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What Is Smart Member?

Smart Member is a premier membership platform that allows you to build complete membership sites in just minutes. Smart Member is a must-have software for anyone who does product launches online, as well as anyone who sells to a specific niche and wants to earn continuity income every month from it.

Smart Member In Depth Review

Who is Chris Record? Chris Record is the CEO of Internet Marketing Bar, a firm specializing in software development, product launches, and entrepreneurship training. Chris and his amazing team of developers created Smart Member٠for their own internal needs to launch products online, but after numerous requests from marketers around the world, they decided to make Smart Member٠available to the public.

Chris Record has a passion towards helping up and coming entrepreneurs succeed, and feels that Smart Member٠is the exact solution to help more people create a significant residual income, working from home, in any niche that they want!

Smart Member Review

Here is a list of top Smart Member features

1-CLICK VIDEO UPLOADER : Paste a list of Vimeo videos and we will automatically create modules out of each one, using their title, description, embed code, video length, tags and more.

INSTANT SYLLABUS CREATOR  : You can simply drag and drop modules that were automatically created into sections or sub-sections, creating a beautiful syllabus in just minutes.

JVZOO LAUNCH MANAGER : You can now automate the process of approving or disapproving affiliates by adjusting your settings for who qualifies and letting the tool run on autopilot, saving you hours of work each day during your launch.

SMART EMAIL SYSTEM : Easily import all of your leads and your buyers list so that you can segment them into separate lists and create email campaigns and auto responders as easy as writing a blog post.

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MANAGE YOUR AFFILIATES : A custom dashboard where you can manage all of your affiliates, including seeing their sales stats, contact information, Facebook profiles, product status and more.

JV REVIEW ACCESS TOOLS : You can give free day passes, week passes, month passes, or lifetime passes to any JV’s or customers with the click of a mouse. If you wish to remove access you can instantly do so with one-click. And if you wish to upgrade existing members to lifetime access, you can do that as well.

MANAGE YOUR MEMBERS : A custom dashboard showing all of your members and providing additional data such as which products they own, how long they have been a member, what their access level is, how many modules they have watched, how many times they have visited the site, and any additional contact information or notes that you wish to leave on that screen.

SEO OPTIMIZED MODULES : Your entire members area of your course can be SEO optimized so that visitors from Google can easily find your content, and you can choose what to hide when they are not logged in, such as the video, and any additional resources, but the rest can be search engine indexed, driving more traffic, leads, and sales to your course on autopilot.

TRANSCRIPTION UPLOADER : You can have each one of your videos transcribed, and then upload your transcription files into a simple uploader so that they are available for users when watching your videos. Optionally you can make them available for search engines to crawl when indexing your site so that you can rank well for each module that you create.

AUDIO UPLOADER : You can have an audio version of each module created and upload the audio file so that users can choose to download just the audio portion of each module, making it much easier to listen to your course while out on the road or away from a computer. Additionally you can offer a complete course audio download file for all modules on the Syllabus page.

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REFUND PREVENTION TOOL : When you do get refunds, you simply look up the customer account and click the refund option, and it will restrict all of their access (which you can revoke later), as well as remove them from your customer email list and put them on a new refunded email list.

INSTANT SALES PAGE BUILDER : If you choose not to have a professional sales page built for your launch, you can always use our built in sales page builder which allows you to fill out a form with all the details of your offer and then display all of that information directly above the syllabus page when users are not logged in, allowing you to promote your membership site directly and still generate sales from people seeing how much value is in your course.

INSTANT JV PAGE BUILDER : To create your jv page you simply fill out a form with all of your product launch details and the page will be automatically created for you, at which point you can choose to customize it and add any additional features that you like. This saves you time from having to pay a designer to create your jv page for you, and makes it simple, just taking minutes to create. You can easily upload email swipes, banners, dark post ads and more.

LIGHTBOX NOTIFICATIONS : To create your jv page you simply fill out a form with all of your product launch details and the page will be automatically created for you, at which point you can choose to customize it and add any additional features that you like. This saves you time from having to pay a designer to create your jv page for you, and makes it simple, just taking minutes to create. You can easily upload email swipes, banners, dark post ads and more.

RUN YOUR OWN LIVECASTS : You can easily embed your google hangout code and give your affiliates the opportunity to promote those pages and earn commissions with each buyer they refer. Simply fill out a quick form, embed your code, then promote your event. A beautiful page will be recorded for each live cast, and then you can archive them in a special webinars section where you can choose whether they are available to members only or guests as well.

NOTES MANAGER : When a customer is logged in and watching a module they will have the ability to take notes on that module and save the notes. They will also have access to a dashboard of all the modules they have taken notes on, which they can review to keep learning as well as print out if they prefer to read it on paper. As they go through modules they can also check a box to verify they have already watched the module, which will be noted on the syllabus page.

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CROSS ADVERTISING BANNERS : You can upload additional banners to promote additional products, which will be shown in the widgets area, allowing you to generate repeat business from your existing client base, fully maximizing the ROI of every product that you create.

SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD CENTER : If your product launch has software included with it, you can easily add it to the software download section and allow only logged in users to gain access to that section where you can provide them with the name of the software, the download file, and any relevant help info such as a read me document or a tutorial video.

FACEBOOK GROUP INTEGRATOR : If you want to have a private Facebook group for your members, you can easily connect your FB Group and automatically add/remove members based on their membership status. No more manually adding people or removing people from your groups! This tool is a huge time saver and you will definitely fall in love with it!

DYNAMIC LEADERBOARDS : You can create contests for your product launch and show affiliates a dynamic leaderboard of results. Choose which information to show or hide, ability to group affiliates into teams, ability to refresh results every 15 minutes, every day, or just manually when you decide.

MULTIPLE THEMES & STYLES : Choose from 3 theme variations for the look and feel of your membership area, and then choose from multiple color combinations, or completely customize the colors yourself. This allows you to use a proven theme layout, while customizing it enough to be completely unique.

SIMPLIFIED SUPPORT SYSTEM : The support system recognizes whether a user is logged in or not and segments support requests appropriately. You can provide pre-written support responses for common questions as well as a lightbox popping up notifying them that their question has been answered. You will have the ability to give your virtual assistant a private login to manage support only on the site, without having access to the full site.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT ADMIN ACCESS : You can add as many admins as you like to your members area and decide how much access to grant them, such as access to the training section, access to the support section, or access to the entire site. This allows you to have a team working together to help make your membership launch a success, as well as putting up restrictions for outsourcers you may have working on your site as well.

AMAZING STATS & ANALYTICS : View a custom dashboard with stats about your membership site including total visitors, total leads, total customers, total sales and more. You can view which pages are the most popular, which modules are the most popular, and what areas of your membership site should be your top priority.

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NEW LESSON NOTIFICATIONS : Every time you add new content, it will be automatically pushed to a special section on the syllabus page to alert users that there is new content available. Users will also receive an automatic lightbox notification of the new training content the next time that they login to access training.

CUSTOM REVENUE DASHBOARD : Your own custom screen where you can see live stats for each product you launch, such as total sales, daily sales, yesterdays sales, total customers, refunds, and more.

UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP SITES : Yes, you read that correctly. When you purchase Smart Member™ Lifetime Access during launch week, you will have the ability to set up UNLIMITED membership sites! This is ideal if you launch multiple products each year, or if you are working in multiple niches. This also gives you the opportunity to setup membership sites for clients and charge them a setup fee and a monthly fee to manage their accounts. The opportunities are endless!

When you buy Smart Member during the launch week (bundle offer ends on June 22nd @ 12PM ET) you will get the following 3 products included for one price :

  1. Smart Member Lifetime Access : Smart Member is a Premier Membership Platform that allows you to build complete membership sites in just minutes. After launch week this software will sell for $47/mo (light version) and $97/mo (full version).
  2. Bridge Pages Lifetime Access : Bridge Pages is a software platform that allows you to create dynamic bridge marketing pages instantly to rapidly increase conversions and ROI. Instead of creating 1 page and trying to target the masses, with Bridge Pages you can create unlimited versions of that page, allowing you to laser-target any niche you can think of!
  3. 2 Tickets to July Las Vegas Event : The Create Capture Convert Conference (3C) is a a 3-day event held on July 24th, 25th, & 26th just off the strip in Las Vegas, with hundreds of entrepreneurs flying in from around the world! Chris Record will be the main keynote speaker, with numerous guest speakers, all of which have made big 6 and 7 figure incomes through their online marketing efforts. Conference Tickets are $497 per person to attend, but anyone who purchases Smart Member during launch week will receive 2 conference tickets included with their purchase!

Smart Member Bonus

Bonus #1: IM Pro Plugin : Generate Instant Salespages, Squeeze Pages, Review Pages & Exit Pops

Bonus #2: Turbo Power Graphic Pack : Demand Your Visitors’ Attention And Captivate Them With This Blowout Graphics Package! Just copy and paste the HTML Code we provide and Your Facebook Page will be turned into an Online Store

Bonus #3: Speed Lock : The Ultimate Viral Lead Collecting System – Collect Leads, Generate Twitter Traffic AND/OR Profit in Minutes

Bonus #4: 3D Box Generator : A Photoshop action software that will turn photoshop layers into a nice 3D box with shadows and reflections, ready to use to promote your business products and services!

Bonus #5: CTA Revealr Plugin : Create Unlimited High-Converting Call to Action Shortcode Buttons in WordPress!

Bonus #6: Easy Mobile Squeeze Pages : Get 50 Easy To Use And Instal Fully Customizeable Mobile Squeeze Pages

Bonus #7: Local Lead Booster : Quick and easy setup – this theme makes it really easy to boost your local marketing leads. This works for your own business or for businesses you are helping or selling leads to.

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Your bonus will be available on the JVZOO bonus download section right here :


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