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TrendBuilder Review : Bonus

TrendBuilder Review : Bonus
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TrendBuilder – what is it? TrendBuilder is a SaaS platform with one simple goal : to allow you subscribers to make passive profits. It`s perfect for both beginners looking for their 1st dollars online, and experienced marketers after multiple hands-free income streams.

The software creates highly engaging, passively monetized pages. These pages are auto-posted across top social platforms … and the developers included their proven TrafficBuilder software so each page gets maximum free traffic for more revenue-generating ad clicks & offer views.

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TrendBuilder – A 3 Part Platform

1st : The ENGAGEMENT Engine – for this we use GIFs : 

  • GIFs are the ideal combination of images, animation and text … which massively increase attention, engagement and click-through rates
  • The average social media user’s attention span is now less than 8 seconds – GIFs are perfect because they run between 2 & 6 seconds, then repeat
  • According to medium.com, “GIFs are leading the way to a world where VISUALS are the main tool of communication online”
  • They’re INSANELY popular – 300 million DAILY Giphy users share 2.5 BILLION GIFs per day – while Google Trends show interest for GIFs has been rising dynamically for 5+ years
  • GIFs autoplay on mobile, so users get maximum engagement from the fastest growing segment of online traffic

TrendBuilder lets users legally leverage other people’s GIFs for personal profit … They generate passive income without creating any content – and we know everyone loves that!

TrendBuilder Review

2nd : The MONEY Pages With Hosting Included – Once a user chooses a GIF, the software automatically and dynamically builds a MONEY page that includes the GIF AND built-in, passive monetization.

Users can monetize with AdSense, Amazon Ads, CPA and more … Each page is built on-the-fly and then hosted on our premium servers – so there’s ZERO maintenance cost for the user.

3rd: Award-Winning TrafficBuilder Integration – For 100% Free AUTOMATED Traffic – To explode your customers results we’ve integrated the Award-Winning TrafficBuilder software on the Front-End making this an A-Z passive profit solution.

With TrafficBuilder you get virtually unlimited free & targeted traffic – For 24/7 page visits, clicks & profits

TrendBuilder Proof

TrendBuilder auto posts each GIF and/or money page to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for maximum organic reach, free traffic & engagement – audiences on these specific platforms love GIFs!

TrendBuilder Features

  • Find Trending & VIRAL GIFs In Any Niche With A Mouse Click
  • Dynamic, Auto-Created MONEY Pages Completely DFY
  • Hosting Included ALL Money Pages Hosted On Our Premium Servers
  • Software AUTO POSTS To Facebook
  • Software AUTO POSTS To Instagram
  • Software AUTO POSTS To Twitter
  • Custom Domains Supported
  • Absolutely ZERO Previous Experience Or Tech Skills Needed

Bottom Line?? TrendBuilder is the absolute simplest, dummy-proof system for making passive income online. Ideal for beginners looking for their 1st dollars online, AND experienced marketers wanting multiple income streams.

TrendBuilder Bonus

TrendBuilder Bonus

Get Trend Builder And My Bonuses

If you have any information about trendbuilder software that you would like to contribute to the conversation then you can leave your TrendBuilder Review below.

How to Get Your TrendBuilder Bonus?

If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your TrendBuilder BONUS, then I suggest you empty your browser cache (Click Here To Learn How), close all your web browser windows, then click on the link above! Then make the purchase!

I’ve arranged with the TrendBuilder team to make all these bonuses available to you in the members area. After making your purchase, the bonuses will be instantly available inside it. It is that simple! Just be doubly sure that you purchase through my recommendation link to qualify for this bonus bundle.

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