Monster in one. Create popups, convert custom designs into lead capturing machines and increase conversions by sharing content.

Bonus #5 : Agency Rights to Local Facebook Reviewer : Help your clients get & display their local Facebook reviews form clients! Includes 10 reviews templates, 10 pages design, different displays, & more.

Bonus #6 : Fastest Google Cache with Agency Rights : Google page speed is crucial to rank & get traffic, & now you can make your Wp pages lightning fast w/ this ultimate Google cache plugin.

Get Skilexa Software And My Bonuses

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How to Get Your Skilexa Bonus?

If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your Skilexa Bonus, then I suggest you empty your browser cache (Click Here To Learn How), close all your web browser windows, then click on the link above! Then make the purchase!

I’ve arranged with the Skilexa team to make all these bonuses available to you in the members area. After making your purchase, the bonuses will be instantly available inside it. It is that simple! Just be doubly sure that you purchase through my recommendation link to qualify for this bonus bundle.

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