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Tube RSS Xtreme Review : Bonus

Tube RSS Xtreme – what is it? Tube RSS Xtreme is a wordpress plugin developed by Anthony Hayes – this simple but powerful tool that takes one ranking factor for today and automates it so that you get results every single time without ever having to know anything more about SEO.

This software uses multiple layered rss feeds from your YouTube Videos made up from over 20 variations of YouTube URL – YouTube uses different url structure for desktop, mobile and more – and mashes syndicates them using Googles own properties and then it has back end automated pinging and indexing.

Get YouTube RSS Xtreme And My Bonus

The best part is that it has a step by step wizard to create campaigns in less than 2 minutes and you’re done! This software can be used by anyone for any YouTube video and you really do not need to know anything about SEO as this tool automates this unique and advanced SEO strategy for you to get results.

Tube RSS Xtreme is a super simple and powerful RSS SEO tool. In fact there is nothing like it available anywhere else that can offer ALL of these benefits :

  1. Layered RSS Feeds From Multiple Variations Of Your YouTube Video URL
  2. Add Authority Sites RSS Feeds
  3. Piggyback On The Hard Earned SEO Authority Of Influencer Sites & YouTube Creators
  4. Piggyback On Google Properties Authority
  5. Build Relevancy For Your Videos.
  6. Enter ANY Niche With Confidence

Tube RSS Xtreme Review

Tube RSS Xtreme is an RSS SEO tool with a difference as it uses some clever SEO strategies bundled into one tool with a step by step wizard that takes just one minute to use and is push button simple.

What Does Tube RSS Extreme Do?

Gain an unfair seo advantage in 2 minutes – YouTube uses multiple url variations on the same video depending on where it is being used (Mobile, Desktop etc) – you will take advantage of this with mashing into 1 rss feed :

  • Create Unique & Powerful RSS Feeds For All Your YouTube Videos
  • Mash-Up Over 40 YouTube Video URL Variations Into One RSS Feed URL
  • Follow The Step By Step ONE Minute The Wizard To Syndicate You RSS Feed Via Google Properties
  • Syndicate Your RSS Feed Via Pinging & Backend Indexing

Take advantage of google properties plus training on automated syndication to 40+ sites – Google stacking is hugely popular today but here is a simple, unique and highly effective way to use google properties plus training on hands free distribution to 40 more sites all on autopilot guaranteeing fast indexing and massive seo power :

  • Submit Your 40+ Video URLs Mashed RSS Feed To Feedburner
  • Submit Your Feedburner URL Containing All Individual Feeds To Google Drive
  • Plus Extra Training ​​​​To Automate Distribution To 40+ More Sites Hands Free

Tube RSS Xtreme Demo

Additional SEO power stacking via increased referring domain links – This unique but extremely powerful system incorporates the number 1 ranking factor today which is the number of unique referring domains linking to your content :

  • Create A Unique & Powerful System For Every Video You Ever Upload To YouTube
  • Takes Less Than 2 Minutes To Do
  • Instant Bulk Backlinks From Authority Sites
  • Additional 3rd Party Indexing Services To Choose From For Even More Power

Additional Training Added In The Member Area – They provide quality free training that goes beyond just using the tools that they create. We ALWAYS Over Deliver!

  • Learn How To Automate Blogspot, Google Plus and Twitter With One Time Set Up Making it 5 Google Properties All Boosting Your Video SEO
  • Automated Distribution To 40+ Bookmark & Web 2.0 Sites Completely hands Free PLUS How To Index All Of These Links Once Posted!
  • Sneaky 2 Step Ninja SEO Trick To 10 X The Power Of Your YouTube SEO That Your Competitors Caan never Reverse Engineer!

Tube RSS Xtreme Bonus

Bonus #1 : CountDown Genius Software : Add countdowns to any number of sites, pages or wordpress blogs you want. Super easy to use and setup in just 5 minutes. Newbie Friendly

Bonus #2 : EZ Pinterest Plugin : Drive 100s and 1000s of new visitors from Pinterest to your new WordPress site using this super simple Pinterest plugin. Pinterest has grown by 100x in the last few years and can get you super targeted traffic at zero cost.

Bonus #3 : PicRetarget Plugin : Create huge lists without optins, using catchy images to build yourself targeted lists on Facebook with 100% optin when you use this plugin.

Bonus #4 : WP BotBlocker Plugin : Stop bots from attacking your wordpress site in one click. Super easy to install, no setup needed. Just click, activate and DONE.

Bonus #5 : WP LinkTweet : Create highly effective clickable links that automatically send tweets to thousands of followers of any user – let your visitors drive viral traffic for you at absolutely zero cost or investment in traffic.

Bonus #6 : WP TeeContest : Create contests and sell tshirts like crazy using this wordpress plugin. No need to pay hefty fees for other sites, create your own with this plugin.

Get YouTube RSS Xtreme And My Bonus

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How To Get Your Tube RSS Xtreme Bonus?

Important : Clear your cookies before proceeding. Click Here To Learn How. Then make a purchase using the link above. Forward your receipt of purchase or receipt no. to me using Contact form on this site with Subject: [Tube RSS Xtreme Bonus] so I can check it against my records. I will send you the download link and instructions to receive your downloadable Tube RSS Xtreme Bonuses.

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