Video Ads Crash Course 2.0 Review And Bonus

What Is Video Ads Crash Course 2.0?

Video Ads Crash Course 2.0 is the most up to date course on Adwords for Video. Recently, Google made some serious changes to the way that in-stream ads work and this course covers all of the new changes too! Inside, students will learn the different types of video ads, how they function, and when to use each type of ad.

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Video Ads Crash Course 2.0 In Depth Review

Over the past few years everyone has been telling you how great Facebook Ads are. Now, I know that they are a great source of traffic but this source is quickly moving up the ranks … the source I am talking about is YouTube Video Ads and right now they are dirt cheap.

On top of being extremely cheap there are a few other huge benefits such as the fact that you don`t have to pay unless someone actually watches your video! That is right, if someone skips your video (you know, the ones you have to watch for 5 seconds) before 30 seconds you don`t pay.

Video Ads Crash Course 2.0 Review

Today, one of the few experts on YouTube Ads released his new course detailing the exact process for setting up these types of ads from start to finish! Justin Sardi walks you through every step and even shows you how to turn these views into profit and shows you how one campaign allowed him to pull out $91 for every $1 he put into the campaign!

Video Ads Crash Course 2.0 course also covers campaign setup from start to finish and in addition to the training Justin Sardi included a case study that gave us an ROI of over 9,000%. This course is great for anyone that wants to use Video Ads to generate extra income through affiliate promotions, selling physical products, or providing this as a service to other businesses.

Also when you purchase Video Ads Crash Course 2.0 course you will get access to a software called TubeSift. This software allows you to find videos on youtube where you can place your video ads …. watch the demo video below :

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Video Ads Crash Course 2.0 Bonus

Bonus #1 – 10.000 YouTube Views in a Week ($97 Value) – This eBook will show you 14 surefire ways to explode your views and subscriber count in a short time.

Bonus #2 – YouTube Marketing Primer ($97 Value) – We’ll show you how to develop a winning video strategy to get views, how to film effective videos quickly, and how to convert those views to leads and sales.

Bonus #3 – SEO Video Warrior ($97 Value) – I’m going to show you why video marketing is the only skill you’ll ever need, if you want to make money online in the fastest, easiest and most efficient way.

Bonus #4 – Video Blog Sensation ($47 Value) – Get your viewers hooked and eagerly anticipating your next post! Make your videos absolutely irresistible!

Bonus #5 – PLR Video Profits ($67 Value) – With this series you will receive 5 preformatted email lessons that have quick and easy to understand information that you and your subscribers can start using to immediately impact your business!

Bonus #6 – Fan Page AD Secrets ($97 Value) – FINALLY I have decided to take the plunge and bring you this course where I show you just how POWERFUL my methods are in getting cheap traffic to your Facebook pages for just PENNIES!!!

Bonus #7 – Facebooking Craze for Internet Marketers ($37 Value) – ‘FaceBooking’ can boost your business in the relationship area and connect to your customers and potential partners on a personal level.

Bonus #8 – Facebook Marketing Secrets ($47 Value) – Quick start guide to setting up powerful Facebook advertisements that drive in unstoppable traffic from your niche market! Set a maximum daily bid so that you can maximize your exposure, while minimizing cost!

Bonus #9 – Facebook Business Basics ($47 Value) – The “Facebook Business Basics” course was specifically designed to show even absolute beginners how Facebook can be used to reach more potential customers, build your brand and increase profits.

Bonus #10 – Christmas Facebook Fanpage Templates ($77 Value) – Grab These 10 Christmas Facebook Fanpage Templates At Dimesales Price! … Be Quick! Christmas is around the corner and you need to decorate your Fanpage to make your fans feel the holiday spirit.

Bonus #11 – Beginners Guide Pinterest ($47 Value) – This eBook will teach you on what the social media is all about. It will guide you on how you should start using the application and get the most benefit out of it.

Bonus #12 – 120 Social Media Tips ($27 Value) – This eBook will give you 120 social media profile concepts. You’ll have all kinds of ideas for different information to add to your social networking web page profiles.

Bonus #13 – Social Crash Secrets ($47 Value) – This report reveals the top social networking websites where you can build an online presence quickly and easily while subsequently tapping into some of the most profitable niche markets online.

Bonus #14 – Dominate Social Marketing ($97 Value) – With instant access to your target audience, and the ability to keep a steady pulse on what our market is currently interested in, it has never been easier to connect with potential buyers and long-term customers.

Bonus #15 – Social Marketing Tips ($37 Value) – The “Social Marketing Tips” series was specifically designed with beginners in mind, even if you’ve never heard of social marketing before or used it to promote your business.

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