Social Lead Chief 2.0 Review And Bonus

What Is Social Lead Chief 2.0?

Social Lead Chief 2.0 is an revolutionary tool allowing you to make income pulling survey, poll, and quiz campaigns within the Facebook news feed! This will result in a better engagement on your Facebook posts, reduce advert spend, more qualified prospects, and most of the time a much better ROI.Don`t forget to check out our huge Social Lead Chief 2.0 Bonus package!!

Social Lead Chief 2.0

Social Lead Chief 2.0 In Depth Review

With Social Lead Chief 2.0 everything even easier to setup; choose your theme, set up your questions & answers, and put in your auto responder form! With Social Lead Chiefs live editor the user can create micro commitment style surveys, polls, and quizzes right INSIDE THE FACEBOOK NEWSFEED. You can even segment leads based of the answers given…  and that’s just scratching the tip iceberg!

Here are what Social Lead Chief 2.0 can do for you and your business :

  1. Build bridge marketing pages INSIDE THE FB NEWSFEED, allowing you to pre-frame any offer. Build captivating BuzzFeed style quizzes Create that help you get Viral really really fast! Use compelling Polls that engage with your existing audience, and new audience.
  2. The ability to segment leads based on the answers they give to you. This is HUGE! This translates in highly targeted email lists with sky-high open rates and clicks! Just ask any top marketer, and they’ll say that segmenting your list is one of the most IMPORTANT things you need to do!
  3. Fully customize your quiz, poll, or survey to your liking. Yeah… you can choose one of the ready-made templates, but you can also choose to brand it however you want! Ever seen those “Which Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings character are you?” or “With which Chakra do you resonate most?” type of quizzes? Well you can do that too! The virability is sooooo big!


This incredible new piece of software is about to change the way affiliate marketers create profit pulling content on Facebook. Imagine being able to copy & paste from the most popular, “viral-ready” sites in the world, attaching your affiliate link or auto responder AUTOMATICALLY, posting that content to your to your Facebook fanpage!

Social Lead Chief 2.0 Bonus

Bonus #1 – Social Share Chief : With this state-of-the-art WordPress plugin you can display Facebook posts in of any Facebook public page in your sidebar widget. You can add as many Facebook pages you want and customize the color of the widget, border, frame, text and links. It’s also fully responsive!

Bonus #2 – Social Stats Pro : This cool WordPress plugin allows you to grab all the Social Stats of your posts and pages on WordPress. All spread out in a beautiful looking graph to see what content your audience is really liking, so you can see exactly on what you should focus!

Bonus #3 – Social Image Pro : Create extremely powerful engaging viral images and host these on your WordPress installation. People can easily tag their friend on your site! Translating in a bunch of FREE viral traffic to your site.

Bonus #4 – Social Connect Pro : This nifty little WordPress Plugin allows you to create Facebook Connect buttons – which allows people to opt in to your web forms with just a single click!

Bonus #5 – Social Opt-in Pro : Derived from the power of Social Lead Chief – This WordPress plugin allows you to create stunning looking LEAD CAPTURE pages in a micro commitment style. Simply set up your questions and answers, plug in your auto responder and you got yourself a high converting capture page!

Bonus #6 – Fanpage Trader Pro : Run your very own FB Ad listing site on WordPress where other people can list their fanpage for your desired fee. Other people that are interested in getting an ad in form of a post on the listed fanpage can contact the seller via your site!

!!! If you purchase Social Lead Chief 2.0 Pro as well today (the first upgrade you`ll see after getting Social Lead Chief 2.0), you will receive instant access to these other incredible bonuses too! And they are accessible from your Social Lead Chief members area right away !!!

Bonus #7 – Social Poll Pro : Social Poll Pro allows you to add polls inside your WordPress posts and pages. Have the power of polls run right inside your site’s content. Seeing exactly what your audiences wants and likes from you. Having a poll run on a post we’re people can vent their opinion gives you cool marketing data you can use to sell!

Bonus #8 – Pop Up Survey Pro : With this WordPress plugin you can easily run Pop Up surveys on your sites! With a nice overlay you can now ask your audience what they think of a particular subject, post, or page. This plugin is more versatile then Social Poll Pro, and is for the person that wants to use the power of pop ups!

Bonus #9 – Facebook Ads: Explained : With this full fledged video course you will learn the ins and outs about marketing with ads on Facebook. The beauty? It’s fully updated to today’s standards! This means that you have no excuse to pick up Social Lead Chief today, EVEN when you know nothing about Facebook Ads!

Bonus #10 – Facebook Ads: Penny Clicks : Would you say ‘yes’, if we can show you how to get the best targeted traffic for just pennies? Awesome! Because with this video course you’ll have everything you need to start generating leads, have people buy your stuff, in the cheapest way possible!

Bonus #11 – Facebook Ads: Remarketing : This course reveals every Facebook Re-Marketing Tactic there is, helping you to get started. Start and learn exactly why it’s Gosh-Darn important to Re-market to your customers and lost traffic.

Bonus #12 – Facebook Cover Images : You Get Our 134 Facebook Cover PNGs and Editable PSDs We’ve Been Using For Our Business for FREE!



If you have any information about Social Lead Chief 2.0 that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your Social Lead Chief 2.0 Review below.

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